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Do you ever make your own jam -which sort?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever made your own jam rather than buying it?

Which sort did you make and did it set properly?

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Top Answers
I make jam quite often.

I make depending what is in season and recently made strawberry jam.

I find this is far nicer than the bought ones, as I put lemon in and not quite as much sugar as a recipe says.

I also buy sugar setta to help it set as have had several times when it just did not set and I ended up with four jars of runny "jam".

Last lot I made did not set even with the setta! I probably just did not put in enough sugar, so we have a nice topping for ice cream.
by Finy
I have made lots of wonderful jams,from basic berries,and stone fruits, to more exotic marmalade with grapefruit and Southern Comfort!! I made a wonderful Nectarine and Passion-fruit jam a couple of summers back which I was extremely pleased with.
I make marmalade or raspberry jam. I once made some that didn't set, it made me very cranky LOL but it's all set since then.
do you put in as much sugar as recipe says Megg?
by Finy
Oh yes, I recently made strawberry jam with just 3 ingredients and it turned fantastic !! I did not use anything to make it set. It was nice and spreadable. Here is a picture .
by BK
envious of both megg and you! why do i have problems -I assume it is because I cut down on the sugar -do you?
by Finy
Depends Finy. Do you heat it up long enough on low flame so that it thickens up slowly ?
by BK
No, but I have saved one of your jam recipes on Recipe Yum and intend on giving it a go.
by Vee
I love to make my own jam. I rarely purchase jam otherwise. I particularly love to make guava jam.
by Gia
are they not bitter?
by Finy
My mum used to make guava jams ! Loved it :) No, they were not bitter, but then again the guava was not from Australia, so I am not sure how would they turn out here.
by BK
Haven't tried yet..but I will.
Often make my own jam, don't use setta but do use lemon juice. Think setting has a lot to do with rapid boiling after sugar is added. Try on plate from freezer and if little skin forms it's ready. Over ripe is sometimes hard to set. For some reason do not have a lot of success with setting strawberry jam.
Actually I have done this quite recently with my granddaughter...we made plum and it was delicious...we had it on scones we had made and cream
Was fun!
by fran
Yes, for the last few years we've been making our own jam because we've been using the fruit grown in my grandpa's garden, or pick it ourselves. We make strawberry and blackberry mainly, but just recently bought some plums to make plum jam. We have so much jam that we have to give it away, and what we have left will still last us the year.
We had a huge crop of limes from our tree this year so I made lime marmalade. I'm hoping if some of the berries I'm trying to plant grow I can make jam from them too.
I wouldn't know where to start!
I used to make green tomato jam, does not look that marvellous in the jar but very yummy do not make now, as I cannot buy the green tomatoes like I used to and if I could would be too expensive nowadays

You can buy tomato jam on roadside stalls or street stalls sometimes but they use ripe tomatoes and add other things such as passionfruit which I do not like so never buy this type of jam with additives .
is it really sweet or more like a marmalada?
I have so many tomatoes growing that I do not know what to do with them.
by Finy
it is more on the sweet side
by flaga
I have never made jam but I have thought about it. My Dad makes homemade jam regularly and it's really good!!
by AJ
I have made apricot, plum, wild currant and peach jam in the past.I also made plum and orange with mixed spice jam in the microwave a couple of times and that was really nice.
I have never made jam myself. My favourite jam is tomato jam (which my mother often near burned) and it was sweet with a slightly burnt flavour - lovely. Also very fond of black currant, nice and tart. Apricot and almond is lovely.
Since living in Melbourne we had a diseased, very old plum tree and the blood plums were as big as apples and the fruit a perfect quality. A neightbour used to take the plums and make blood plum jam and produced many dozen jars of this beautiful jam. I'll have to have a go some time.
I have never even tried too.
know that's pretty bad.
I'm not sure if I would really would do a ok job.
The closest I've gotten is lemon butter, or some fruit compotes. My sister-in-law makes a fantastic pear and vanilla jam though that makes me think I should get started.
Jam is fun to make - we just made a large batch of Cumquat Jam from our own cumquats. I have tried to reduce the amount of sugar and ended up with liquid jam, so now I always stick to the recipe for fear of wasting the ingredients.
by Lucy
I make strawberry jam. with no refined sugar or nasties.
Simply cook strawberries, thicken with chia seeds, add dextrose as required for taste / sweetness
Too much of a hassle I feel. The store bought jam lasts for a year, so I'm cool buying jam from stores
I tried making jam (and lots of other things) when I was first married. I wanted to be that perfect, clever wife and mother. I soon learned however, that it was not meant to be. I've discovered I have other talents and I can still have lovely home-made jam by buying it at the local market.
I am diabetic so I always make my own fresh fruit jam and marmalade
Best wishes barbara

Yes. I make jam quite often.
I mostly make guava jam.
Used to make orange or lemon & really enjoyed it. That was decades' ago, when time & interest available. Soon lost all that once had kids' to worry about!
Yes, decades' ago, before kids'!
Orange, & yes it set perfectly, & was delicious!
When my family and I lived in Tasmania I'd often make my own apple and ginger jam. There are so many old orchards there and apple trees growing on the side of country roads! We'd pick boxes of apples, and I'd make them into pies, and freeze the surplus and make them into jams.
Yes, I have made both blueberry and apricot jams'.
They both set very well. Nutritious, and easy to
Yes, I love to make my own jam and not only jam, pickles, fruit syrup, sauces. If you cook it enough and use enough sugar, it will set. It's so much better to have homemade jams and pickles at home. If you want, you can make pickles and jam for the fridge, it's even easier. :)
No, I haven't ever made my own jam.
by Miro
I make mulberry jam and guava jam from the fruit of the trees.

Last time I tried chia seeds in the mulberry jam and it worked well.

The gauva tree is full of fruit and I am waiting for it to ripen for this years batch. However, my dogs love the gauva and jump up and rip them off the tree - this year we may need to fence it off!
Yes, I love to make homemade jam. My husband loves fig jam so I make that once a year and strawberry as well.
No, I've never made any jam.
by Miro
Our eldest daughter made some strawberry jam, & gave me 12 bottles of it for birthday once. Yes, it was yummy. (All the jars had red/white checked lids, from whatever sh'd previous bought them.)
by Miro
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