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Do you feel uncomfortable when talking to somebody wearing a low cut shirt?

by Vee (follow)
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Image by EnzoCositore, sourced from morguefile.com

Do you feel uncomfortable when talking to somebody wearing a low cut shirt?

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Top Answers
Yes, I find it very uncomfortable having to deal with people who reveal their cleavage - I feel it is immodest. One can look beautiful wearing decent clothes - I don't see why people spoil their image by wearing revealing garments.
Tasneem, I feel I must agree with you. Thanks for sharing. :-)
by Vee
I don't like anything on a woman that is low cut, there is no need for it....and shows far toooo much.

Even as a young woman it was not something that I found I would do, and I'm not a prude, just don't like people too uncovered.
Good photo. She's nearly in that dress :-))
by Rice
it speaks volumes doesn't it...LOL
by jonaja
"Oops, my breasts just fell out."
by Vee
Hee heeeeee!!!
by Rice
No. I don't usually wear anything very low cut myself (it's all relative, sometimes I have a bit of cleavage showing, I'm not sure if that's what someone else might think is too much) but it doesn't make me uncomfortable to see it on other people.

No. Why should I? I have absolutely no problem with the human body. It is a beautiful and natural thing. It is not something to be embarrassed about. Nor is it something that should be hidden and covered up. Some people are more well endowed than others ( I suppose this is what you mean), but so what? We are all individuals and we are all beautiful, whether we are flat chested or ample. People should be free to wear the kind of clothes they wish, and if people feel uncomfortable about it, then they have a problem.
Guilty for wearing them!

I'm 29 and mature enough to wear a low cut top..... not toooooo low, but showing a little cleavage non the less.

I know it may make some people feel uncomfortable.... I'm in a stable relationship an don't wear them to be flirtatious. I wear them because I like the clothes.
I don't wear low cut things but if others do it is not a bother to me. I do, however, hate to be able to see through to naked b00bs. If you don't get that clothes are there for covering up - just go naked, for Pete's sake.
by Rice
Says much about the person, does it not, Rice?
by donjo
It does and in a lot of instances it just looks plain slovenly. I wanted to put another S word but it is not so much in use these days.
by Rice
I do yes. It'just tacky.
I think it can be flattering if done tastefully. But I can totally understand that sometimes it can also be "tacky", as you've said.
by Vee
I look at people's faces, not their cleavage!

I prefer to wear appropriate clothing for ME, & that is certainly not cleavaged outfits! Would feel quite uncomfortable!
I look at the person, however I have felt uncomfortable being ogled when wearing a top not as low cut as the one in the picture. Some guys just can't help themselves
I wish they would, helga.
by Vee
Everyone looks at boob, why not. They look nice, nothing bad there?
by brigi
I think clothes should draw attention to your face. I feel uncomfortable with both women and men showing too much. Its like someone looking at a baby. You want them to say what a cute baby, not what cute clothes or what a cute tush.
More good points - getting others to notice the person in the clothes, not the clothes or 'parts' themselves. I recently read an interesting article about the way images are manipulated to increase the likelihood of either objectification or the perception of personhood. It was quite interesting. I can find it if you would like to have a read of it.
by Vee
I think I did when I was younger, but the older I get - I really don't care!
No, perhaps I feel envious! Doesnt bother me
by Finy
it is much preferred to having to encounter people wearing underwear as outerwear (tights are a case i point to). but back to cleavage I have never really understood why it is done except to find a sex partner.
I don't understand it either, filli.
by Vee
No. Just jealous.
No. Just jealous.
I don't feel uncomfortable but I know some blokes do. A lot of men feel that if they do look DOWN then they could be considered to be a pervert, but that wouldn't apply to me because I'm not a bloke.
Some men do ogle women who wear low cut necklines but obviously, evidently some women wear those low necklines deliberately to attract a male audience.
Oh yes! Nothing worse than a man wearing a low cut top. Ick...chest hair.... ohhhhhh.....is that what you meant ? :)

Hahaha. I hadn't considered men in low-cut shirts. I did mean women. But I suppose low-cut shirts on men would be less than flattering.
by Vee
Only if they are wearing lots of gold chains and have tons of chest hair! Ha ha.
by Polly
Thank you for the lovely imagery, Polly - lol.
by Vee
Nooooo, why should I? Women or men can wear what they like! Its not like chests or boobs are NEW.I f you got it and you want to flaunt it and feel comfortable then go for it YAY!
It makes me uncomfortable when talking with a person and their cleavage is showing. Dress decently and appropriately is how I was brought up.
I believe you and I would get along, little trout. :-)
by Vee
I think you could be right Vee.
Nup. Boobs aren't big enough.
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