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Do you ever push the traffic light or lift buttons more than once?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you ever press the traffic light knob more than once thinking it will be quicker if you do?

Also what about in a lift?

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#Illogical behaviour
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Top Answers
Guilty, guuilty on both counts.

I get impatient, and press, particularly the lights a few times, as I sometimes think my first press has not registered as I wait so long.

In lifts it is different, as you can press the Close Door button so I dont often do it in a lift and lifts are faster than traffic lights somehow.
by Finy
Not usually...But I have a toddler who does that for me now...
No. If anything, I don't press the button at all, because I don't like wasting the light bulb's energy.
I have to admit that I have done both,though I know it makes no difference at all!!! I think we all get impatient at times and do these things!!
No, as it registers immediately with one push.
It doesn't 'speed-up' the waiting time hitting button multiple times!
I do believe that some people take out their 'frustrations' with the poor button, though!
I have seen people actually punch it up to twenty times in the hope of something happening. A nice broken wrist might slow them down.
by Rice
Lol! I agree!
by donjo
Traffic light button yes; lift button, no.
by Vee
Yes I get impatient at traffic lights, in lifts no just press once, they move quickly
by Fran
I press it once
by AJ
I have seen people do it, but I don't want to be pushing that button over and over!
It won't come any faster, I feel.
Plus I like to look 'cool'.....lol.
oh jonaj, you are indeed COOL! yay
by Finy
yaaaaaa!!!! LOL...LOL.
by jonaja
Not usually...But I have a toddler who does that for me now...
Our little granddaughters love pressing the buttons at the traffic lights!
by Miro
No, I've seen other people do it and I'm not sure this actually allows me to cross any sooner than if it was not pressed.
It's crazy and pointless, but yes, darn it, I do both!
It seems the natural thing to do - always press the button a couple of times .
I wonder if many pedestrian crossings require people on both sides to press the button before the lights change, so if I'm the only one, I'll often press it 2, 3 times. especially if I can see a bus or train, but need to cross the road to get to it!
at the walk sign, yes. It tells the little men inside that I'm waiting and the lights change quicker lol
LOL -well, I did not know that -you live and learn!
by Finy
I push twice, that is more than enough, it does not make any difference at all, the lights are programmed. It is annoying to stand next to an impatient person that pushes the button repeatedly! Cant wait two seconds! I also don't touch the button if someone else has already pushed it and the light it lit, no point, lights change when they programmed to...
They are usually not working.
by Gia
Yes, I tend to...especially if I'm in a hurry.
Pressing the button at lights only lets the control box know that you are there so that you will get the "walk" sign when the lights change. If you don't press the button, you might not get the sign, especially in non-peak hours. Therefore, pressing the button more than once is unnecessary and a bit silly. The lights still have to go through their sequence.
I press it once & wait. There is just no pointing pressing over & over again. It won't make the lights change any faster. Lifts? Once or twice. I seem to be more impatient with a lift, esp' at 1 of the Aldi stores we visit, which has a very slow responding lift to/from the carpark below!
by Miro
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