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Do you feel generally happier on a sunny day than on a cloudy day?

by Finy (follow)
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I have read that in climates where it is often cloudy, people tend to be unhappier.

Does the weather affect your moods, and do you tend to feel happier when the sun is shining?

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Top Answers
I think that is partly true as once when I was in England for a prolonged holiday, and it was cloudy every day, I felt it affected my mood.
Every morning to go outside and rarely see any sun was slightly depressing!

I love summer, and I think I often feel brighter when it is a nice, bright sunny day.

And especially after a dismal winter.
by Finy
I suffer from S.A.D.

'seasonal affected disorder'.

Yes! it is a real condition....and if my dear mother had not come to Australia, I have no idea? how I would have lived in England.

I am always happy with the sun shining.
Grey days are hell for me.

I have had to go as far as everything in my home is 'cream or white'! yes even furniture.

You must be hating the weather right now. It's draining.
by Vee
I'm suffering :(
by jonaja
i have way more energy when the sun is shining
by AJ
At the moment it is so hot up here that I dread seeing the sun. I love to see a bit of rain. But overall I think that my energy is better if there is a bit of sun over the course of the day / week.
Oh definitely! It is amazing how different and beautiful it feels on a bright and sunny day. I feel so good, happy & optimistic. On the other hand on a dull cloudy day, I feel so depressed!
I feel so much happier when the sun is out. I feel like the possibilities for the day are endless, like there are hundreds of things I could do. I have more energy and I am excited to start the day. When it is cloudy or cold and wet, I don't feel like going out at all. I just want to stay inside.
I'm always the same. If it's inclement, I just play "the glad game" and do something I enjoy. Must be my inner Pollyanna.
by Rice
I am cheerful just about ALL of the time!! Living in the tropics,I actually do not mind a bit of cloud about,as it is a real novelty at the moment!!!We have had the hottest driest year since records began,and it can truly be very draining!! And though I feel drained,I am still happy enough!!
I think, generally, people feel happier when the sun is shining. SAD seems to be very common now so grey skies obviously affect some people's moods.
If overcast, & rainy weather persists for a couple of weeks, I get very frustrated, & totally p'd off as cannot dry bedclothes on outside line!
Nothing like the Sun, & wind, to give a beautiful smell to them!

Many years' ago, we had to go to London for my husband to work there, for a week, no biggie, as we'd just spent a month in Eastern USA & Canada, so flew LAX-LHR.

Anyway, the weather was the most beautiful, with blue skies' & temperatures to die for! It was their Autumn, & it reminded me of our early Spring weather.

Whilst he worked, I took day trips, hither, thither, & yon, & had a great time! Hubby walked me to Tour Bus Stop, & was there to collect me upon return.
All worked in beautifully! Oh, & he enjoyed his work!
Yes I do
Remember it's a dull day without the sun
I think I prefer the cloudier weather as I tend to do more than when its sunny as the heat affects me more so I'm always happier in the cloudier weather.
I love the summer, get much more done on a sunny day. Love anything below about 29 degrees. Hate humidity.
Oh! fran, humidity is such an energy sapper; I, too, hate it because it means I'll sweat more, stink more, & have to wash more clothes, & hankies!
by donjo
yes Donjo
It is the lack of energy most of all. The foggy spectacles don't help either, nor the runny makeup. Melbourne hasn't always been a very humid city, but the last few years have been very, very different. With or without air conditioning, not a lot helps on a humid day.
by fran.
Yes. I generally feel happier on a sunny day, mostly because my son and I can play outside. This rain is driving us stir crazy. And I bet we won't be able to go out tomorrow because the ground will be too wet. :|
by Vee
by jonaja
I have to say on a blue sky sunny day the mood is happy as against dull and grey and feeling down.
Sunny days make me feel cheerful; cloudy always seem to be miserable days.
Every day I feel happy. Always (VERY) happy that I haven't had to go to work for the last 45 years, happy to be alive, & happy to be married for 48 years & 10 months!
by Miro
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