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Do you ever eat pawpaw?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you like and eat pawpaw, also known as papaya?

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Top Answers
I recently bought it for only the second time.
First time I did not like it, and second time I used it in cooking and it was delicious.

Actually I did buy it a third time but did not eat it as it was soft and I wasnt sure if it was supposed to be that texture!

I quite like the taste (would not rave about it) but not as much as most of the other summer fruits and would not buy it just to eat on it;s own.

I think I read it was very healthy but cannot remember why.
by Finy
I prefer papaya over paw paw. The sweet soft flesh of papaya is very tasty with yoghurt or on it's own! You can even blend it with some milk to make a smoothie!
I am SOOOO going to do this!
by Rice
I love it . . . now! When you come from another country I think it is hard to get to like these new fruits and as a child I thought it was seriously gross. One definitely needs to be helped to pick a decent fruit of any kind - as Finy said, she didn't know how soft the pawpaw was meant to be. I would never have looked at a watermelon (can you imagine!?) but for the fact that a girl my age shared her slice with me when I was nine. The bliss I could have missed. Oh my. Same with the lychees . . if I had not been persuaded right here to persevere. I find pawpaw a difficult one to pick but I use the old "nose" method . . . if it smells sweet and sort of floral, then I buy it. A good pawpaw is heaven. The others taste like shoe inner soles. I have grown to adore the tropical fruits but it took years because I needed to be shown how to select a good one. (PS, quite obviously, my mother was cr@p at it. LOL)
by Rice
Hey Rice, guess there's not too many true-blue Queenslanders' answering!
Anyone who grew up in Qld would've been eating it since a toddler! Lol!
by donjo
Aaaah! We have finally come upon something which we disagree on! I guess we are not twins after all,but we are still as close as..... I'm sitting here eating Lychees by the bagful at the moment!!! I'd share with you if I could!! By the way,my little trees are doing very nicely indeed after a couple of weeks!!
by Jules
Still . . .it's some kind of wonderful to discover new tastes . . . . long live lychees!! My mother used to buy some g**awful pawpaws - it's a wonder I wasn't scarred for life. LOL!!
by Rice
I do but now I have stopped and I just eat the seeds because I got sick of the fruit but I heard the seeds are good for you.
My sister has eaten the seeds for most of her life. They are full of papain - "papain plays a key role in digestive processes involving breaking down tough protein fibers". (from global healing centre)
by Rice
How can something that most people don't eat play a "key" role in the digestive process? Are there other sources of papein?
Not a clue. I just know I have only ever seen that one and porcine digestive enzymes which are gross and made me burp pork flavour every time I used them. That's how I got put on to the papaya enzymes. I felt they were a bit more natural.
by Rice
Most people seem to get along fine without it so it can't be that important.
Oh! Never heard of eating the seeds!
My Grandparents, & Parents would've told me to eat them if there was any nutritional value, as they were born, & raised in the 'Sunshine State'.................
by donjo
Oh, I forgot, I dry them and put them in a pepper mill too. BUT . . there is now concern about GM pawpaw seeds.
by Rice
I absolutely love it. Especially when it is allowed to ripe properly.
Yum yum! I love it fresh or as in a smoothie. Even sorbet is nice.
by Gia
I like it but I don't buy it regularly.
by AJ
I have tried pawpaw only once. Perhaps it was too ripe or not ripe enough, so it didn't stand out as something I was missing out on. Perhaps I will give it another go.
by Vee
Ya gotta kiss a lottta frogs, Vee :(
by Rice
Ok. The next time an opportunity presents itself, I will.
by Vee
I'm not a fan, but my son likes it. We have a pawpaw tree.
wow lucky you....can I come and live at your house!!!!
by cgcar
I don't eat much of it, but when I do I like it with other fruit.....not on it's own.

Bit bland for my taste buds.
I love dried papaya, but I have tried fresh Papua once and hated it.
Oops! Bryony, Papua is a Country north of Australia, next to New Guinea!
Guess you meant papaya, which is grown there! Cheers!
by donjo
It was the stupid corrective text. By the time I realised, it was too late. I can't stand auto-correct - or as I like to call it auto-incorrect.
Yes, I love it! It is very high in vitamin C content and also Carotene - good for eyes. It's a miracle fruit - heaps of benefits. A small piece of raw papaya added to tough meat while cooking will soften it - also used to marinate meat. Not good for pregnant women if taken too much especially raw- can cause miscarriages.
Yes, I love it! It is very high in vitamin C content and also Carotene - good for eyes. It's a miracle fruit - heaps of benefits. A small piece of raw papaya added to tough meat while cooking will soften it - also used to marinate meat. Not good for pregnant women if taken too much especially raw- can cause miscarriages.
No. I have never tried it.
L O V E paw-paw!

Have it cold with OJ, & Passionfruit, with a sprinkling of Glucodin.

It's a wonderful fruit that can be eaten all year round.

It's lovely with Banana, too!
I have never been a fan of pawpaw at all!!! As I child I always thought it smelt like vomit, though my sister ate it by the ton!!! I think it is the texture mixed with its smell which I don't like.I can,however eat it if I hold my nose,and am only able to TASTE it! The senses of taste and smell are so closely interlinked,which is why we were usually told as kids to hold our nose when taking foul medicines!!! I need more 'kapow' in my fruit when I bite!!! Give me my beloved passionfruit,Lychees(Oh Yes!!!!), cherries,& all berries any day over PawPaw! I am always being given these by people,and I pass them on to my neighbour who adores them!! The smell of pawpaw is still the thing which REALLY puts me off!! I don't give two hoots how good they are for us!!! I will eat other fruit instead! Oh,by the way,I DO enjoy them dried and I will often have them this way!
Yep, I have to agree about the smell :(
by Rice
Love it! Always have it with a squeeze of lime over the fruit - the way it's meant to be eaten when eaten on it's own. Can have it other ways but alone with a squeeze of lime juice - mmmm :))
My mother always ate it with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Personally I can't stand it, nor mango and watermelon. I'm the only one in my family that gets sick from eating these fruits but I made sure my 3 girls and husband always had them to eat (which they all love). Weird I know as I eat rockmelon and honeydew with no problem.
by helga
I don't really like pawpaw. I have used the skin and a little of the flesh of pawpaw on meat for kebabs to tenderise the meat….and it really works. Don't know how and don't remember who told me to do this for meat.
I have eaten PawPaw all my life. I grow it but the bats or possums get it before I do. A good PawPaw is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately an average Paw Paw is a bit blah.
It is a good source of fibre and has enzymes in that aid digestion ( I beleive it is those enzymes that tenderise meat) I think that I have heard it is good applied to skin. I also use PawPaw ointment- the good old fashioned one.
My husband isn't keen so I don't buy it very often, but I think I will change that.
YES! I’m in my late 60’s now, & have eaten it since I was little. I too always smell them, before I buy them, & the softer they are, the tastier they are. If they aren’t quite ready to eat when I get them home, I leave them out of the fridge for a few days. I have paw-paw/papaya on my serial every morning.I have a self grown papa-paw tree, but it’s never produced any fruit.
The lazy thing!
by Rice
It's probably a male one! Lol!
by donjo
My parents had an artist friend, & when visiting, he would always walk the 3ks downhill from the station to our house, always dressed in black, wearing a long coat, & bringing us a pawpaw, I was only young then, & I'd call him pawpaw! (His art is in the Australian art galleries.) My dad would drive him back to the station, after his visit.
by Miro
I love it

Love it!
delish with a squeeze of lemon or fresh passionfruit or strawberries or raspberries.....shall I go on?!
I've eaten paw paw but I can't say I enjoyed it.
I don't like pawpaw but I have a neighbour that does and she also uses the skin on top of steaks while they marinade because she says it makes tough steaks more tender.
Thanks for the tip Fran. I'll try & remember that 1. I'll have to keep the paw-paw skins in the freezer for when I need them, as we don't have steaks very often, because I don't like them very much.
by Miro
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