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Do you ever give cash as a present?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you ever give CASH as a present instead of buying something?

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Top Answers
Yes I do sometimes - I give cash to my grandchildren sometimes, and I also give it to my son and d.i.l. if there is nothing they particularly want.
I do not like buying things if I do not know if they want the item - would rather give cash and let them pick items themselves as that way THEY get exactly what they want.

And the same with grandchildren - they want particular things and they love having money to go and spend it with me in a shop.

I think this a much better practise often, than buying an unwanted gift.
by Finy
Here Here Finy, that's a great idea. I received 3 unwanted gifts from my daughters in-laws family! But since they don't know us very well, they wouldn't give money to us, but it may have been more helpful if they'd asked our daughter what would we like. It is very tiring lugging all the presents down to Melbourne all the time, & only seeing our grand-daughters for a few hours during the week that we're down there. I'll be looking forward to when we can just give them MONEY!!
by Miro
Yes I do. Weddings, Grandchildren, son and DIL.

My Grandmother gave me $50 each birthday as an adult, in spite of my protests. I would keep her $50 note in a particular pocket of my purse and contemplated very carefully what I would buy. If I had to use that note because I was caught short, I would take another to my Grandmother and ask her to give it to me to replace it. When I finally found my gift I would take it to my GM so we could admire it together and I would thank her for it.
When I give cash I wish the recipient would have the same fun and tell me what they buy. Unfortunately it doesn't happen very often.
Very seldom and then only to children . . . they seem to get very excited by it :-))
by Rice
Never. I always give a personalized gift that is worth much more than I paid for it.
I've done that for a wedding present when it was what the couple requested (they had been living together a while and already had the stuff they needed, but needed money to repair their roof). Otherwise I don't normally.
Oh, I forgot weddings! I have been to two weddings where we were asked to give money, which was fine. However . . . years ago I was at one and the bride had put secret marks on all the envelopes to see who gave what. . .
by Rice
by Finy
I don't find it disgusting since a lot of people have a "wishing well" thing at their weddings where people give money (sometimes that's a cultural thing eg. at Greek weddings sometimes they actually pin money to the bride's dress), and in this case they quite badly needed their roof to not leak. Generally I don't like to give cash though because I don't have much money and a thoughtful present that doesn't cost much is probably better than a very small amount of cash. So, potentially awkward and I get why some people would be offended.

I've been given cash as presents for various occasions and always appreciated it (and sometimes it's needed for a particular purpose). I do love things like handmade gifts though (especially things my kids make for me).
I think, Finy, that you meant that what she did was disgusting . . .yes?? I agree. It was. . . . because she laughed at people behind their backs.
by Rice
yes Rice - not disgusting to give money but to have to know how much each person gave if it is not obvious!
by Finy
Oh, I see. Yes, that was rude and uncalled for.
LOL - In our culture, we have to keep tabs on who gives how much - not to judge but to gauge how much to return. Could you imagine the shame if one person gave another $700, but the other gave only $300 in return?! (╯_╰”)
by Vee
I wouldn't think that should be something to be ashamed of. Not everybody would have $700 to give, and it would be a bit unreasonable to expect everyone to be able to give the same amount when their circumstances may be very different.
Occasionally, for birthdays. Other times I give gift cards. I gave money and a present to my son when he was married. Depends on the occasion.
Yes but only to my Grandchildren.I have now no idea what they like, sadly they are slightly spoilt.
So when one opened their card on Christmas day I heard $-- is that! all I get?
Same child is also having a Birthday today, and once again will be getting money, $50 to me seems a nice amount for a 7 yr old.
I don't give cash any other time, normally I make something that I would normally sell on ebay....One day I have to 'try' to talk to my son....and say that a child should not be too spoilt.
Ahem * clears throat nervously* . . .fifty dollars is certainly a princely amount for a 7 yr old. Wow. Remember how we thought we were King Dickie if we had half a crown . . ?
by Rice
Oh yes! I do remember....I also remember that we very rarely ever got a note.
But then again this year my son spent $800 plus on their C mas gifts, to my horror!.... :( (wonder where it will all end)?
by jonaja
Oh! jonaj, it won't end, it'll just get more, & more expensive!
by donjo
Only if I know that it will be the only gift the recipient will appreciate!! I prefer to MAKE my gifts for people as I only give to those I know very well, and believe that I choose something very suitable each time! These gifts are always from the heart and much loved!!
I have given cash to my goddaughter as a present because she is 17 so I think she prefers the cash. At weddings I always give cash - its normal these days to give cash.
by AJ
Yes, especially at weddings. It helps them get exactly what they want and offset expenses. It was done through their banks bridal registry.
Used to, when I was working.
Now, can't afford to, as I need every cent, just to keep paying the compulsory bills, ie Rent, Electricity, Water, Petrol, Car Mechanicing, etc etc etc.

On 'Gift List' for Wedding, asked for Cash, & the response was overwhelming, with many guests' saying it saved them so much time, not having to look for a Present!

We'd received enough to provide Curtains', & Blinds', for our whole house! (1973).
As a general rule, no, but a few exceptions when I knew my grandchildren were saving to buy expensive sports shoes and because they were diligent with their savings, I was happy to do it, otherwise it's presents. On the other hand my husband has no idea what to buy anyone so gives money for birthdays and Christmas with the proviso he's told what the money is spent on.
I mostly give my adult sons cash as it is tricky to get exactly what they want/need. Sometimes I make something to give a friend, especially if it's someone who appreciates the personal touch and the time/effort that goes into making something.
For the let five years now I have to my only grandchild. However, it has taken a lot of fun out of Christmas. I mean an envelope with money in it isn't quite the same (for me) as the gifts wrapped under the tree, but I realise it is the "done thing" now. so that's that ! Merry Christmas.
Fran, have you thought of putting the envelope with the money inside it, into a box, & wrapping up the box in Christmas paper & a lovely big ribbon?
by Miro
Yes Miro, I do do that and I do get a thank you and then the gift is put into a wallet (along with other gifts of Money he has received from other relatives). It's just something that I feel makes less of the fun of Christmas. I'm guessing I'm just old fashioned.
by fran.
I don't give my son money as a "gift." However, I do pay for his college and send him food and rent money when. I don't know if this qualifies.
Not typically. I try to listen out for something that the recipient mentions they like or enjoy and get a gift in that vein. Did some great gift giving for Christmas - if I must say so myself - :-P. All of our K.K.s were both delirious with excitement and surprise...all but one, for whom a more or less exact gift was bought by another attentive gift-giver - lol.
by Vee
(If that's the 1st $10 note that came out, it was designed by a friend of my parents. He bought a big boat with his pay packet! He designed all the 1st lot of notes, then he went on to designing furniture. ANYWAY, (sorry about that.) Our grand children are now 8 & 4, & I'm sort of dreading the day they'll tell us that'd rather have money, but an older friend said that is what happens, as they hit their teenage years!
by Miro
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