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Do you ever have a Nanna nap during the day?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you ever find yourself having a Nanna Nap during the day?

Is it always at a particular time?

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Top Answers
That is something that I do not do!
I sleep enough at night and even though a lot of my friends have a nanna nap, I would prefer to be doing things or even playing games on the computer.

I cannot sleep in the day anyway as am not good when I wake up -dont really seem to need it either.
by Finy
No I can't sleep during the day and don't really want to yet.....I do have a rest with feet up for half an hour or so after lunch, IF I am home but very often I am out....like to sit outside with a coffee and just ;contemplate', at some stage
by Fran
I wish! I used to sometimes when I just had one baby, but with two kids it's not going to happen. The closest I come is having a cup of tea and a sit down for a few minutes mid afternoon.
In Spain,and many other hotter climate countries,these Nanna Naps are known as Siestas!!! They make perfect sense if you have been raised to have these breaks and do more in the cooler hours of evening.I admit that with my illness and the necessary medication I need to survive,I can easily have a short refreshing sleep at almost ANY time of day if I am relaxed!! I never sleep for long periods anyway,so I have no issue with this way of life,now that I do not work any more!
I can't.
My mother use to do it, I wouldn't unless...I Really was not feeling the best.
Good one jonaj!
by Vee
isn't it just :)
by jonaja
I don't like to take naps during the day it prevents me from sleeping at night. So if I am really tired I just try to go to bed early that night rather than sleep during the day
by AJ
I love naps during the day, but it ruins the night sleep cycle. It is part of my genetic inheritance! :)
I day dream about nana naps ….. I have 4 children!

I suspect that when they've all grown up and I can take nana naps in the day, the need to take them will have gone. My dad is 81 and he takes naps, he just dozes off where he happens to be, so he takes papa naps.
Most of my writing and my other paper work is done at night after the kids are in bed. I tend to go on till morning hours somedays- I wouldn't mind a nap during the day following one of my "writing nights"if I get a break. some saturdays I do :-)
Finy, what's with you and voluptuous breasts?! Please, LOL! I would love to have a nap during the day. Anytime really. I do it, but very rarely.
by Vee
i dont even see them Vee -YOU keep pointing it out -LOL -but as i said last time, amybe sub consciously I am envious -another good question coming up -LOL
by Finy
I often feel like I could take a nap but I avoid it. I usually feel lousy when I do.
by Gia
Yes, I certainly enjoy a nap around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, especially if I have been working late. It gives me energy to get things done in the evening and doesn't affect my sleep at night.
In summer (I live in Queensland) I regularly take a nana nap or a rest in the hottest part of the day because my bedroom has aircon!
As a Nana, I have earned them, but I was taking them before that. I don't take them every day, but if I've earned one, I never feel guilty about doing so. Besides, even a short liedown in the afternoon is said to be beneficial to one's health.
No I don't except for weekends.
If I've stayed up really late, & the next day feel a tad tired, I'll have a little nap.
But it doesn't stop my ability to sleep well that night. Just lucky, I guess!

My life is a nanna nap :( I have chronic fatigue, apparently. Drives me nuts. Do something, have a napa, do something else, have a nap. Anytime, no rhyme or reason. I hate it.
by Rice
(napa!! how did that extra "A" get in there?!!)
by Rice
Occasionally when I've been out on a long train ride there & back somewhere the day before!
by Miro
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