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Do you ever RE freeze food?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you ever re freeze food
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Do you ever RE freeze food?

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Top Answers
No I do not.
I have had some grated cheese defrost slgihtly and re froze it but I do not re freeze anything else.
This question came about as a friend of mine (from Europe) had never heard that you do not re freeze meat...I thought everyone knew that.
BUT she is OK and has done it all her life, so now I do not know why you are not supposed to do it?!
by Finy
People in different parts of the world have developed tolerance to some bacteria that might make other people very sick.
by dwatk
It is considered safe to re- freeze meat. If the meat has been thawed in the refrigerator and is still fresh, it is safe to re- freeze
by annfi
I'm with you Finy and I never would. Perhaps in Europe meat never manages to get up into the temperatures where "bugs" start to happen . . . I have no idea but I sure wouldn't risk it. I also find it odd that your friend habitually does it. Once or twice, maybe, but regularly. . . ? It's a no from me.
by Rice
she didnt know that you are not supposed to do it, Rice! She wont anymore.
by Finy
You sound like someone on the panel of one of the VR shows - AND ITS A NO FROM ME!!!!
by Finy
Quite right, Simon . . . .hahahahahahahahahaha!
by Rice
NO! If you are tempted to do so, just watch an episode of "Hoarders." Plus it will motivate you to clean your house.
Euwwwww. That's just diddly dumpling disgusting right there. That baby would be pushed down the driveway to arrive smack bang in the trailer to go to the dump if it was here . . . there could be dead cats and dogs in there! (or worse)
by Rice
Now that would turn me off forever!!!
by jonaja
You Aussies are awesome. I am so glad you appreciate my morbid sense of humor.
by Polly
LOL You can say a LOT to Aussies they don't take offense to easy, they are awesome.
by jonaja
Onya, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaate!! LOL
by Rice
I would Not do it!
Do not care if they say you can....

There is a danger zone, they say and anyway....I only have 20% of certain foods that are in my freezer.I HATE frozen meat, and stopped freezing other foods as well, if I can not get it fresh! why bother.
I hate frozen meat too!! Bleargh . . ! Give me a nice fresh piece anyday.
by Rice
by jonaja
what about when you eat out - do you think the meat has not been frozen?? I have had some lovely meat that I have frozen once bought
by Finy
I do not eat out.

Have worked with chef's and know what go's on. Have a Huge fear of people going to the toilet & not washing their hands.
by jonaja
I have never refrozen anything. I would be too nervous to do it. And I'm from Europe!
by AJ
I cannot see why anyone would do this!!! Surely if you have thawed something out, it is because you wish to use it?!
I know that several people DO re-freeze items,but once it has been thawed from frozen,I would be very concerned about bacteria which can form easily multiply and be so detrimental to our health! It just seems a silly thing to do........ By the way, I live in the tropics and am EXTREMELY aware of nasties which can quickly be found in food when not stored correctly!
It's 'safe' to do so ONLY if it's been thoroughly cooked, & is immediately placed back into freezer!

Raw, bin it!
Don't even THINK of feeding it to your pet(s)!
According to food professional if the food spends a cumulative time of 4 hours or more in the temperature danger zone it should be tossed. She said it is best to portion it so you only thaw what you need instead of taking out a whole chicken for instance a thawing and cutting of a piece everyday.
NO, I have NEVER re-frozen food!
by Miro
NO, never. Have a girlfriend that even refreezes seafood (prawns). I tell her that those prawns have probably been frozen once before she even got them….she doesn't care. I tell her that she can give them to anyone she chooses, BUT not to me. Good Grief !
Freshly bought Aussie Prawns could be frozen, & thawed ONCE only!
Get to know your fishmonger!
Where I go, they trawler-catch their Prawns, in the waters' off the Sunshine Coast! These are NOT frozen!

Don't buy imported, as they definitely would've been frozen, in the first instance, to export them!
by donjo
No, that's a good way to make yourself sick.
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