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Do you ever get double yolk eggs anymore?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you still get double (two) yolk eggs?

Many years ago, this was almost the norm however up until last week it has been a rarity for me.

Last week I bought a dozen XXX large eggs and 11 out of 12 had these large double yolks.

Sad thing is these were for my dogs -I had a problem giving them such a rarity!

Is it the season?

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Top Answers
We used to get this frequently with free range eggs. I don't think you get it often with cage eggs...understandably.
Oh my gosh! The other day I remembered something even stranger that happened to me. I got an egg-within-an-egg. One yolk, two shells!
by Vee
How odd Vee, I wonder how that can happen!
by Finy
Beats me Finy. Pun intended, hehe.
by Vee
The first egg did not desend through the chicken quicly enough and she made a second egg around it
Wow! I wonder what are the chances of that happening.
by Vee
I've never had this happen to me.
Bryony, perhaps because I am older? it used to happen often maybe 40 years ago! Though never 11 out of 12 eggs. very strange!
by Finy
I expect the decline in occurrence has to do with the way chickens are farmed. Double yolks occur when a hens ovulate too quickly and their reproductive cycle not being synchronised properly. It usually only happens in young hens, but I expect whatever farming methods are used make this likely.
That's interesting! But given that there is now more factory farming rather than less you would think there would be more double yolkers now.
True, but that is only if you buy battery eggs. What type did you get?
I've only ever had double yolkers in free range (backyard chickens) eggs. These days we buy them from a supermarket and they are supposedly free range but the term is a bit meaningless now (they are still caged, just not individually).
I had a similar experience - almost the entire dozen were double yolkers! It's the only time it's ever happened to me.
I think in my many many years of buying eggs, I have only had it happen about 3-4 times.
Now isn't that strange?
When I got one, I never used it....I'm funny that way.
We recently had a batch of doubles, they were fantastic! Here's a picture. I've had a few and they've always been from the freshest farm free range eggs.
Mine are not free range and are only about $4.50 dozen
by Finy
I've only had one double yolker recently, and that was from an organic free range batch of eggs. Yes, I can remember seeing more of them when I was a kid too. Was just talking to a friend the other day who says she specifically buys double yolkers from her butcher - the ones she gets are organic, free range and a lot bigger than normal. Not my cup of tea considering the fat is supposed to be in the yolk and the protein in the white, but she loves them!
Eleven out of twelve is pretty amazing! I haven't seen a double yolker in maybe fifteen years, and that was in a free range (ie. from backyard chickens) egg. I wonder if battery farms select them out when they are sorting for colour, size etc. I remember when we had a tour of an egg farm for school that they looking inside the eggs (with xrays or something, this was maybe 25 years ago so I don't remember too well) to check they were normal so maybe they can detect double yolks and think people won't want them.
I've had this happen to me quite a few times. We have our own chooks, so that could be the reason.
by Vee
We get double yokers all the time. They are special and magical and we keep them for sunday breakfast.
They are produced buy young chickens (pullets) practising laying eggs and are just two eggs in one shell.
We sometimes get double yokers from the quails as well. TOO CUTE
The box of double yokers would have come from a farmer who has a new stock of new chickens (pullets)
That's interesting! They only lasted 2 weeks and now are sadly, no longer doubles.
by Finy
I buy Ellah's Eggs, and get double yolks every now and then. I consider them to be a lucky omen!
Yes, I like Ellahs eggs also though I think they now sell in supermarkets whereas before I used to buy them at Coventrys and they were bigger for less money!
by Finy
We have our own chickens and have had a few double yolkers, and one egg in an egg. When they start laying you can get some strange ones. We had some with thick lumpy shells.
I had never heard of or experienced this until recently. My sister now has some free range chickens in her garden and every so often they get a double yolk egg.
Haven't seen one for donkey's or even rooster's years. Hoping that will change when my daughter's brood start laying. The strangest eggs I have seen were when I was turtling on Fraser Island. Often there were triple yolkers. The dingoes would have enjoyed them.
Only when I get free range eggs from my friend's chickens
I have only heard of this, I have never seen it in real life. Why not me?
I often used to get them
by Finy
Get them occasionally, as I always buy XL sized eggs! But it doesn't happen as often as it used to 30-40 years' ago!
It is rare to find a double-yoked egg this days, I feel that the egg producers must remove them before the eggs are boxed.
I wish they would offer the opportunity to purchase boxes of double yoked eggs, as there was a time when you could buy double yoked eggs.
I suggest that the egg producers offer them to be purchased as I believe many would buy them (they look great on the plate for breakfast).
I'm ith most on this one. When mum did a lot of cake cooking when I was a child we often had them. She used to crack each egg into a separate bowl before adding to her mixture. Sadly it's probably been around 55+ years since I've seen one
No, although I would love to see double yolks.
by sns
I used to get some, but only 2 doubles in the 1 box, very occasionally when I bought the eggs from the veggie shop, which was next door to the supermarket, but that was many years ago now, & I now shop elsewhere.
by Miro
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