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Do you ever pray?

by Vee (follow)
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man praying
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According to this website, Bruce Lee once said, “Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.”

Do you ever pray?

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Top Answers
For me it is essential as a Christian
and should be for every person who follows

I'm with you Jonaj :-)
by kimp
there is that word SHOULD -Jonaj -we are all different and who is to say we SHOULD do anything! surely that is up to the individual and no one is right or wrong in this
by Finy
Finy look carefully what I wrote.

Should be for all ''Christians''. :)
by jonaja
Yes I pray many times a day but usually not on a park bench unless something has happened near by and help is there already. Also when driving and I see an accident I say a prayer. I agree with Jonaj's answer .
by Ginger
Religion is a personal thing,so many different ones the core is our heart , What ever one we believe in what else is there but prayer in those tough times .
I’m an Atheist, so NO I don’t pray. I attended a C of E boarding school for 4 years, after primary school & it was bad enough for me, having to go to church on Sundays every 2nd week, & the school service every other week!
For me, prayer is akin to meditation. I find it Refreshing.
by Vee
I think Bruce Lee was paraphrasing Philip Brooks.

No, I don't pray.
Thanks for the heads up.
by Vee
I could be wrong, the quotes are just very similar.
When I was a kid Mum always got us to say our prayers but it is something I left behind a long time ago.
yes i pray
You can always begin praying again. Now with your own thoughts and prayers added to the prayers your Mom taught you.
by ginge
ginge, I suspect your response was for Gayle.
by Vee
Last prayed to St Jude, (Patron Saint of Hopeless or Lost Causes) re: a situation. Didn't work.
Haven't bothered since. That outcome, proved to me that 'prayer doesn't work', no matter what anyone says.
There is only one person you should pray too, and that is Jesus.He is the only one who can help.
Please know He hears prayers. :)
by jonaja
Thank you for your words, but that isn't what I was taught in Religion growing up.
by donjo
I've always preferred to go straight to the source - the Bible, rather than have someone else tell me what it says. Human teachers are fallible, but the Bible and Christ aren't :-)
by kimp
donjo....they taught you the wrong way I'm afraid :( that's why you have not had success...sadly.
by jonaja
this is such a personal matter -I really do not think one person should be trying to influence another in their beliefs! We all have our own, and let them be different -what works for you will not work for me, which does not mean either of us is right or wrong -just different.
by Finy
Finy...you go to a mechanic if your car is unable to run.

Hence if one who has studied 'Theology' then that person can give insight.
If someone says they prayed to St.Jude, then my response is what the Bible clearly teaches only prayer offered to Christ will be heard.
The saints have no authority in heaven & earth.
by jonaja
jonaj, I disagree with what you've said. To me, what I was taught are the Saints' DO have the power to intercede on our behalf, so has Mary, the Mother of God.

Unfortunately, the situation for which I WAS praying was too powerful for prayer to help, that's why I was p'd off, as it's about the first time my prayers were NOT answers I my life.
But as it turns out, it was better that things kept going the way they were, as other things have come to light, which is better for ME!

I shall stop there.

by donjo
Catholics do believe that line of prayer, but not the Christians outside of the Catholic Church.They are told they must pray to Jesus.He is the only one who hears their prayers.The Bible is very firm on this belief. :)
by jonaja
too personal a question, and I do not want to have people telling me I am right or wrong!
by Finy
Fair enough, Finy.
by Vee
probably best to avoid such questions....because they are asking a question that you feel is personal.
by jonaja
yes i do..........for better job or work life.
It upsets me so much that workplaces are not accommodating to the needs of individuals - especially those who have families, or those who simply want a good work/life balance. All the best with it.

by Vee
As often as I can, which is many, many times each day.
by Vee
I used to pray a more when I was younger, whilst I was brought up as a catholic, I beleive in calma a lot, and sometimes prayers are not enough.
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