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Do you ever read in bed?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you ever read in bed?

Does it put you to sleep?

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Top Answers
Yes I do sometimes.
A lot of the time it puts me to sleep and the book keeps falling, so I have to stop.

However I have noticed in really gripping crime series, that this does not happen.
by Finy
I read in bed almost every night, sometimes for way too long if the book is good enough. It usually the only time I have for reading other than when I'm on holidays.

When my husband goes fishing we take our fold up canvas chairs and I read while he fishes.

Me to Gayle, I'd rather read than fish too, but my husband has only been fishing 3 or 4 times his life, & no, he didn't catch any fish. That may have been because I wasn't with him on those occasions!
by Miro
Yes, it is so relaxing ! I am reading a book from Michael Morpurgo these days. I have heard people read it in school here (?). Well, it is new for me..and quite engaging.
by BK
Yes - but not for long because it puts me to sleep very quickly
by AJ
Yes, I read most nights, often quite late with books that are 'oh, i'll just read one more chapter'
The time has come where the library book I choose has quite a bit to do with print size, space between lines,
Used to be an avid reader in bed, but I hate to say prescription glasses for reading has cramped my style. It is not quite the same....
Yes I love reading in bed! The only time it has ever put me to sleep was as a student trying to read really dull boring philosophy tomes. Best insomnia cure EVER.
Oh and recently I fell asleep reading A Big Book of Machines with my son..........
I try to read most nights. It does help me relax to fall asleep easier.
No I can't see well enough
by Fran
It may be time for some reading glasses :)
by jonaja
OR! the the bedspread she has in my pic.....LOL!!
by jonaja
'She' who is this? The cat's mother....

Should have also said, reading in bed is not something I want to do anyway, I go to bed to sleep

by Fran
Should've gone to Specsavers!
by donjo
Aaaah! Yes!!!! I always read in bed ,I even used to read when walking to and from work!!! I think a book is an extension of my hands sometimes,as I always seem to be enjoying a book!! As my hobby is collecting antique and old books,it is little wonder that I read in bed each night!!
I do.
Then I fall asleep straight away.
Wonder 'why'? that happen's.

Never could work that one out.
Almost always! I inherited insomnia from my father; he took pills - I read!! Mostly murder mysteries and if the book is riveting I'll get up to finish it so as not to disturb my sleeping spouse ... I read under the bedcovers as a child; devour books by the bushel and am going through the old favourites again ... there are about 7 books in and on my bedside cabinet - and a pair of glasses!
Yes I read
I often read in bed, it's such a nice thing to do. It relaxes me but I don't fall asleep while reading.
I try but usually fall asleep before I read anything significant.
by Gia
Yes. Every night. I normally read ebook on my phone though.
as a child under the bedcovers, just could not put a new book down, had to read it all at once, loved books they were my favorite presents for birthday or xmas, and no they never put me to sleep as I was usually caught, and the book would be taken away till next day.
No, I can never read in bed, because I fall asleep as soon as I’ve mad my self computable. I guess that’s because I go to bed around midnight, & wake up about 6 hours later.
P.S. I mean I do read in bed, but never books, I only read my laptop!!
by Miro
And also our local newspaper. When I'm not reading, or on my laptop, I fall asleep in 1 minute. I let my husband have my laptop when it's charged up & he loves looking at Youtube, but he also reads for hours. He has different sleeping patterns, due to his 16 &1/2 years of shift-work, when he started the job, many, many years ago. (I know the question wasn't about him, but I thought I'd tell you anyway!)
by Miro
I have always loved reading in bed.
The problem is, if it is a really good story I read far too late, when I should be sleeping!
I don't read in bed, but my husband does. Occasionally I sneak a peak at what he's reading. If I hold onto my book when I'm in bed my fingers get too cold!
Yes - I do. I have done ever since I was a child. I shared a room with my sister (who wasn't a reader) and it used to drive her mad when I read with the light on. I had to resort to a torch under the covers. I do not sleep well so reading fills some of the time during the night and helps to make me sleepy. It's great when I have a particularly good crime novel (ie Val McDermid, Karin Slaughter, Kathy Reichs et al).
Yes. I read in bed every night before I go to sleep. It does make me tired so I can never read for a long period of time. It just means that it takes me a long time to finish reading a book, but getting there is half the fun !!! I don't have time during the day to read , so it has to be just before I go to sleep.
Bit difficult when sleeping.
Yes, but keep falling asleep and waking when I hear the book go "thump: as it hits the floor.
I give up after I have dropped the book about 8 times. How do you prevent falling asleep and dropping the book?
It is such a pain when I lean over to try and pick the book up, especially when I have fallen out of bed trying to get the book (fallen out of bed on at least 2 occasions),
by Rice
Yes and one day I may actually finish what I am reading.
So far I have dropped the book after falling asleep over a dozen times, I then give up and turn the light off.

Yes, every night.
In Winter, it is warmer & much less expensive to read books in bed, regardless of time of day or night. Recently, I bought a pair of Lying-Down Reading Glasses for the Summer (on-line, of course).
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