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Do you feel guilty after eating pizza?

by Sasha (follow)
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Everyone would have tasted pizza at least once in their lifetime, but I love the way Joey from Friends puts it, "a moment on the lips forever on your hips."

So do you feel guilty after eating some pizza?

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Top Answers
No. Food is nourishment, not something to feel guilty about. I'm very careful not to talk about food being bad or feeling guilty about it in front of my daughter. I don't want her to buy into the idea that she isn't allowd to enjoy certain foods if she wants to.

Riots, not diets ladies!
Pizza - now there is my Achilles heel! Lots of anchovies, olives, feta, sauce and cheese....that is a winner every time;) So - nope - just eat it in moderation. One slice at a time! LOL
Not at all. Pizza tastes great! What good is it having a body if you can't take pleasure in experiencing things through it like eating pizza? In moderation of course because it isn't the healthiest food there is.
Nope - the more toppings the better. Pizza should be classed as part of the Big 5~ ;)
Nope - the more toppings the better. Pizza should be classed as part of the Big 5~ ;)
we Always order it with NO Cheese. :)
too much fat when it's on there, makes me sick.

So we really just have it without, and it is very nice!
I used to, as they contain so much fat. So now I just make my own, and they are so good -not as salty or fatty, but nevertheless good, and with healthy toppings.
by Finy
I always feel guilty after eating pizza. Hence we don't have it very often in our house. When I say often, maybe once every 6 weeks.

No way. So long as I haven't overeaten, I never feel guilty about anything I eat.
by Vee
Absolutely! The moment I finish my pizza, I start thinking about how many laps I would have to run to burn the calories off! Somethings wrong with me :)
Omg yes! All the time - it feels so good when ordering it, but when it's over, I feel like a bloated pig :( Worst.feeling.ever!
Well I feel guilty every single time. Phew
How could you feel guilty before, while or after eating sumptuous pieces of
'everything you love stacked on top of each other! I don't eat pizza often but when I do, no guilty feelings left there:)
I make my own pizza using organic spelt flour, I make my own tomato sauce with garlic and red onions. i use goats cheese what can there possibly be in that to feel guilty about?

If you wish to spend your money on crapy, cheap pizza that looks and tastes like mush it's your choice i'm not sure why anyone should feel guilty
No, maybe I should, considering how fattening it is. But come on, its an awesome food and I just love it.
No not at all :-)
I sure wish I would FEEL GUILT after consuming all 8 slices of my deep pan or stuffed crust pizza with extra cheese, chilli & Jalapeno toppings! But nah.. I just love the taste so much that the calories count doesn't dance in front of my eyes while I'm at it. It flashes once or maximum twice while I lick my fingers after I'm done but that's all, because I don't like to linger in the guilt.

Anyway it's a pure waste of time and waste of MONEY to let the chocolate mousse or cookies & cream ice cream melt away!

P.S: I usually plan ahead and work out more if I decide on this cheat-treat or better yet I do fruits & additional workout the next day! It's that time that I feel not-so-good (read it as it is, not guilty) about the extra pounds I must cut before actually beginning to break a sweat about the original target!!
No not at all. Pizza is my favourite. I just enjoy it.
I adore pizza. Just wish I could find a really good GF pizza.
Ordering pizza is supposed to be the best experience.
However as we choose each topping my guilt increases.
How much of unhealthy is safe?
Is this what I want to give my body to process?
Yes I feel guilty.
So I have stopped punishing myself.
Eat pizza if it is the only option. This is very rare.
Find it funny that I follow this with a diet drink…Really what difference does that make.

by Zen
Nope, not even a little bit.
Nope. Not at all.
You would only feel guilty if you over-eat. But you would feel that way with all food.

Pizza is great in moderation.
I don't have pizza often, and when I do I never feel guilty about it...I just enjoy it, while it lasts.
No, everything in moderation.
by Gia
I don't feel guilty, I just enjoy. These days I eat one or two pieces and fill up on a tasty salad and to be honest feel quite virtuous. There are some pizzas that don't have much topping, are greasy and not very tasty but a good tasting pizza with olives and anchovies, now that is a treat.
Yes always! But it's a nice treat.
Yes but only because I rend to over eat when it comes to pizza and find myself consuming one all to myself :/ oops
Have a Pizza now & again.
Have Cappriciosa with 'double' mushrooms & anchovies! Thin crust!
Love it, as a 'treat'!
NO guilt, just a full tummy!
No, notat all.
by sns
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