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Do you ever slam doors or do/say anything in temper?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you ever slam doors or do/say anything in temper?

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Top Answers
I do not slam doors though I probably have a few times in my life, however I do sometimes say things in temper.

Now that I live alone however, this is not really a problem as there is no one to get angry with -I see a lot of friends, but they do not make me angry so I do not get in a temper with them.

I think I have also mellowed as I got older.
by Finy
I don't slam doors in the house though I have slammed a car door once. When I get really angry, I find the only thing that helps is screaming. Just a wordless, head thrown back, scream from deep down in my diaphragm. My throat and vocal cords don't thank me afterwards but in terms of venting and letting off steam it's a life saver. This only happens once in a blue moon though, I'm pretty good at spotting when anger is building up and doing something about it before things get this bad.
When I was much younger I would slam doors now and then ,but I had to be really furious to do so! I also probably have had a jolly good yell at times,but I so rarely feel anger any more that I do neither of these stress relieving things unless absolutely driven to it maybe once in a blue moon!
I don't usually slam doors in a temper but I probably have a few times in the past. I have definitely said things that I haven't meant in a temper - but I don't often lose my temper. It's takes a lot for me to lose my temper
by AJ
I have to be pretty mad before I do anything like that. I raise my voice but not often in real anger, it's more to be heard over the racket lol
Yes I have a habit of doing that, I think it's a nice addition to a heated argument! Haha. I think everyone says something they don't mean in the heat of the moment so it is kind of natural.
I don't slam doors, but my husband and I are both guilty of throwing things. Can't do that now that there's a baby watching our every moves. It's probably not a good idea anyway. We both try to walk away and cool off before things escalate.
by Vee
No I don't slam doors.
I live alone and sometimes swear like a trooper to myself if I am frustrated or angry....it never lasts long though!
by fran
Now that I've got kids, I tend to save my crazy moments until they are out of sight or in bed - I'd hate them to witness my temper like this. When I was younger, I was definitely a door slammer and I've been known to throw a few things too. I'm calmer now for sure, but I'm a passionate person so my temper does come out every now and again.
Not doors. Words ... sometimes ... temper yes.
We all have different personalities. I have a very calm one which some people find annoying! Others are comfortable with my calm nature. I can honestly say I have never slammed a door in temper. I have yelled on a few occasions and boy do people remember it when it is such a rare occurrence. There have been occasions when an angry person has been yelling at me and I have thought of a retort but not made it because it would have been hurtful. Quite possibly had I said it I would have been the one who would have remembered it, not the other person!
I sometimes slam an internal door shut, but also find that physically throwing an item is also good.
Yes, I've been guilty of slamming doors in anger.bdont know that it helps but feels justified at the time.
I use too slam doors, and gee I felt better for doing it.
But I don't do it now, as I know what to do.
I can get upset like the next person, but it takes a lot to make me mad.
Yes I have slammed doors in the past when my husband and I argued - we were both pretty fiery when young. Since he died I get angry about him not being round any more and sometimes kick things (objects not animals) in sheer frustration, although once I did that in bare feet having forgotten I didn't have shoes on - ouch!!.
No. It takes a lot to upset me and Life is way too short to get angry.
I have slammed my bedroom door, (& he's in the lounge room) when I didn't want to hear anymore of what my husband was saying to me, but it's all ok after 10 mins. I find shouting is tiring!
by Miro
Yes, always.
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