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Do you fill your wheelie rubbish bin each week?

by Finy (follow)
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Is your wheelie bin to small or too large, or just right?

Do you fill it each week or not?

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Top Answers
I usually don't even fill my bin to half way.

Being alone, even though I seem to throw out a lot of food, I don't seem to fill one of these huge bins AND we only have one bin for recycling stuff -our council supposedly does the recycling when they get it.
by Finy
I am by myself so I do not have a huge amount of weekly rubbish! I have often let my neighbours use some of the left-over room if they are doing a major cleanout.At the moment,this is what I myself have been up to: a MAJOR cleanout!! I actually did almost fill my bin this past rubbish day,and it felt great to rid myself of such a lot of old unwanted and un-needed bits and bobs!!
We rarely fill our bin each week. It almost only goes half way and sometimes, we don't even pull the bin out to be emptied out. But I like the bin empty to avoid the build-up of odour (which is quite inevitable).
Ours would be perfect if it was 1/3 bigger.
I have to use others to get rid of rubbish now and then, well more now...than then?
We fill 2 wheelie bins a week
I fully understand,my son and his wife and their 2 kids (plus home run business)...they fill 4 x bins and 3 garden x garden a week!! = 7
I know?
by jonaja
I'm in an apartment block so we don't have an individual wheelie bin
by AJ
No I never do unless gardener has been and put cuttings in it...I don't put them out every week either, especially in Winter...Summer things tend to go off more quickly so prob put out more often then...
by Fran
No, it's usually about two thirds full, unless I stuff a bunch of garden offcuts into it. We really need a green waste bin for those but it costs extra. The recycling bin is always full. I try and reuse stuff for kids' crafts and things instead if I can but there's a limit to how much I can store.
It's just right. If it's just my my son, husband and me at home, we fill it about halfway. But, if my husband's grandfather is at home with us, then it is filled to the brim each week.
by Vee
I never had a grandfather! One died in 1913 from cancer, when my father was 4, & my mother's father died in 1928 from 1st WW accident, when she was 7. So as you can guess, Vee, I'm a LOT older than you! (Which has nothing at all to do with wheelie bins!!!)
by Miro
Usually fill it about two thirds full, unless we've had a birthday or party In the house
Usually fill it about two thirds full, unless we've had a birthday or party In the house
no not every week but when its full its usually quite full. best to get rid of it each time the truck come but sometimes there is minimal so I dont bother.
What a wonderful service to have though. After many years of living away in developing countries it never ceases to amaze me the number of services available to the everyday household that are taken for granted. Garbage collection being the most basic yet necessary.
My family and I try to recycle and compost as much as possible, so our wheelie bin only gets a few small bags put into it each week.
We fill up our Red wheelie bin every week as it is only 120L compared to the Yellow recycle bin and the Green garden waste bin which are 240L. Most fortnights we fill up our Yellow recycle bin as well. Definitely need a bigger Red for sure.....
My wife and I recycle everything with virtually no wastage, so our bin is usually about one third full at pickup!
Usually our bins have plenty of space. However before I moved house in 2013 I had a major declutter. I had a garage sale, donated to charity and the rest had to be thrown out. I had to ask my neighbours if I could put stuff in their general waste bin and recycle bin because mine were full.
usually fill it, if I don't I find that people in our area go for walks at night and dump their bags into any empty bin they find which indicates to me that for most people the bins are too small , I have also seen people get out of their car at the local small shopping centre and place bags into the street bin.
so my answer is that the bins are too small
No, usually have just one large garbag's worth.
BUT, recycling bin is full each fortnightly collection!
I small red bin, gets 1 bag of rubbish a week. We compost as much of the food scraps as possible. The 2 large green bins (2nd 1 free from the council) mostly goes out full, every fortnight, (if we’re home to fill them) while the recycling bin is always 1/2 to full, once a fortnight.
Living alone I don't have much in my wheelie bin. My recycle bin has more in it. I also have a green garden waste bin which is collected once a fortnight and that is usually full of grass cuttings, leaves and cut up palm fronds when the binmen come.
Ours might be a quarter full, if that, each week. I try not to have too much waste.
by Rice
The regular garbage bin which a large one is usually full each week and the large recycling bin gets emptied every fortnight and usually full as well.
We definately fill up our rubbish bins every week,and the recycling bin is allways full, we try to recycle as much as we can, even toilet roll inserts.
Yes, me too (loo rolls), Diana. I'll recycle every scrap of paper that is being thrown out. I check every plastic wrapper, box, container & the odd plastic bag for that lovely triangle shape, that I'm throwing out.
by Miro
Yes, me too (loo rolls), Diana. I'll recycle every scrap of paper that is being thrown out. I check every plastic wrapper, box, container & the odd plastic bag for that lovely triangle shape, that I'm throwing out.
by Miro
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