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Do you ever get bored?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you ever get bored?

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Top Answers
Sometimes I do but rarely!
I think the fact that I seem to fall asleep sometimes in front of the TV means that the programme is boring as I notice when I am watching something really exciting, that this does not happen.

I love having no arrangements, and nothing much to do but very occasionally I will think I am bored.

Luckily not very often though and I usually have a choice as I could do something or go out but in my old age appear to have got lazy!
by Finy
Hahahahahaha! You are a very smart cookie, Finy. In my head I was seeing bands of roaming youths . . ! I knew I would get smacked for making my answer unclear. LOL. I'm sure those of us with books, dogs and dvd players are never bored. =^..^=
by Rice
by Finy
Bored as in finding the thing I have to do boring? Yes. Bored as in having nothing to do? Never.
Yes of course i do. But I try to keep busy and active so I don't have the opportunity to be bored.
I don;t think I have ever been bored. Having grown up in a country where it snows and you can be stuck indoors for long spells, I am quite capable of finding something to occupy my mind. I think boredom comes from a lack of education and knowledge.
by Rice
. . .curse that semicolon . . . does it to me time and time again.
by Rice
does that mean I am dumb and not educated Rice???
by Finy
I think from time to time we all have a case of it.

Unless one's life is filled to the top, we do have a pattern that we follow.

We get up...get dressed...some go to work and That! can be a huge case for boredom.

Life is repetitive.

Doing the same thing over and over.
Anyone who says they have not ever been bored are lying.

How much one gets bored, is another story.
Finding in your day-week things that give you a lift, challenge, and satisfaction.

I often think those who are Firefighters, Police, Ambulance are folk who need extra.

Thank goodness for books-painting-writing-computer-t.v.-volunteering our time-gardening-learning something new-going for a walk or swim-even cleaning, a job you have put off.

There is no real need to get bored, but at times we do.
I have learnt to change my thinking, so when I do need something 'new-to-do', I embrace it.

It's how you get your mind around the first few moments of accepting that you can help yourself, and have fun.

A mind that is bored needs 'focus'.

One thing I have learned is if you can use a computer, and have one.....the world is there!

p.s. For Extreme BOREDOM:My advice
It snaps even the most bored out of it pronto.

Wise words, jonaj. Stop it. You're making me look bad. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha!!
by Rice
Very rarely. Yes, when I attend parties where I can't properly communicate with people and it is rude to take out my phone and do something more interesting. Then I do get bored and can't wait to leave.
small talk -I didnt even think of that -that bores me too!
by Finy
I hate small talk it's a waste of time :(
by jonaja
Actually, thinking of it - waiting for someone which at times feels
endlessly can be incredibly boring too! Sitting at a doctor's reception room I realise
how boring it is without any interesting magazines to read. The phone is there but the charge is dropping!
Not really. I always have plenty to do, so if I don't feel like doing something, there are other things I could do. If all else fails, there is reading or TV. I could never sit there and literally do nothing. On the weekend, my daughter wanted me to come shopping with her. Usually, I love to shop, so thought it would be great. When I got there, I saw all the big shops and realised I didn't want to be there and got bored very quickly. Trawling from shop to shop, on that particular day, was not for me. Having to do something you don't want to do, can be very boring, and this often applies to one's job as well. Being bored because you have nothing to do, you must not have a very active imagination. There is plenty to do, and I have never had 'nothing' to do.
I cannot recall getting bored for a very,very,VERY long time! Sometimes when I was a kid,I'd say 'I am SO bored' to my parents,and they'd tell bme to euither grab a favourite book,or do some drawing.It always snapped me right out of it then,and has continued to keep me cheerful and occupied to this day! Now that we have internet and computers(or at least,have access to these),there is very little reason for people to become bored. I don't remember as an adult suffering from boredom,at any time. I simply love to learn stuff.....and I have my beloved dogs,my garden,my brilliant camera and also the biggest collection of old books imaginable.
I may seem boring,but I never feel bored!
I'll say what I used to say to my kids as they were growing up...."Only boring people get bored", then I would hand them the toilet brush to clean the toilet (or some other similarly horrible job). They never said they were bored a second time......funny that .....

I never get bored. Always something to do, whether it be reading, darning, removing stains from the clothes my daughter can't remove from the sports outfits of the children, or just reflecting on what a good life I have. However I've noted my 3 and 5 year old grandchildren saying they are bored. Really??
I find some tasks boring, but to have nothing to do...well, that would be 1) a miracle, and 2) so wonderful.
by Vee
That photo looks like USA actor, Darren McGavin, of tv series, 'Riverboat', back in the '60's!

I'm too bloomin' busy to get bored!
Always have been, ever since!

Too much to do, so little time!
No, I'm never bored.
by Miro
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