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Do you ‘fluff’ in front of your partner?

by Vee (follow)
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Image by Towsonu2003, sourced from Wikimedia Commons.

I once knew a woman who swore she had never passed wind in front of her husband of ten years. I thought it was strange then and I think it’s strange now.

My husband and I are quite comfortable with one another, and there isn’t much we hide from each other (I think!), so I couldn’t imagine having to excuse myself from the room just to fart - unless, of course, we have company.

Do you have any problems passing wind in front of your significant other? Why might people feel uncomfortable doing this?

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Top Answers
I grew up in a family of boys and although it was acceptable and cool for them to do it, it was very much frowned upon when women did it.

I wasn't one to follow their rules but this one wasn't hard, as hearing anyone fart made me sick to the stomache. I remember some arguements with past boyfriends who farted in front of me and was openly angry with the concept of guys attitudes towards 'boys are allowed and girls not'.

It wasn't until my last boyfriend, who although tried for a while to not fart in front of me, even getting up during the night to go to relieve himself, ended up saying it was too painful to hold it in.

I thought I would teach him a lesson and started doing it too. I still giggle uncontrollably like a kid when I do, I think because I wasn't allowed to when I was growing up that it still feels 'naughty' when I do, even though I am a grown woman.

Instead of teaching him a lesson, he taught me that it is perfectly normal and he still surprises me how cool he is about it.

There are rules though, no farting if anyone is eating and defiantely not in the kitchen. :)
kalen, this describes my experiences to a 't'. :)
by Vee
I don't fart in front on my husband if I can possibly avoid it. To avoid it, means me walking out on to the front porch, the back deck, the backyard, the laundry side door, the toilet, the next room. But void it I do. Now my husband does the same, and if he were to deliberately do it in my company, for instance when I was preparing food, I might just smack his face so hard that he might never fart again (let alone in public). I cannot see the funny side of it and I can tell you this truthfully, as for the cupcaking or dutch opening - my darling pulls that or those acts on me and he can checkout the dogs kennel (dogs fart all the time in company - but I'm not a dog). Act like a dog, you can live like a dog.
Wow fran, that sounds pretty harsh. I mean, it's just a bit of wind.
by Vee
Vee, it's a foul smelling bit of wind and my comment probably sounds a bit harsh but it is something I cannot tolerate. If I had never mentioned it in my home (not finding that behaviour very entertaining) then I probably would "cope" with it. But I have always banged on about it and other things (pardon the pun) and so you could say that the family have been fairly warned. They know to "watch out" and if they cross the line they have to be able to "win em and wear em" !
by fran.
by Rice
That is such a funny one, Vee!
I used to but when I first did it he said "ladies dont do that"!!!!

I asked him what ladies do, and he walked away...needless to say we are no longer together -not because of this but what a stupid idea -it is a bodily function that even the Queen has to do, so the answer has to be YES.
by Finy
Ladies don't do that?! Haha, I hope you 'Dutch ovened' him Finy! My husband and I just exchange dirty looks or laugh at each other - unless he cupcakes me, in which case I try to smack him.
by Vee
Vee -I must be old -i dont even know those two expressions u r saying -LOL -in German we say POOPS which is a cute way of saying it and it doesnt mean what the English version of that word means....such a great question ...hehhe
by Finy
p.s. wait till you get old! it gets worse.....i dont think i did it often when your age
by Finy
Haha, you must've had a healthy diet. I'm afraid we don't stop, particularly if we've eaten Mexican food.

Quick lesson:
To Dutch oven someone means to pull the covers over their head and let one rip under the sheets.
To cupcake somebody means to pass wind in one's hand and bring it up to the face of an unsuspecting victim - this sounds worse than the oven option but isn't really.

Who said toilet humour isn't funny?! Hahaha!

by Vee
"Kings and philosophers s***; and so do ladies." ~ Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592) French moralist and essayist.
Jennifer -do you think you could email this to my EX!!
Vee-well at my age I am still learning -or is the young generation worse than we are! I am just an innocent babe, it seems!
by Finy
I wish I could take back some of the innocence I had, especially when it comes to things such as these! Haha.
by Vee
I don't have a partner, but in general, I am embarrassed to do so, even in front of family. I try not to if possible, but sometimes you can't help it.
I accidently do it in front of family, but am not at all embarrassed to do it in front of my husband. He seems to have no shame, so why should I?! Hehe.
by Vee
Yep. It's no big deal.
I'm old school because of my age....I would never do it around my husband(s)
ever.It was something as growing up, we were taught not to do.
We were also taught that you should never let your other half see personal details, it will take away the mystery of a lady...lol.

I can see how farting in front fo your partner can kill the romance - if it's for that reason you were taught not to, I understand. LOL.
by Vee
exactly ...lol
by jonaja
I think it might have something to do with thinking you have to present as perfect to be loved. Us mere mortals unlike the angelic realm have to let off a bit of steam every now and then. Now back to the question do I let off in front of significant other? I will respond with a lady never tells, and should you ask my significant other I am confident he would respond that a gentleman never tells! So I shall leave you to read between the lines.
Got to be done part of being human
Hubby is one of the few people I would feel comfortable farting in front of. Definitely try to hold it in, in public.
by Vee
have done and it usually ends up with a raised eyebrow on either side and a few sniggers if its in a funny situation, ie whilst coughing or hiccuping, or nearly with friends around. Have to say with young kids at home it becomes something of a 'wow mum is really cool after all' if it does happen and mum and dad just laugh it off. I'm not a fan of blokes or women doing in on purpose or showing no restraint around each other, just a pride and respect thing for me but everyone's different. A bit like burping, most of the time it's manageable. I grew up not being allowed to say the word 'fart'. So we went around saying 'blow off' or 'fluff' with much giggles and unsuccessful straight faces.
What a strange question! I had to read further to find out what "fluff" meant. This practically never happens to me but if it did, I would not do it in front of anyone, my husband included. Surely it's more appropriate in the privacy of the bathroom! Many things are "natural" but it doesn't mean that we shouldn't have some standards........
Everyone does it; I believe it is okay in front of people who you assume will not be bothered by it such as your partner.
No, not at all. I landed safely on my feet. While I was in the air, I looked a bit like a hurdle jumper. It felt like I was going in slow motion.
Sorry, I was replying to someone else's comment on another question, but I was using my tablet, and the page was still loading, so the link jumped on the screen when I pressed it and sent me to the wrong page.
LOL. I just read it on the other page. All good. :)
by Vee
Working mobile can be a pain sometimes.
Yes, but always say excuse me or sorry as no excuse for not being polite.
I always leave the room, I have never done it in front of anyone and my other half thinks I am crazy. I get really annoyed if he does it near me. I would probably shrivel up and die if I was to do it in front of others.
by Rice
Farting without trying to get out of the room first, is the same as having to blow your nose at the dinner table or cleaning your fingernails. Some things need to be done AWAY from others.
I avoid fluffing in front of anyone. Why should someone have to put up with my foul air. My husband is considerate and does the same. If it happens accidently I excuse myself and it is no big deal. If it a smelly one, I sometimes warn him to evacuate the building or I make some silly remark.
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