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Do you ever get back pain?

by Finy (follow)
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Many people have backs that cause them problems.

Do you ever get back pain?

Has it been diagnosed?

#Back pain
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Top Answers
I do as I shattered a vertebrae several years ago.

I am now unable to lift, and had to leave my farm and large animals because of this injury.

I have problems all the time, and am learning to live with back pain.
by Finy
I used to experience back pain daily till we got our new mattress (memory foam mattress) and the pain has evaporated (touch wood). I am guessing it had something to do with bad posture.
I used to have lots of back pain issues, but a combination of therapeutic massage and chiropractic helped clear the issue up.
I have suffered with poly arthritic issues since my early teens so I hate admitting that YES! I have back pain ALL the time,whether waking or sleeping! It is so important to have interests which keep your mind occupied.I am a very happy,person with lots of really wonderful interests,Being unable to work any more,and with m,y son living interstate,I actually find I have been able to give all my interests a lot more quality time! Oh! And enjoying my own company has always been no effort,which gives me a lot of freedom when I am not feeling like having other people around.I have my dogs,the very best friends in the world, as well as many other interests as well to take my mind from the pain which is not just in my back. I am always able to share a smile,absolutely ALWAYS!
I get back pain from my muscles - not bones. Which is a good thing, although I never do what the physic tells me to do!
No never, I have been very lucky for my age.(60).
But! I do use a good mattress, and support pillows when needed.
Always try to sit straight too.
Never lift heavy things, get someone to help with that.
All the time! I injured my spine after a fall so if I am not careful I do end up with excruciating pain that lasts FOR EVER!.
Yes I do get back pain if I am working in the kitchen for long time. Back pain is mostly associated with bad posture. So I stretch often to relieve it
Got it right now but not sure why...sitting too much at the computer?
I often get back pan
when I do I usually see a chirapractor
All the time, muscular-skeletal pain is all I am told it is. I have my husband give me a massage from time to time, and sometimes I use a heatpack.
by Vee
Very, very rarely. Generally my back only gets sore when I'm very tired and have spent a long time standing up.
Yes it is the bane of my life....I have it well managed with walking, stretching and medication.....can't wait to have brekky every day so I can take my pills, then I am a new woman!
by Fran
Yes it is the bane of my life....I have it well managed with walking, stretching and medication.....can't wait to have brekky every day so I can take my pills, then I am a new woman!
by Fran
I used to get a lot of it as a result of two g car accidents and a finely detailed desk job. It took months if chiropractic treatment to get it right again, so
I know that for me the type of back pain I get is associated with my spine being out of alignment.
I have suffered back problems for about 15 years. Herniated disc's in my neck, bulging disc's in my middle back, and osteo in my lower back. My best medicines have been:-
1. Movement and weight bearing exercise - all the time.
2. Taking low dose medications (voltaran, ibuprofen, panadole) at the very beginning of any pain (don't wait till it gets really bad)
3. Chiropractic care
4. Buying a good pillow and mattress.

I over-did it yesterday (cleaned oven, mopped floor and played at the park with kids) and today am very sore. So I will take panadols every four hours plus voltaran. This takes the edge off the pain and decreases the inflammation.
Yes I do get back pains if I sit at one place for a long time or keep standing for a long time while washing utensils.
Yes, so much that I was getting electric shocks and had to give up work. Waiting for a miracle.
OMG Yes, I do. In 2005 I had a work related incident where I pinched my sciatica nerve and couldn't walk for about three or four weeks. It was the worst pain I had ever felt.
Even though my body got through this experience, I still get sciatica and lower back pain. I have to be very mindful of what I do and how I do it. Yet, I do lapse and then I am reminded by the pain.
My back had been sore for a few days then one night it just deteriorated and I couldn't move. Was laying on the floor on my stomach and that was all I could do. When I finally got to hospital and then scanned it turned out I had 2 bulging discs in my back.
Now, 10 months later and after lots and lots and lots of physio I am much better. When I am tired my back starts to get sore. Just have to remember to do my stretches and sleep with a pillow between my knees.
The road to recovery is long. Not sure anyone ever recovers from a back injury, it is just a matter of monitoring it and keeping yourself in check.

Yes. When I do I lay on a flat hard surface for a while and that usually helps
by Gia
Not so much anymore. I did have a herniated disk a few years back which laid me up for over a year. But it rarely hurts anymore.
Since having kids I have had trouble with back pain - but they're worth it (most of the time😀)!
years ago bulging discs told an operation needed
could not be guaranteed so did not have it.
went to physio who had me coming 3 times a week asked how long and he said a long time so left him and did the exercises at home which took about a year to fix things. saved a lot of money by leaving the physio only benefit there was finding out what excises to do he had cold air directed on the table you lay on, it was the middle of summer and I had to take a jacket to put over myself to keep warm , he was treating others at the same time he would tell you to do an exercise and then would forget you were there . in other words too many patients at the same time.

Generally, no, thank goodness!

It's amazing considering the number of times I've been 'thrown' from horses', usually when they 'prop' at a 'jump', I fly through the air with the greatest of ease, & land, thump!, on my back!

Also, I'm an 'expert' at falling/tripping up-stairs, with both hands full of grocery bags! Can also 'trip' spectacularly over unseen 'things' at ground level, & land 'flat on my face'! Glad I wear shorts or slacks, never dresses, on THOSE occasions!

Got 'bone desity' test a few years' ago, & apparently I've got really strong bones, so presume that comes from all the warm milk I drank at School!
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