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Do you find tattoos attractive?

by Jamie0liversgirl (follow)
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I've always hated tattoos, but only recently I've seen them on a celebrity I've always found attractive, and suddenly have a love for an inked body. Do you find them attractive, or not?

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Top Answers
I personally hate tattoos. I find them tacky, common, and no matter how skilled the tattoo artist, they always just look a bit 'wrong' in my opinion. It seems like everyone has a tattoo, and thankfully I'm not in that bracket. No matter what others say, I feel like people make an immediate judgement when they see someone with a tattoo. Small or large, my opinion goes down. Some call it harsh, but it's just not my bag.
Yes, I find some tattoos attractive. It depends on the placement of the tattoo, how well the design fits in with the part of the body it's on and how well executed it is. I have a tattoo myself and plan to get at least one more at some stage (unfortunately they're expensive!). My husband has one and I like the look and feel of it (the design is slightly raised above the surface of the rest of his skin).

I think it's a little sad how judgemental some people are about tattoos. If you have highly visible tats you have to expect some comments, but some of the stuff people say about them is a bit bizarre, like for example assuming that tattooed women "must have low self esteem." What rubbish!
Yes, it's funny how people judge others when they have tattoos. It's the sheer pain that puts me off. I'm terrible with needles.
I understand how that would put you off getting one yourself but not why it would make you look down on someone else having one.
Hi Jennifer;
I think if you read back...I did not say people with Tatts and poor behaviour.
That comment was made by JamieOliversgirl...and I was quite shocked that she wrote what she did, and said on the page...we must love one another ...LOL
by jonaja
Oops! I put the wrong name! I'm sorry!
I don't have a problem with tattoos as long as they are done in moderation. I think they look awful when people have their entire arm covered in them. A simple design around the wrist can look quite pretty as long as it it subtle, but I don't think they look attractive if they are bold and stand out. There is also the issue about the tattoo distorting as you age or lose/gain weight.
I know what you mean. If you're a little overweight and have a relatively large tattoo, if you ever lose weight I can only imagine how strange it would look. I'm not a particular fan.
I know what you mean. If you're a little overweight and have a relatively large tattoo, if you ever lose weight I can only imagine how strange it would look. I'm not a particular fan.
Tattoos on some people are attractive, while on others - not so much! It is a bit like clothes really. Some clothes look great on some and terrible on others. So I guess it depends who is wearing the tattoo.
I know exactly what you mean. On some they look atrocious, others, not so much.
Has anyone heard of watercolour tattoos? They are a completely different style to the normal black/red/green colours.
Yes and I quite like the look. :)
Ooh what a wonderful idea!
Oooo watercolour you say.. tell me more!
by littl
Tattoos will destroy your social standing and impact negatively on your income for the rest of your life.
It may not be fair or correct but it will prove true that people in power will judge you badly as a result of this permanent design on your skin for life.
Your skin is an organ just like your lungs and liver so why would you inject it with a chemical dye.
Would you buy just one T shirt and wear it every day for the rest of your life.
They make elderly people with wrinkled skin look ???
Normally applied by people with criminal association I can’t think of any reason that a person would consider such a thing.
Then add the fact that the practice has been condemned in the Bible written thousands of years ago by the leaders of the community I can only say no way to go.

I think 'destroy' is a strong word, but I understand your point completely. I don't think they add anything to your life, and people make judgements if you do have them.
I personally hate tattoos. I find them tacky, common, and no matter how skilled the tattoo artist, they always just look a bit 'wrong' in my opinion. It seems like everyone has a tattoo, and thankfully I'm not in that bracket. No matter what others say, I feel like people make an immediate judgement when they see someone with a tattoo. Small or large, my opinion goes down. Some call it harsh, but it's just not my bag.
I have to agree, with you.

by jonaja
It does depend on the amount of tattoos someone has, and what they symbolise.
True. I guess a couple can be alright to some people. More than one, really though, just puts me right off.
I don't have anything against them but personally they're not for me.
You're right, they do nothing for me either.
You're right, they do nothing for me either.
I don't have anything against them but personally they're not for me.
I don't.
Our skin looks fine, just as it is......to me.

I admire people who do not have tattoos, I feel they didn't follow the crowd.

Fresh clean skin, looks amazing, in my opinion.
Precisely! Your body is perfect as it is no matter the size or shape, why deface it with a permanent mark?
Exactly :)
by jonaja
Obviously those of us who get tattoos don't see it as "defacing" our bodies, but rather adorning them. And as for why, there are as many reasons for getting a tattoo as there are people with tattoos. Often they are deeply personal, and not intended for other people's viewing pleasure (or displeasure).There was a recent interview of the radio show Sunday Night Safran (available as a podcast free on the ABC website http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/safran/podcast/default.htm ) with an author named Kathleen Thompson who had done a research project on and written a book about women's tattoos. She found that modern women's tattoos tapped into a tradition of women's storytelling in the same way that other traditions like quilt making used to, documenting or memorialising important events in a woman's life (her marriage, children, surviving breast cancer, all manner of things). It was quite interesting. People do love to hammer on about how tattoos are permanent as though that was a bad thing when permanence is, for many people, kind of the point. So much in life is fleeting.
Hey Jennifer, I 'get' it when a tattoo symbolises something, and others show off their body art with pride, but I'm simply not a fan.
Thanks Jennifer for that info....I will try and have a look at it, and what you wrote is very interesting...gives a new perspective. :)
by jonaja
Jennifer, that's a beautiful take on women's tattoos, thanks for sharing.
When I was younger I believed that some fashions where great.
Today I would be ashamed to wear the items in public.
Tattos are permanent and will destroy the lives of all who are foolish enough to permanently mark themselves.
Fashion change tattos wont leave when the fashion does.
The vast majority of people see them as ugly or even a criminal tag.
Employment will be damaged for those who want make a carree change later in life.
Girls who may find them cool now will think differently later when they have children and mature into adult life.
A freedom today will turn into a permanent burden tommorow and will shape your fortunes socially in the future
Kstew I completely agree.
No I don't like tatoos, especially on females. That Circulon add showing an older woman with a wrinkled tatoo plays in my head quite often when I see a female displaying one. I avoid people with tatoos. I think they look intimidating. I work in Aged Care and some of the female carers have tatoos. You should see the looks they get from the residents. Their looks say it all!
It's a generational thing. Of course they're a bit shocking to some elderly people. Some of the childcare workers where my daughter goes to childcare have tattoos and the kids aren't phased by them in the slightest. They'll grow up with them and it will just seem normal to them.

Also, I'm paraphrasing something I read online here, a comment from an aged care worker- tattoos on elderly people in care homes show that they had a life. They weren't always old and helpless, they went places and did things. I'll still be proud of mine when they're as wrinkly as the rest of me.
Haha, Fifi, your comment did make me chuckle. I have to agree; a tattoo on mature skin looks a bit sad. And you’re right, there is a stigma attached to people who have tattoos, and unfortunately there is a grain of truth. I know some people who have tattoos, and I frankly don’t mix in circles with people like that. Call me a snob, but I’d rather not be associated with someone who’s behaviour is poor and their body is covered in rather unsightly tattoos.
I have to agree with you Jennifer...it really does show that older people were not always 'old' I have always thought that myself.I then think 'humm' I wonder what you were like when young? bet you had a interesting life! it really says 'wow'!.

To JamieOliversgirl

I am shocked what you wrote in your last 3 lines.

I have met some amazing people, with horrendous tatt's....very loveable
and some nicer than my own family.

Please do not judge a book by it's cover.....we are all on this planet together.

by jonaja
I am not in two minds as to Tatt's.
I still do not like them on skin.
But! I do try to see all views, and still have my own.
I understand that people who are now old did have them years ago, for other reasons.And it show's a little of their youth.
Far different from maybe why people get them today in greater areas of their body.

But.....I stand by what I said, we also should love one another, and not judge.
by jonaja
@Jamieoliversgirl I bet you mix in circles with tattooed people all the time and don't know it. You wouldn't know I had one unless you saw me in a bikini.
LOL.... well I do spend time with guys who have tatt's.

by jonaja
Both Jennifer and Jonaj, I have a quite tight-knit group, and my friends think the same. We're not keen on tattoos, and I was simply being honest hence why I posted the question.

Tattoos are arguably 'hot' on some guys, some celebrities indeed, but generally, I find them a poor choice, and a waste of money.
Jonaj there is a bit of a difference between not being keen on tattoos aesthetically and saying that people with tattoos are bad people with "poor behaviour."
Jennifer I just re-read this for an interest, and I did not say behavior! please point that out to me where?
I think you will find it was not me but (j.o.g)......
by jonaja
Having a few tattoos myself, I can see both sides of the argument. I usually check out other tattoos on people and can appreciate the artwork that went into them, though not all- some are quite horrendous and you wonder how much they paid for them. I don't like seeing people tattooed from head to toe. I personally find them very intimidating and wonder why they felt they had to do that to themselves. I find sleeves on women very off putting and wonder how they look when they go out somewhere "posh". It's not very attractive at all in my opinion.To each their own I feel. When I got my first tatt (unfortunately called a tramp stamp!), my mother-in-law had the nerve to ask me if I'd gotten permission from my husband to get it! I was gob-smacked at that (still am, I think). Seriously! What century is she living in! Needless to say, my husband (who was serving overseas at the time when I got it), wasn't impressed, but I didn't really give a rats you know what. I've gotten 3 more since then and he's learned to live with them. Two of my tatts are hidden by clothes most of the time anyway and my other two are my daughters' names on the insides of my wrists which I want to do more on in the future. Once you get one tattoo, they become very addictive (despite the initial pain).
Very well said Steve. Eloquent, and honest. Thank you.
I have to agree about sleeves on women. I hate that I sound terribly sexist, but I think tattoos look terrible on women.
I only like henna tattoos! :)
Me too, pretty, and temperamental.
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo .

Point taken.
Absolutely NOT They are revolting - utterly unattractive.
A waste of precious money spent in a selfish act as an attempt to prove they are 'special'. Spending thousands of dollars being tattoo'ed is an act of self-absorption and outrageous ego. The primary multi tattoo wearers are likely from lower-socio-economic groups who can ill afford such a massive waste of money. They struggle to pay rent, find food for their children, & are often in debt. Low self-esteem seems the reason for acquiring tattoos - to show the world how fabulous they are. "More money than Sense" is very apt.
They fail to comprehend is that it is not money well spent, and they are stuck with their childish, egotistical, waste of money and opportunity to improve themselves by saving, for life - as permanent proof of their stupidity. "Stupid is as stupid does".
Hilarious response. Thank you for being so candid.
Tatts can be tasteful, tatts can be significant, tatts can be boganesque. Each to their own. Wow! Hasn't this one stirred up a hornet's nest?
I know! I do love a good debate, it's brilliant!
Thank you for your comment. Ooh Borganesque?
No, JOG, Boganesque without the 'r'. I know a young woman who has had 2 relationships resulting in three children. Poor choices of partner each time. Her mother hopes she chooses wisely next time, but with tatts from head to toe, I think she has limited her chances.
by grann
Ah, thanks for the correction. Oh you are hilarious. Wonderful, thank you for being so candid.
Depends on the image, the build of the person and whether it looks comfortable on them.
So true. On some people, they look greats, others, not so much.
I only like the black ink or vibrant coloured ones. Not the heritage green ink, reminds me of seaweed.
No personaly i dont like tatoos
Me neither.
No personaly i dont like tatoos
Me neither!
Why is it that people who love tatts mostly get them done on their backs where they can't see them and everyone else has to? No, I don't lke them esp when they turn black and the skin starts to wrinkle.
Precisely my point - awful.
While I certainly don't find tattoos attractive, I can understand why some people get them.

I think if you are attracted to someone and they decide to get a tattoo it probably won't make a difference. It's only the initial attraction that might be affected.
I have a small one on my ankle that I got over 15 years ago, but I actually don't like lots of them all over the place. My son has a sleeve and it's hard for a mummy to see her sons perfect young skin completely covered in ink. I think a little is OK, but it's way over done these days.
It is way overdone! So true.
No, I do not like them. I think they look trashy.
by Gia
No I dont, I am puzzled to see a tattoo on someones back where they cant see it. seems pointless.
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Depends on what it is, where it is and how it looks on the person
It depends on the tattoos, but mainly yes. Especially on guys.
No, actually, totally repulsive, on either gender.

IMO, they mean the person is very insecure, lacks self-confidence & wants a personality booster!
Ugly as!
Wait until they age & EVERYTHING droops!
Tatt will 'look good' all stretched out, won't it? Yuck!
They don't think of THAT when they have it inked as young persons!

Yes I love tattoos. My husband has quite a few. I must say it does depend on the quality. I hate thr hugely backyard jobs. But in general I find tattoos very sexy
Actually NO, I do not.... I think they are a great way to ruin the skin we were gifted with. I don't have a problem with body paint, temps, etc, but I am not for marking your body with permanent ink... besides, the older you get, well, you know!
I like tattoos on hand.
Thinking of it I actually don't. I really dont find them attractive at all.
dependes on what it is or significance. a swastika between the eyes doesn't do it for me
Personally, I have no tattoos because I would just look like an idiot. But some people can pull it off and look cool. Depends on the person.
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