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Do you ever have a bath in winter to warm you up?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Pixabay.com

Do you ever have a hot bath during the day in winter, to warm you up?

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Top Answers
I had one for the first time in a long time the other day.

I was so cold I was shivering and just could not stop so decided a bath was the way to go. Normally I get out of the bath as I am too hot - this time I lay in it for about 10 minutes before getting out.

It was beautiful except my mother used to say "you lie in your own dirt:" and I kept thinking of that!
by Finy
My ex used to say that too. I had to educate him to "therapeutic" bathing as opposed to dirt removing. ^_^
by Rice
I miss my lovely hot baths but I simply have too much trouble trying to get out no matter which way I try to do it. I compensate by having a hot shower with the IXLtastic heat lamps on. It's not the same but at least I get toasty warm. I mean, you can't read in the shower, or enjoy a cup of tea . . . *sigh*
by Rice
im going to get a rail for the bath Rice -have the same problem and once thought I was stuck down there!!!
by Finy
OMG! Me too . . . . scary, isn't it?!!
by Rice
Winters in my country are not very cold so I've never really taken a bath for the purpose of keeping warm.
Yes. I have baths quite a lot over winter. Nothing like a bath, especially if you have been outside. You need one to help you defrost!! Fully immersing yourself in water is the best way to warm up on a cold day. We have a spa bath, so we can lie there with water bubbling away, a gentle massage, wine, candles. Is there any better way to warm up and relax ? Mum would always put us in a bath if it was cold, or if we had gotten muddy or wet outside. Quickest way to warm up and the most delightful. We loved playing in the bath as kids, and so did my kids.

If we had a bath, it is best way to warm up in winter, but not too hot of course.
As we get older, we do lose heat.

Sadly we don't have a bath! :(
When I had the extension added to the house,everything had to be built to accommodate a longer than usual bath so I could really soak my entire spine and major joints.It was such a great benefit and such a pleasant way to both relax and warm up when cold. I have suffered with a rare type of arthritis since childhood and the heat is always such a comfort and help. I love baths for therapeutic reasons,not to remove the day's grime. The photo you have chosen is just so gorgeous that I have saved it!! A bath and a good book!!! What bliss!! Despite it becoming harder to easily get in and out of the bath,THIS is not the reason for me no longer being able to enjoy having them. Sadly over the past three years or so,I have been having strange blackouts so having a bath is too scary for me in case of this occurring while I am in the water!
After every test known to medicine that we could do last year,which could not pinpoint the reason,the specialists said my avoidance of the bath and its benefits is a very sensible idea,though I still would LOVE to soak in the colder periods to warm up!!
The best way to start a winter morning is to have a hot water shower. Thats how I start each of my day.
No I've never had a day time bath, & haven't had an evening bath for years, because the bath taps are out of order. I warm up by having a shower & drying myself under the wall heater in the en-suite!
by Miro
PS: (And a towel of cause!)
by Miro
I use to love having baths in winter. With the restrictions of water I got use to having showers. I have medical problems now and would need help getting out of the bath.
I did have a bath the other day, but I can say that it is not something I would do to warm up. After a while, sitting in a hot tub makes me sweat. I don't like feeling like a prune. And, making the transition from bath to clothes often involves being cold. So I prefer to use a heat pack.
by Vee
I'd love to but unfortunately the people who lived in the house before us installed a very shallow bath so you can't get the water deep enough to keep your whole body warm.
Let's just say that certain parts of my anatomy float above the water no matter how much I try to lie under the water & I'm a relatively small person. The bath was made for kids - not adults. So I just stick with the shower now.
Yes I do.
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