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Do you ever spill food on your clothes?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Do you often drop food on your clothes while eating?

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Top Answers
I asked this question as two nights in a row while I ate the only "sweets" I eat all day, ONE (or two) pieces of Lindt 70% chocolate, I ended up with chocolate over my top -one was a really nice, new (from op shop) one, and it left slight stains.

It seems chocolate makes marks with me - perhaps a sign I should not be eating it!!

I do regularly drop food as is evidenced by my two dogs hanging around while I eat - a habit I really do not like but I guess they know that I occasionally will drop a crumb! I always eat in front of the TV so not at a table apart from breakfast where I sit at a breakfast bar.
by Finy
In answer to this question I shall just say this . . . I have a friend who had a snack bar and I would often go there for breakfast. The first thing he did on my arrival, every time, was to put a tea towel around me like a bib.
by Rice
Oh Rice, We WILL have fun eating out!!! bit like the blind leading the blind
by Finy
That's it!! We will wear dark glasses and carry canes and people will think we just can't see that we are throwing food on ourselves!! LOL. Genius of you, Finy :-)
by Rice
Just wear a shirt with a colorful pattern.
by Polly
Or go to a dark restaurant, at least there you'll have a valid excuse! :-P
by Vee
Hahahaha . . . ve vill look like russian spies! [00]
by Rice
I'm usually a pretty clean eater, I mean spillage happens to everyone, it just depends on the frequency. Am I right?
My husband calls me a Grub because I am forever dropping food on my clothes. It usually lands just above my breasts, so it probably falls from my chin, or the spoon/fork. I suppose it depends whether I am sitting or standing when I eat. If standing, I can get the bowl/plate closer to my face. Usually, its not just my clothes that catch the spills, but the table as well !! It just seems to jump there. Messy eater that's me !!
Occasionally. Sometimes I see food stains on my ties but again that's the odd occasion.
Unfortunately I do. I avoid spaghetti type dishes if I eat out because no matter how careful I am somehow I will end up with some on my top. Nice to see I am not the only one with this food dropping problem.
I do but not too often
by AJ
I seem to dribble my coffee/hot chocolate drinks a bit down my tops and although I wash the small stain, I also can't get rid of it completely.
I have a nice cream coloured top with a stain on it that won't come out now and I'm getting tired of this but I do have coordination issues, especially when tired or drinking the thing quickly.
I believe that we ALL are guilty of this at some time or another, though some lots more frequent than others! If I am in a hurry,I find this happens far more readily. Usually though,I am a slow,sedate sort of eater,and I find that I do not drop food on too many occasions any more! When I was working I would carry one of those brilliant Dynamo Stain Removal pens or the the Neon Stain Removal towelettes in my bag with me! Eveyone seemed to know that I had these little magical objects, so they would love me going to their rescue when accidents happened!!!! I must say that they were the cleverest little things around,whether for my own use or to share with others in need!!!!
No, as I tuck my serviette in at my neck, ESPECIALLY if at a Restaurant, & wearing good clothes!

Also, ensure I'm over my plate, when food being moved from from there to mouth!

It's the b00bs, donjo, they just get in the way. Food catchers my mate used to call them.
by Rice
Oh! Rice.....they're not a problem for me, BUT I used to really have a good laugh at my useless m-i-l, as she had to do a side-V to get her soup from bowl, going out forwards, then back up to her mouth, as her's were from just below her neck to her waistline, & that was when IN a bra! They were H U G E, & must've weighed a ton!
My dear late Mother had an acronym, she'd whisper to me if she saw 'T-o-S'.....you can work it out, I'm sure!

by donjo
Like Paul McCartney's dad used to say . . .she's got TB. (two beauts) OoohAaah!! Naughty.
by Rice
No I don't but mu husband in a repeat offender.
One night before bed, I went to the bathroom. As I was washing my hands, I noticed something on my neck...it was chocolate. Enough said.
by Vee
The shame. The shame. Not to mention the waste. Hahahaha!!
by Rice
Oh! Vee......that photo's perfect!
by donjo
I know, Rice. I know. And donjo, yes, it is so fitting!
by Vee
I have dropped food on my clothing before, and I've also had a few spots of coffee spill on my top and this always has to happen when I'm wearing whites or a light colour.
I'm like a magnet for dirt especially if I wear white which is not practical for me. I have no idea how food get's there or when.
Yes, occasionally on my p.j. top while eating my breakfast in bed, while watching iview!
by Miro
All the time if I eat in front of the TV.
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