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Do you ever park in a parking bay that you're not entitled to park in?

by helenonthesofa (follow)
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Lots of shopping centres and city car parks have parking areas specifically designated for drivers with particular needs such as parent and baby spots, disabled spaces or senior citizen parking bays.

Would you park in a bay that's not designed for you?

On many trips out I notice a lot of abuse of these parking spaces, where people are parking in slots that are strictly not meant for them. Have you ever parked in an area not meant for you? What do you think of drivers that do this?

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Top Answers
The only time I have was late at night in the parents with prams,as it was way too late for a baby and pram(9:30pm).Plus, there were so many of them.
I was having trouble walking, so needed the help that night.
Other from that, I only park where I am suppose too.
I think you're safe at that time of night when most babies are tucked up in bed.
See that's what I though too.
Some days my old bones don't move as well, so I need that little bit of help...lol
by jonaja
I have never used a bay that wasn't meant for me. I have used the parent and baby spaces on occasions when I've had my kids (including a baby) with me, but I find that they're generally very busy so will just look around for alternative parking. I have regularly encountered people using the parent and baby spaces who clearly have no children with them and find this infuriating, as if you've got numerous kids with you, and are holding a baby too, it's dangerous walking a long distance across a car park and that's why these spaces were designed.
I haven't done this, and if I see somebody doing it, I leave a note on their car informing them of the fact.
by Vee
Oh! Vee, for YOUR security, not a good idea! You don't know if driver or passenger is close by, to see you do that!
Potential for you to be followed back to your car.
It's best to let Security know, & let them handle it!
by donjo
No, I do not as I have a disabled sticker and don't always use it -I would hate someone to park in my bay so would not park in one I am not entitled to.
by Finy
No,I have never done that. Those who does that, they should be fined.
No, never! I always wait and find a space that is supposed to park.
No I don't do it. It's a pet hate of mine to see people use the parent and baby spots because I have needed them when kids were younger and found them to be filled with cars that don't have baby capsules in them.

No - the guilt would be too much!
There is a reason for these allocated parking spots and I respect that.
Will not park in it, cannot understand how others justify their actions.
by Zen
Yes I have. I made a quick stop to purchase a few items. When I came back my car was gone. It was toed away by a Wrecker. Aaaahhhh!!!!
I didn't know it was a no parking zone. :(
I don't drive but if I did I would never use a park not intended for me.
I don’t drive either, but my husband would never park where he shouldn’t park, & yet we have seen couples park in those restricted spaces. I feel like saying something to them, but my husband won’t let me, worried that I’ll get bashed over the head!
No. I just can't do it. My conscience is as big as Tasmania. As for those that do, well, Karma is all I can say about that. It's a bit like people who don't get out of the way for ambulances - one day it could be their mother, son, sister brother, wife or husband needing that ambulance . . . . . .
by Rice
I have a disabled permit so park there when available. However, if I'm feeling as though I can walk a little better that day, sometimes I will park elsewhere if there is sufficient room to get in and out of my door. Sometimes I get dirty looks as I look perfectly healthy, but you should never judge a book by its cover. I have also seen people without permits park in the spaces they shouldn't and they don't have any qualms whatsoever doing so. Even though you can now take a photo and report this abuse, I'm always concerned the perpetrators would find out who you are and could possibly retaliate.
Yes, once had to pick-up Dry Cleaning.

Shop is 6m from park bay, in a diagonal line. Could easily see shop from car, & v.v.
Was only customer.
In & out in 3 minutes'.

But normally, no, I wouldn't park in these bays, not designed for me anymore!
Different story if I had baby Grandchild with me, though!

I've seen subbies' utes parked in them!
by fran.
There is no justification to break the law without a valid emergency at hand. Even just once with your back turned to the car space is once too many times. do you think a court would accept your excuse? No, and I NEVER park illegally either.
Aaahh, just who r u?
by donjo
do not think much of drivers who use a space not intended for them. eg
Carlingford Court, Carlingford nsw. the seniors parking spaces. We used to have a card to place on the dashboard of the car , when I asked for a replacement having lost mine I was told we no longer issue these, my comment was what about the number of people who park in these spaces illegally the response was write down the number plate number and bring it in to centre management, ( I wonder what centre management would do probably nothing)

PET HATE PET HATE PET HATE PET HATE. No, I simply can not justify breaking the law for saving a few minutes or a walk. All my family know I will only park to pick up/drop off where it is legal for me to do so, tough if they have to walk an extra 20 met.

What if say 3 of us decided to park - just for 5 minutes - and there was only 3 spaces, and then 3 vehicles turned up waiting to then park legally?

Apart from Parking Rage, possible traffic jam, that is what and we can only say...but but but it was only a few minutes....whinge bleet moan I got fines/my car just got towed.

Traffic jams can cause many follow on incidents, if you open your thoughts to the possibilities what is going on in a carpark. That 3-5 minutes that actually takes longer usually, has vehicles then unable to park legally, with/out kids/wheelchairs etc, trying to park elsewhere, further away, smaller spaces, more DANGEROUS, more traffic jams, and more parking delays for those who should of had that space free.

And now they are late, all because you, the able bodied person on your own and too lazy to walk or look for a legal space. Sounds harsh, but if you looked logically at the outcomes of minor infractions now and what they can and do become, and the main instigator(YOU) usually gets away scott free and oblivious to the ensuing drama unfolding after they have long gone with their dry cleaning. I have picked up dry cleaning too, sometimes under 3 minutes, sometimes 0ver 10 min.

90% of the time nothing happens, but that 10% is what you should think about. You do not have the right to take away another persons rights, which is effectively what you are doing.
Also, you they will be the ones complaining the most in 20 yrs when they are entitled but can't.
Get off ya soap box! You don't know what disability/s I may have, which I didn't mention.
You 'holier than thou' attitude is the pits! Save your ranting for other times.

If you're a male, why are you commenting on a site for Australian Females?
You're a twat to the nth degree........
by donjo
Sorry to read your reply, but you are sounding a little abusive and disrespectful. The law is the law, if you do not like it, get elected and change it. Until then, respect it. Abusing the messenger is the sign of a small guilty mind. I write for my migrant wife learning English.
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