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Do you find your clothes shrink in the cupboard?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Do you have the problem that from season to season, your clothes seem to just "shrink" in the cupboard when not worn for a season?

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Top Answers
I used to find this but lately they are not shrinking any more.

Must be the cold weather.
by Finy
tell you what Finy ''he's a BIG Boy!''....lol
by jonaja
I know!

They just seem to get smaller and smaller?

Why's that!
could it be a reverse moth?
by Finy
Finy!! lol...you crazy girl :)
by jonaja
I am laughing out loud at this!!!!! Is this simply a euphanism for 'Have I gained weight?,or do clothes really truly have the power to shrink ?!!!!
Hee hee hee hee!!!!!
Jules -it is me being silly!

At one stage all my clothes shrunk! till I had my bad accident and then they unshrunk while I was in hospital the 5 weeks -very strange, that was!
by Finy
I just love it!!! It has made us all actually THINK before putting an answer in words,and above all,it has mabe me SMILE!!!! As you know,in Life,I value the power of smiles and humour so very highly,and if this is you being 'silly' then full marks to you for the joy you have given!! You know what they say about Laughter?! Well,I am feeling on top of the world thanks to this wonderful question!! Hee Hee Hee!!! And many warm thanks!!

by Jules
Funny!! Maybe a tiny bit. But that I've really noticed.

I didn't even consider looking at this question as Jules has done. If we are speaking literally, then no.
by Vee
P.S. Finy, I find that image highly offensive! Hahaha.
by Vee
but Vee it is an IMAGE -a true picture -a person like you and me with just a bit more weight than you and me......my next question now will have to be "do you judge a book by its cover? haha
by Finy
I know, I know. I just thought that only women could be part of the 'free the nipple' movement. Oh my! Sorry, I had to. I'm not judging per se, I'm just saying that I would rather not see that much of a person. It irks me even if a man with a 'good' body walks around shirtless. Although, I think it's ok to walk around like that at the beach regardless of body shape or size.
by Vee
I've never noticed clothes shrinking in the cupboard!
by AJ
by jonaja
Yes big time!
by Fran
there ya go! someone who understands the question :) lol
by jonaja
More often than not.
However, when my children's clothes shrink, I take it as a good sign. They are growing and that's the goal.
Not really. For a while my weight kept fluctuating as I went from not pregnant to pregnant and back again, took up running etc. I took a liking to fishermens' pants, which in addition to being comfy and looking cool (to me anyway) always fit because they're adjustable.
I read somewhere that there are little gremlins called calories who hide in your cupboard and stitch your seams so your clothes get smaller. Unfortunately it didn't tell you how to eradicate the little pests. I've just emptied my wardrobe and can't see any. They must be tiny. Maybe they could be retrained to do mending

I don't think you can retrain them!
by Finy
In. I don't have this problem. My clothes are the same all year round. I gain weight very slowly if at all. I tend to lose weight more easily.
I think the photo is gross . Covered up he would be fine but not my sort!
Yes my trousers shrink in winter usually around the waistband!
Just trying fermented vegetables ...to reduce a bloated stomach...1st day looks good! Anyone tried this?
Sorry Tina5, I've never heard about this before. I've just made a not of it, so I can investigate further! Yes indeed..Gross photo!
by Miro
I only wear cotton dresses all year round, which aren't hanging in my cupboard. Even though I have gained a few kilos the dresses still fit, as they have a bit of 'elastic' in them. I do have chester- drawers though that hold my cruise slacks & tops, so I'd better try those on before our next cruise, which I think will be in 7 months, if it goes ahead.
by Miro
That is one scary photo - and he seems to be happy displaying that body? I am a lucky girl, clothes in the cupboard are safe...no shrinkage, still fit...
On occasions I have been subjected to that phenomenon but it happens less frequently since I found out who was creating this situation.
Oh and no matter the state of my wardrobe I would never go topless on a motorcycle!
Not very safe at all.
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