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Do you ever chew gum?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you ever chew chewing gum?

What do you think of this habit?

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Top Answers
Yes, I do occasionally when I have eaten garlic or some such!
And when I am in close proximity to people and can almost still taste the garlic.

I do not like the looks of people chewing gum however still do it on occasion.
by Finy
I think that it is one of the most uncouth activities one can do!

No I do not chew gum.
why uncouth?
by Finy
One looks like a cow chewing cud......
by jonaja
Oh! jonaj, I couldn't agree more! Yuk!
by donjo
Sometimes I chew gum to help me as I suffer from "Dry mouth complaint".
Generally though I think chewing gum is a bad habit as many spit their gum out onto pavements and sealed floors.
It is no wonder then as to why Singapore have banned it and issue fines for chewing Gum.

Firstly, yes - I am a gum fanatic. It keeps me from eating other food which would put on weight and freshens my mouth after eating or drinking a cup of coffee.
I'm fine with the "habit" but NOT with people who chew gum with their mouth wide open, chomping away resembling a cow chewing its cud. (This also goes for people who eat ANYTHING with their mouth open) TMI.
I was never a big gum chewer and haven't touched it in, literally, years. If I need to freshen my breath I'll use tictacs or a hard peppermint lolly instead. I just hate the texture of gum.
I think I must have been in High school when I last chewed Gum! That was in the mid 70's so you can work out my age from that!!! I am not a fan of it,and I would only chew it when offered a piece,rather than having ever bought it! Back then I loved Certs! which were somewhat like Eclipse hard lollies. I also loved the orange flavoured Tic Tacs which I got in UK when we visited when I was 17.They had not yet been introduced in Australia at that time,so I had bought a good supply while over there!!! I still do like those actually.
No. I liked it as a kid because I wasn't supposed to have it but as an adult it just doesn't appeal to me.
When a teenager, a million years' ago, did enjoy 'Juicy Fruit'.

Now can't remember last time I had some!

It's not a good look for a human, IMO!
Exactly LOL totally agree. :)
by jonaja
No and again I'll chew gum (mouth closed) and usually when I am on my own. Seeing people chew gum is not a good looks.
I agree :)
by jonaja
When I eat smelly food or when I'm hungry. It's not regular habit for me.
by Gia
No I don't chew gum. I occasionally did as a child. My mum always used it to keep her mouth smelling fresh. Nowadays the whole family use Jila Mints. I could never get used to the texture of gum in my mouth. now with the advent of so many mint lollies on the market, theres no need to chew gum.(thank goodness)
Supposed to encourage saliva and keeps gums and teeth health
however it is a bad look to be constantly chewing the cud.
Yes, I do chew gum. I love that pop of freshness you get when you first starting breaking the gum down. My go are fresh mint mentos sugar-free gum. There is a Lebanese restaurant in Sydney that give customers a mini-pack (2 gums in the packet) of peppermint gum called Chiclets. Great little idea instead of mints or chocolates.

The ideal would be an everlasting gum that remains juicy and soft and retains that mint flavour.

Every now and again I'll blow a little bubble (albeit in the privacy of my own home) to relieve my high school days.
When I was a kid I loved Bubble Gum. Had some at school along with a few friends and was chewing on two pieces and blew a bubble which I was quite proud of. The nun doing yard duty gave me a" tap " in the middle of my back and I swallowed the lot. God Bless.
That's funny, fran!
Better than being belted twice on upper arm by nun with wooden pointer, because I got an Arithmetic answer wrong! Should've seen the bruises! Every colour of the rainbow! My parents' went to see her, & my Father didn't mince words. Said if she did it again, Police would be brought to her! This was 1958, & I was in Grade III.
by donjo
Yes Donjo, my episode was only one of many (don't know why I always got caught in the yard at lunch time). My mother took the view that the nuns knew best - so it was no good going home and complaining about them. But since I have grown "older and wiser", I realise just how much they got away with in Balmain in the 1950s.
by fran.
Very rarely.
I hate it how it gets hard and flavourless after a while. And then you have to dispose of it somewhere.
I do however really enjoy mentos! The fresh maker!
I love minty things, and I like to chew and swallow. lol
I used to chew a lot gum than I do now but I still do have chewing gum on occasion. I usually use it to freshen my breath.
by AJ
no, not since I was about 11 years age when bubble gum was all the rage,
no, not since I was about 11 years age when bubble gum was all the rage,
No, I don't like chewing gum, and I think people sometimes look stupid chewing gum ...
Yes, sometimes when I feel like it. I eat the sugarless type, I find it great for gum health and to help clean your teeth. I also think it can help with digestion of food after you eat, I don't have a problem with the odd bit of gum......everything in moderation.

Hardly ever. A dentist told me years ago tha it wears the jaw joints. I do chew a piece or two for take off and landing in planes as it seems the best thing for equalising the pressure.
by Rice
I used to chew a lot of gum in high school. I don't do it anymore.
by Vee
No. When I was a kid back in Scotland "Double Bubble" bubble gum was all the rage with the kids and we had competitions to see who could blow the biggest bubbles. If it burst in your face and hair you had to front mum's wrath when you got home.
I chew Wrigley's Extra gum after eating as recommended by dentists and health professionals. This variety is sugar free and good for bad breath, cleaning your teeth and keeping your dental hygiene in shape.
Yes, I did, about 50 years ago, but only for a couple of years. I don't like the look of people chewing gum, (or SMOKING) quite frankly!
by Miro
Our 8 year old grand-daughter found some on the 'sweet' shelves in Woolies about 8 months ago, while we had her to her aunties house for the week-end. Her auntie showed her how to 'use' it! My phone now has a lot of her selfies, trying go to blow bubbles! She's a quick learner, but doesn't take the bubblegum home with her after the weekend!
by Miro
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