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Do you ever have a nightcap, or perhaps a drink after dinner?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you ever have a nightcap or a drink after dinner?

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Top Answers
Ha ha. Saw the picture and then read it as Do you WEAR a nightcap? No to both.
LOL lynne -didnt realise!
by Finy
I don't drink alcohol at all any more (not that I ever drank much), so I have never had a nightcap.

I also have probably not had an alcoholic drink after dinner.

I have occasionally had a coffee or when I was younger (and didnt put on weight as easily) had a hot chocolate. But not an alcoholic drink!
by Finy
No. Not usually. I have, on occasion had a port after dinner IF we were having friends for dinner. Whilst we still have friends for dinner, I don't have any port unless they ask for some. Its probably been about 30 years since I have had a drink after dinner. I do, however, have a 99.9% fat free hot chocolate every night after dinner.
No . . . never, as I do not get on with alcohol as a general rule . . BUT twice this week I have resorted to it!! Buying a house and moving is doing my head in so I needed a little nip to help me sleep. . . . however, I do know that alcohol can disturb sleep. Worked fine for me though :-)
by Rice
when are you actually moving, Rice? horrible job! very stressful - good that the NIP helped you!
by Finy
Unsure as yet, Finy, the other place settles at the end of October and then I will do a few trips to get it set up and then sell this place. Last. Time. Ever.
by Rice
No, I've never had alcohol before bed time. Additionally, I don't drink coffee either.
I am on medication which reacts very badly with alcohol,so I do not drink alcoholic things at all. In the past though,I would sometimes enjoy a really top shelf scotch or a port ,if someone was there with me and also having one!
We drink wine with meals on the weekend and finish the bottle after dinner. Recently we opened a bottle of good port and would have a little each night after dinner until it was gone- didn't want it to go bad.
Sometimes a good port goes down well but as we drink wine with our evening meal there is usually no need for anything extra
Sometimes have a port in winter before I go to bed. Or even a nip of scotch & water, about 4-5 times a year. Pleasant when done only occasionally.
I don't drink, but that said, if friends want a tipple post-dinner and I'm up for it, then hell, why not! It doesn't hurt and it's fun.

I'd only ever do it for a easier way to chill out and chat, not to get drunk.
Of late, have had an 'Irish Coffee', which I thoroughly enjoy, & it's very expensive to have at a Restaurant!

If out, & driving myself, my limit's 1/2 glass of Red Wine. Full stop!

If I know I'm wanting to attend a 'Degustation Menu', for example, or Function, I'll organize a Chaffeur driven car, to, & fro. Much cheaper than the 'alternative'! This would only be 3 or 4 times' a year, & cost is not that much more than a cab, but FAR superior!
I refuse to travel by taxi, if I can avoid doing so. Sick of incense-smelling, & dirty interior, 'Bollywood' style music, which is refused my request to 'switch off', & a driver with just the worst BO imaginable!

I enjoy all the 'old fashioned' Liquers that one used to be able to drink with guests', post Dinner, before RBT!

Just sitting in my comfy chair, listening to a fave CD, is just bliss, to me!
...aren't I ignorant? I always thought a nightcap was a coffee. And I always thought it was a stupid idea - who could fall asleep after a coffee? No. The only thing I drink after dinner is a nice cold chocolate milk!
by Vee
Moi! I can fall asleep a minute after drinking coffee, or an hour or whatever - doesnt affect me! Last night i wanted to watch something on TV but as usual it was so cold in Perth, I went to bed to watch with my dogs and electric blanket on high. Of course I was asleep in about 10 minutes at the most andf missed the show.....nothing new, with or without coffee!
by Finy
Do you drink it often? If so, perhaps that's why. The last time I had a coffee, I had it before mass. Big mistake. Could not concentrate at all or sit still. I thought I was going to go berserk, LOL!
by Vee
No I've never had a drink after dinner. I only drink a small G&T while I'm cooking dinner & with dinner, (I mean the same 1 I was drinking before dinner!) Hope that sense now!
by Miro
After finding this question again,The last sentence should have read: 'I hope that makes sense now!' 2 nights ago I had a tall (thin) glass of Bailey's after dinner, just to use it up! So apart from a previous glass of Bailey's about a week ago, I don't have nightcaps!
by Miro
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