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Do you ever forward chain type emails on?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you ever forward on the chain type letters people seem to send you?

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Top Answers
I very rarely do forward them on -there are a few things I forward, such as a good joke, or a topical matter, but can't remember when I last sent on a chain email.

I mean the ones where if you send on to 6 peoople you will get MONEY and if not, bad luck -that type of thing -I just delete these ones.
by Finy
Exactly. Rotten things. I always go to Snopes and check them out and then send the report back to whoever sent me the email. I am slowly educating my friends that they cannot believe all those sob stories.
by Rice
If it is something to do with work, that needs to be read by someone else, or if it is a family update then yes. If it is one of those things that people send to everyone on their contacts list, then no.
Unless they are funny or very touching, I don't pass them on. Of course, I die the next morning and the process starts all over again.
by Vee
No I try not to forward any jokes or chain letters. I don't like to inundate my friends' inboxes.
Nope, never. Chain emails are usually either a scam or they report false information. I don't need to subject my friends and email contacts to either.
Never. I really hate them. I haven't seen one in ages though. Facebook scams seem to be more the thing nowadays.
Not just scams. The ones that say "LIKE if you hate cancer! 80% of people won't..."
I consider CHAIN emails,like the old Chain LETTERS to be the type which tell you that you must send to at least a certain numbrer of other people so that something will or will not happen!! NO!!! I hate receiving anything which resembles emotional blackmail,and I also hate sending this type of thing! If, however ,it is obvious that the email is just a bit of pure fun and nonsense,I will sometims send to a select few people with the the sense of the ridiculous as myself!!! The more serious and usually with supposed miserable outcomes if the recipient does not pass them on,can be very damaging to anyone who has
low self esteem or emotional problems.But then ,these afre the exacvt people who they are targetted at! Very cruel,and not even worth opening in gthe first place! I have not had one for a VERY long time,so I haven't needed to even delete one,let alone read one!!
I do not consider Funny emails,and most pictorial ones,as CHAIN. In fact I have discovered many incredible and amazing artists works through these emails,which in turn,prompts me to do research on these clever folk! WOW!!
Now THESE I will pass on with immense delight!!
To me they are just rubbish, I pay no attention at all.

Only one place to put them.
No I don't, just not that interested I'm afraid and got other things to do..
by Fran
Only on very rare occasions. I find them a pain in the backside!
I hate them, so that's a no from me. Haven't seen any in a while but used to get annoyed by the utter rubbish in them.
by AJ
I never forward them
by AJ
Generally not, as I think they're a waste of time.
No, never.I don't like their tactic of frightening people by saying ' it could turn out to be bad if you don't forward these to your friends & people that you know'.In fact what they do is unlawful.
Never the ones re luck as these are a form of bullying and are use to gather IT info
Some times a good joke if it is respectable but these are hard to find.
No, I don't pass them on and send a reply to the person who sent it in the first place to let them know I don't appreciate them.

No I never on forward chain letters. I do not like receiving them and therefore will assume my friends feel the same.
Never, I assume my friends are as busy as I am and so would consider it to be disrespectful.
No - I think they are ridiculous and can be quite nasty. I delete them.
I dont. I think they are a complete waste of time. It is so annoying sometimes .
Yes, I'm afraid I used too, before I knew any better, even though I hated them & hated receiving them, when I 1st started using a laptop. People seemed to have got the hint now, about what a waste of time they are, & I haven't received any for a few years now, thank goodness.
by Miro
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