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Do you ever use unsalted butter?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you ever use unsalted butter for any reason?

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Top Answers
I quite regularly use unsalted butter mainly in biscuits and sometimes in a cake.

I always have a 250g packet in the freezer and just defrost when I want to use it.

I always buy the Australian brands.
by Finy
Unsalted butter is the only kind I use for anything. My family has gotten so used to it that salted butter is noticeably too salty for us if we use it on toast, muffins, etc.
really - i guess you need to eat the unsalted for a while before you can tell the difference, as you say.
Only trouble with unsalted is that is is too hard to spread unlike the pure butter I buy that is spreadable.
by Finy
Yes, we made the switch several years ago for health reasons and have only used unsalted since my kids were born. I didn't occur to me that it was SO noticeable until we were eating breakfast at my mother's house (she uses salted) and my 6 year old wanted to know why the butter was so salty, and my 4 year old didn't want to eat the buttered toast, which he usually loves!

Yes - it really is difficult to spread. I usually have to let it melt a bit on toast, or try to soften it some other way if we want to spread it on something that isn't hot.
Try using a big sharp knife to cut small slices. Separate them onto the bread. They warm up quickly and are spreadable. This is an accidental discovery I made recently.
by annfi
Thats a negative.

I only buy butter 1 time a year...I small pkt, as we do not eat it 99% of the time or any other spread, like it.

I stopped many years ago.

We use it, is in the dead of winter....I have made a soup, we have it on plain fresh bread,It is our once a year treat.(bit like Christmas) :)
Always. Unsalted butter is all I use for eating, cooking, baking and making Ghee. It is usually cultured and/or grass fed too.
by Rice
I don't really bake so no I don't use unsalted butter. For everyday butter we use flora - and we don't use much of that either.
by AJ
If I am paying attention in the shop, I will often buy unsalted. But I do like my salt.
by Vee
I have never done so as yet. However, some chefs use it in certain cakes and desserts and say that this makes it lighter, and is preferable. Maybe I should give it a go when baking next time. I rarely do bake as it would be only three of us eating it. We would prefer not to be the only ones eating a whole cake or biscuits. My daughter and I would prefer not to have a big cake or baked goods in the house. If I did bake , I would probably use it, now I know this old chefs trick !!
Need salt to replace all that I sweat out.
I buy the NZ Mainland tub, as it's pure Butter, spreadable straight from 'fridge.
It has NO oil in it, as that's the reason I stopped using marg.
I always use unsalted butter for toasts and baking since I can adjust the amount of salt according to my taste. I even started buying butter after coming to US. In my native, we make our own unsalted butter from milk.
by Ammu
Lurpak is Danish and hard to spread. The odd times I do buy this brand is when it's on special and I use unsalted in some baking when specifically called for, otherwise it's salted butter for me as I like the taste. I have a long container in my fridge where I keep all my butters so rarely run out of either type.
I freeze the unsalted, and indeed the salted, helga as I buy the salted which is over $6 when on special. the one i buy seems to be by far, the most expensive -mainland pure butter, spreadable.
by Finy
Thanks Finy. I will try the Mainland when I need to replenish next. And yes, you're right. Only buy when on special also.
by helga
Always. We believe there is too much salt in purchased foods so we try to reduce it by using unsalted butter (plus other things). We have to prefer the taste to that of salted butter
I use both salted and Unsalted butter; It just depends really on what I am using it for! With baking I like the unsalted,as my biscuits definitely are scrumptious without the salt!! I must admit that I far prefer the flavour of salted butter,for everyday use,but I have gone to the Reduced Salt one now! I do not EVER buy margarine. Butter is my genuine taste treat in life,and I intend to keep it this way!!
No - I have never eaten butter or margarine. Strangely enough I can take butter on toast if it is melted right in and I can't taste the greasiness but that's about it. If, however, I ever taste a glob of butter by accident it is enough to make me gag.When I was working and would occasionally go out for a sandwich at lunchtime, if the server put butter on the bread when I asked them not to, they would say "just scrape it off" - didn't understand how revolting I found the taste. My mother used to say it was because I was a "war baby" and butter was rationed in the UK then. My sister, on the other hand, was born in 1947 and absolutely loves butter. Life is strange!
Yes I use it, but only for baking sweets.
Unsalted butter ALWAYS for cakes, biscuits and anything else sweet, like truffles.
Lurpak is very, very delicious on toast and crackers, and next best is Mainland spreadable.
Yes, we always buy it from Aldi. I have a bright red butter holder with little white spots. I cut the butter leanth-ways, & put the other 1/2 back in the fridge. After using the 2nd 1/2, & wash the butter dish & lid to use again for a new butter.
by Miro
P.S: If the butter is to hard, I melt it on the butter dish for 10 seconds in the microwave to soften it a little.
by Miro
I now can't eat dairy, (flour nor food containing sugar as well as honey & peanuts)
so I'm letting my husband use up the unsalted butter we have in the fridge (which I'd been buying for years,) & I now have to eat Nutterlex, so he'll also be eating that soon enough. I noticed in Melbourne on our last visit, our daughter had started using Nutterlex.
by Miro
I do not use salt in my cooking so I use unsalted butter. I gave up salt when I was pregnant 35 years ago, and have never taken it up again.
Yes, I allways use unsalted butter in cooking and baking!
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