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Do you generally laugh out loud at least once a day?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Do you generally laugh out loud (LOL) at least once every day?

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Top Answers
I actually thought of this question a few days ago when I DID laugh out loud at something on television.
I think I do NOT LOL each day - i live alone and often do not see anyone for a day or two, and somehow even though I smile a lot, I do not often laugh out loud.
It is supposedly good for you!
by Finy
It definitely IS good for you to laugh out loud each day, Finy! I am proof of this, so my medical team members always are telling me!!! I am happy to even just laugh at myself most days, as I am sure to think of some funny thing I have managed to achieve, when not trying to!! I have been able to find some real Laugh out Loud items in books and online too, which is always so easy to manage more than once each day!!
by Jules
An impOrtant question Finy, particularly in the light of strong medical evidence that laughing can actually be a healer. I wish I could say I do laugh out loud each day but my life is more of a steady contentment than one of laughter. It is something we should all focus on, to find something to laugh at and be happy about as it soothes the soul and promotes good health.
Yes. More often than not it is my dogs which cause it.
by Rice
My own Fur Babies do the same for me!!! ALWAYS!!!!
by Jules
Absolutely. It does help if you live with someone you can laugh at....lol. My hubby is a real clown so he makes me laugh all the time. If ever I feel sad, he can get me out of it by doing or saying something hilarious. My cat and his antics, plus funny things on tv also help me have a good belly laugh.
When my son was still living at home, we laughed till our sides hurt!!! Even now when he phones me from interstate, this behaviour is repeated within moments of answering the call!!! We are very lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives!!!!
by Jules
When my son was still living at home, we laughed till our sides hurt!!! Even now when he phones me from interstate, this behaviour is repeated within moments of answering the call!!! We are very lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives!!!!
by Jules
No doubt. My children make me laugh every day. They are " kids who day the darnest things" age
Yes I definitely laugh out loud at least once everyday
by AJ
I Laugh every single day.
My 3rd son, who still lives at home.......is one of the most happiest human beings I have ever come across.

It can get exhausting at times, but he is never ever in a bad mood, and he smiles all the time....and just laughs at so much, it's a total joy to be his mother.
He makes me laugh all the time, it's quite extraordinary!!!
That's beautiful, jonaj.
by Vee
I love a good laugh, I feel good after a good laugh,and I like company that makes me laugh,for me it's important, and yes I do have a laugh at work with my store manager, whether it's loud enough I'm not sure, I will have to make a laugh a metre!
Christmas is a hard time for me and I was feeling depressed for a while. At some point I genuinely shocked myself by laughing out loud . I was shocked that it should feel so strange to laugh and hadn't realised it had become a rare event.
I am feeling better and tend to laugh quite often again. My animals often make me laugh out loud.
I try to watch happy and positive things if I am watching tv or on the internet. Sometimes I replay funny things in my head and will laugh when I am going about my work. It might look odd if someone was watching but my animals don't mind.
I am so glad to hear that you are now feeling more cheerful.Christmas can be a VERY difficult time for so many people, and for so many reasons. Laughter is something which is simply a part of my own daily life.I cannot imagine a day when I have not been able to laugh.It is so much better than the smiles which I also have made a regular aspect of my life. No matter how I may feel physically, I find that if I can laugh, it definitely dulls the chronic pain I live with constantly! I find that while we laugh, we tend to forget our woes for even a short while, and it truly does have healing powers!! I do not mind if I am alone or with someone when I laugh. My dogs look at me with hilarious expressions if they hear me Laugh out loud, and this, in turn, will make me laugh even more!! Oh Yes, Pets and Laughter are definitely the very greatest medicine!( and so cheap too!!!!) I wish you love and laughter each and every day.....
by Jules
Thanks Jules. Xx
by annfi
You are so very welcome annfi!!! I wish we could bottle this magical stuff!!!
by Jules
I certainly smile every day. Lol regularly yes, but I don't think it is every day.
Oh yes indeed!!! Usually at myself, or the dogs silliness, or often just when I am reading something and I may find it funny!! I ALWAYS laugh out loud when I see my Doctor and the nurses who are treating my very painful leg wound every 2 days, and it is VERY therapeutic, being able to find something, ANY little thing which can make us laugh out loud!! I am always seeing funny things to make me laugh out loud!! It has always been important to me to be able to laugh, as I have been so ill since early childhood!!
My computer is doing strange things, I do apologise if this has come through more than once!! If I had said it was doing FUNNY things, then I would be able to Laugh out Loud!!! Hee Hee Hee!!!
by Jules
Join the club - haha - or axe, as I may take one to my #$%^&* computer if it doesn't behave soon.
by Rice
Isn't the lady in the photo beautiful . .? Gorgeous happy face.
by Rice
Made me laugh out loud. Thanks Jules.
by annfi
deleted them for you Jules
by Finy
Yes, I thought the same about the beautiful girl - she is what I would call exquisite looking!
by Finy
Wow!! The girl in the photo IS stunningly exquisite!! Just seeing her beautiful face makes me smile! I can imagine that she is laughing about something really wonderful!
On another note....Thank you, dear Finy, for deleting the spare entries!!
And on yet one more note.... I love the axe comment with regard to my computer! It is almost time for a new one I believe, though I shall keep going with this old friend a while longer!

On this LAST note, something which does make me laugh out loud is silly kid's riddles which I recall from both my and my son's childhoods!! Such as: 'How does a Snail feel when it loses its shell? A little Sluggish.' Oh dear!!! I am SO sorry, Hee Hee Hee Hee!!!!! I guess it all comes from my love of old children's books, of which I have a huge collection!
by Jules
Unfortunately, no, which is a shame because there's nothing better than to LOL!
by Vee
No I don't, although I'd heard after laughter being so good for us, but I do smile, when I look at my husband, because he makes me so happy.
by Miro
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