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Do you ever cook a traditional Sunday Roast?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia.Commons

Do you ever have a traditional Sunday roast?

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Top Answers
No, I never do this...don't know if I ever did but as I rarely eat red meat nowadays, and as I do not have children living at home with me any more, I do not cook roasts of any kind!

I now eat chicken again however do not cook a Sunday lunch - I think this is a family thing and even if my kids come for a meal, it is generally at night time even though they have young children.
by Finy
It is like a very thin pancake batter, put into piping hot baking pans and cooked quickly to puff up. My mother made fab ones. Mmmmm. The secret is in the speed and having a light touch.
by Rice
Himself thought his was defective when we were in the UK and was going to take it back as "it had a hole in it" . . . . the whole restaurant erupted in gales of laughter. Can't take 'im anywhere!!
by Rice
I should add that they are not like bread or a muffin as they have very little substance - like clouds.
by Rice
Finy you have one in your picture for the Question, right in the middle close to the camera, (round thingy).LOL
by jonaja
Yes, I know JonaJ, but I didnt think they were hollow -wondered what the taste was like....
by Finy
Sure do.
Hubby loves yorkshire puds so I make them quite often.

I will sometimes just eat the yorkshire puds with gravy and not the meat or vegetables lol
I love roasts, we have a lot of roasts in my house but always for dinner, never for lunch. Lunch roasts are reserved for times like Christmas Day
I think maybe the lunch hour roasts were a carry on from the habit of going to Church or Mass in the early part of the morning and celebrating the day of rest with a roast…..a Christian tradition. I think that is the way my mother saw as the right thing to do but anyway, I tried to carry it on for a good number of years til the family had grown, but now they don't bother with it any more.
by fran.
I have not cooked one in more years than I can remember!!! However, I have sometimes paid for a fabulous leg of lamb and then my neighbour has done the cooking on her Weber for us all to share and enjoy! This is a wonderful way to cook a roast and there is so little mess to clean up afterwards. The kids love the whole sharing aspect as well, which is a nice thing to teach youngsters these days!
Yes, it is
by fran.
It is a real treat for ME too, as I now live alone and I just cannot see the point of cooking a full roast just for myself! Sharing with the family next door is a great way to enjoy a delicious meal as well as engage in delightful conversation with the boys who are now 8 and almost 14. I have always had a real soft spot for this pair and I feel it is important that they see what being a real neighbour can be like.
by Jules
I don't think I have done a Sunday roast for donkey's years and if I did, it would have been an evening meal anyway. Dang, now I want Yorkshire puds. My roots are showing. LOL
by Rice
We love Yorkshire Puddings in our house... sooo good
exactly what is a yorkshire pud? have seen photos but what does it taste like as it looks like bread?
by Finy
lol...lol......Finy wants to know what a Yorkshire Pudding is should we tells her.
by jonaja
Aaaah! Good old Yorkshire pudding, when done well, is a real delight!! My parents were both masters of this little English treasure!
by Jules
Yes. We have a roast (lunch or dinner) fairly often. We have it most of the time when family comes over, and they might get a bit upset if we stopped doing it. My daughter's boyfriend said that my husband's roasts are " legendary ", so we can't stop having them any time soon. Sitting around the table with a nice roast, and all the trimmings, catching up and having a good chat. That is a wonderful, irreplaceable feeling.
It's a great tradition isn't it
by fran.
I sometimes do a roast chicken on a Sunday
by AJ
We have not had a working stove for the last 10 years....So no oven for us, sadly in one way...great in many many others.... :)

I use a 2 x top plug in hot-top, which cooks all our meals and my microwave too.

I am looking forward one day to having a new stove.

1 day!
As we well know jonaj . . . . we can tell 'em, but they'll never know till they try one!!! Bahahahahahahaha.
by Rice
No never. Sundays is a no cooking day. Has been for years, and is never going to change.. In winter we have soup every Sunday.
And on summer Sundays, njsan, do you have....salads?
by Miro
Salads and salads and salads on nearly every day in the summer for sure.
by njsan
Memories! Sunday roasts were a must in our family. It was when the family would all be home and communicate with one another (not like the grandchildren bringing their mobiles to the table, which I have banned). We often have them even though the girls have families of their own they dont have the time to spend preparing roasts so it's up to us to make sure they are fed well. They look forward to these meals. As a matter of fact, after the grandchildren finish competing in sport tomorrow, the wood fire will be lit in the bar, the roasts consumed and canasta will be played for hours.
by fran.
No. But my mother-in-law does. Had a nice pork roast last week.
by Vee
c r a c k l i n g . . . !!!!!!!! I hate myself for liking crackling, I really do. (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง
by Rice
With lots of salt and fresh buttered bread...(*drools*).
by Vee
Sometimes I do, it depends on what the prices of meat is doing, I love a good lamb roast, but lamb is so expensive.
Yum "sunday" roasts any day Any time! Since my oven has broken down I now cook a roast in the airfryer, works well enough, don't have to roast meats, most vegetables roast well too, Yum, good old fashioned hearty food!
Sort of- ours is not very traditional because we are vegetarian. I do love roast veggies though.
No, never. Would I if our oven worked? Probably not, as I only make the same recipe once a year or less often than that most times!
by Miro
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