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Do you ever go without breakfast, and could you eat this much?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Pixabay.com

Do you ever go without breakfast, and could you eat this much at breakfast time?

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Top Answers
yes and yes a high protein breakfast has a good amount of research to support it. especially for cognitive function.
Yes, I have sometimes gone without breakfast on my "diet" day - 5/2 diet.
However, I now have just a bit of fruit.
Before I went on this diet I don't think I had ever not had breakfast as it is an important meal for me.
In my younger days, yes, I could easily have eaten as much as is in the photo, however, nowadays I don't think I could.

Love my cooked breakfasts, and also my cereal as well as semolina.

by Finy
Sometimes if in a rush to get out early.
The breakfast looks delicious, but I have cut down on my intake and trying to lose excess weight. So far have lost 20kgs.
wow, that is a lot to lose - good on you!
by Finy
I have never been a breakfast person BUT weirdly, when travelling, I always eat a big breakfast. (Other countries make me hungry, perhaps? LOL) I could possibly manage the breakfast above if it was minus the toast. At home I quite often wait until lunch time with just cups of tea.
by Rice
Oh! Rice, totally with you!
The only time I eat breakfast is on Holidays', wherever, whilst on my work's Training Courses', usually interstate, & on an Aircraft, in-flight!
On these occasions', I'm extremely relaxed!

At work, I was fortunately given a 'permanent' Lunch break at 11:30am, & that kept me sustained until Dinnertime!

Normally, I can't face 'food' until about 10:30 onwards, otherwise, I 'throw up'! When full-time working, then with kids', I was just TOO busy to eat anyway! But I made sure the rest of the Family, had 'proper' breakfasts', at the start of their day!
I've not eaten breakfast per se, since October, 1973!

And there's no way I could eat the meal pictured above! Again, I'd be 'sick'!
by donjo
Isn't it queer donjo, you can't eat a breakfast as depicted or any breakfast at all yourself, but you can make sure every other person in the house is catered to. I am the same and, just occasionally, I wonder about my mental state !
by fran.
That Amount of food, makes me want to throw up! Esp the kind of food it is too.

I could not eat anything like that, maybe toast and an egg, that would be it.

Yes I went a whole year without eating B/Fast.

Didn't loose any weight, and in the end I felt unwell...so stopped doing it. :)

Feel better now.
I used to go without breakfast occasionally when I was younger, but now have seen the error of my ways. Breakfast is a very important meal. It is so important to have something after 12 plus hours without food. You aren't going to get any gold stars if you don't eat, and the body goes into starvation mode, so you don't lose any weight. I doubt I could eat that amount of food. I never go in for those All Day Breakfasts. I do like eggs and bacon, but rarely cook it at home, only have it on holidays. I have a bowl of muesli with skim milk and fruit, which is nice and light, and deemed perfect by my dietitian.
I have eaten that much for breakfast. There are sometimes weekend mornings when I feel like a big cooked breakfast (though I don't eat meat, so mine is a bit different from what's in the picture, I like mushrooms sauteed in olive oil with rosemary, baked beans, stuff like that). Most days it's just muesli, orange juice and a cup of tea.

I never skip breakfast. I can't get through the morning if I do. It's too hard to think straight without something in my belly.
I have gone without breakfast on a few occasions, primarily when I have a presentation or an interview. My stomach is usually unsettled so I eat when I am done.
This breakfast is not that big but I would add some fruit and another vegetable.
I never eat breakfast and I rarely have lunch.
No, I have breakfast. Usually cereal or a smoothie.
I could never eat what's being shown on the picture. That is not healthy! I am very careful with what I eat.
I do not go without breakfast. There would be extraordinary circumstance for me to do so- maybe if I was sick or sometimes when there is a crisis. This is a big meal- but I could eat something that size. Like Jennifer Muihead said- I don't eat meat so mine would look different too. Staying at a hotel recently with a buffet breakfast option , I ate meals this size and some fruit. It meant I could have a late lunch and skip dinner.
I sometimes miss breakfast because I've slept in. Other times I'm running late and don't have time. I could never eat that much .... ever.
I usually have a cup of tea when I get up at 6 each morning,and I wander around the garden as I enjoy it. Then I do not have anything else till around 9.30 or 10,and even then it is usually a cup of tea and maybe a slice of toast or bread,or some fruit. I never really enjoyed breakfast,though I did eat it during my school years!! My parents very wisely insisted upon this meal each school day!! I could NEVER eat a meal such as the one in the photo,as that is just waaaaay too much for me,and I would feel quite ill.Of course,I am allergic to the eggs so even if I did have a cooked breakfast,it would be MUCH smaller and lighter than this one!!!! I can admit to having and enjoying a delightful cooked breakfast when staying in a lovely country motel many years ago,It was little Lamb Cutlets and grilled tomatoes with lovely thick toast with real butter! I think it was partly the novelty of having such a meal which I'd never eat at home at that time of day,which made it so enjoyable and special for me. I did not indulge in anything else apart from Tea. I don't know how people can eat large amounts of food, or several 'courses', when they first get up after a night's sleep!!! I certainly was so full that I skipped lunch after having such a huge start to my day!!!! Now I could not manage that,ever. Heavens above... when I do eat out,I have to ask for a child's sized portion as I cannot manage to eat a full adult meal.My son,who is a chef, says that I have always eaten like a sparrow!!!!
Himself would eat all that and everybody's left overs and still back up for lunch and dinner! Oh, and ice cream a few hours later.
by Rice
Oh my Heavens above!!!! How does anyone carry such a lot of food around inside them?!!!!!! Usually just a nice taste is enough of most things for me!!
by Jules
Bahahahahahaahaha. It's in plain sight for all to see. LOL We call him Mr Creosote.
by Rice
Oh Gosh!!! It would be like lugging a huge and very full suitcase around with him all day,and sleeping with that same heavy case on his abdomen all night!! Not to mention the stress and damage caused to weight-bearing joints such as knees, ankles, hips, etc!!!
This is quite sad.I have a friend who is this situation and it is so awful to see and hear him struggle with even the easiest of tasks. And it is all due to his love of food and not being able to just say NO!! I do wish 'himself' some success with maybe losing some of this weight,or getting some willpower to not eat so much!He shall feel so much better and also be so much happier in himself.
by Jules
The worst thing is he used to be as thin as a rail :(
by Rice
That is so sad,for him and those around him who see the life changes which have taken place.
by Jules
No, I can never go without breakfast. I feel like I need to eat in the morning as part of my routine. I don't think I could ever eat that much for any meal! I like to keep breakfast light and change things up daily.
I can't eat first thing in the morning. I have to wait a while to build up an appetite. I know that is unhealthy but that is the way I am
I never eat breakfast - usually water or fruit juice first thing in the morning, perhaps a bit of fruit if I'm a wee bit peckish.

I am never ready to eat anything until about 1-2.p.m. I usually have a croissant and coffee and that sustains me until dinner time which is usually about 7/8 p.m.

Since my husband died I no longer have regular mealtimes and just eat when I'm hungry.
I have to say that since I have also been living alone(apart from my beloved dogs,who always get fed properly!!!!), like you,I eat only when I happen to be hungry! I just don't see the point in eating for the sake of it being 'meal' time, whether it be breakfast ,lunch,or dinner! If I do not feel hungry,then I do not feel the need to eat. I do tend to keep my fluids up though.I live in a hot and humid region,and I know the importance of not getting dehydrated. I don't ever seem to over-eat as I hate that bloated feeling when having eaten too much !!!
by Jules
Yes I agree with you Jules. I just eat when I'm hungry too. I do keep hydrated though as I live in Queensland which can be very humid and hot at times so you need to make sure you keep your fluid intake ongoing.
by norma
Rarely go without breakfast, and heck yes, I could eat that much at breakfast time!
by Vee
Personally, I don't see this as a HUGE breakfast. Weh I was young and had a little baby to run after, I could very, very easily have eaten this size breakfast BUT not if I had to cook it. If I had eaten this breakfast in those early days, I would have, I believe, managed to do even more things that I did in one day. And, on a breakfast like that, I would not have eaten again until about 7 pm, when I would have eaten an equally sized dinner. And, I was never overweight ……..always underweight.
Yes I do go without breakfast most of the time, simply because I'm not up to eating first thing in the morning.
No, I never go with out my 2 or 3 Wheat-bix, a spoonful of musli, chopped up dried fruits & nuts, I have this with 1/2 a small banana, bottled cherries & 2 slices of tin peaches or 2 halves of tin apricots, , sesame seeds & chai seeds, with natural yogurt on top & fruit juice instead of milk. I'll have this anytime after 9am. If I go for my walk, I'll eat it after my shower, after my return I saw a study on tv recently, saying that is better for you to eat before you exercise! That's going to be hard for me to do! Eat the breakfast in the picture? Only for lunch, & 1 egg. bacon & toast!
by Miro
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