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Do you ever check to see if your eggs are rotten before cooking?

by Naomi (follow)
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Rotten egg
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Do you ever check to see if your eggs are rotten before cooking?

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Top Answers
No, but I break my eggs separately into a cup before adding them to the rest of the main ingredients. That way, if there was a rotten egg, I could throw it out, before it is included in the main ingredients, or I would have to start from scratch. That would be annoying !!!

That is a fantastic idea!
by Naomi
No not really.
I buy them with a date that says 'best before'....I suppose I could.Never really thought about it.
I always think my eggs are fine.
Me too. Until the egg in the photo I trusted the used by dates.
by Naomi
It's not just the date, it's whether they've been refrigerated. Even if you keep them in the fridge at home, sometimes they're not kept in one in the supermarket, or not consistently in transit, so they go off faster. Supermarket eggs can be quite old by the time they get to you as well. But most people eat them and are fine.
By smell and if it looks dark.
Do you mean if the egg shell is dark? Or the inside?
by Naomi
I don't check my eggs in water, I check the Used by date on the box. Luckily I went to boil the egg in the photo and it floated, so I threw it out and got another one. I am glad I wasn't making a omelette or cake! It made me wonder if I should check them from now on!
Dang. Forgot about the snakes. It's been a while ;-)
by Rice
I saw my neighbour this morning and he said he has a monster python. Freaky!
by Naomi
Did you slap him??
by Rice
I don't check my eggs before cooking. Our chooks lay every day, and we are big egg eaters so we go through them quickly.
by Vee
It's so great having chooks .. . . wonder what my dogs would do ... rescue dogs are a great unknown.
by Rice
Something is wrong with them. I had one put down because she was sick. Then another got her head caught and ended up with a limp. Although she got better, there is now a third that has a limp! My goodness, this has never happened in the past!
by Vee
My neighbour rescued some battery hens but one got ill and had to be put down. . . . makes you wonder. My chooks from thirty years ago were hale and hearty and only ever needed worming. My neighbour's chooks are revelling in their new found freedom. So cute.
by Rice
Oooh, have you checked their feet? I seem to recall something about chooks' feet . . . . they get a mite or a fungus or something and then they can't perch etc. I wish I could recall better :(
by Rice
Yes, actually. She's got an infection. I've got to take her to the vet. I'm afraid he's going to tell me she has to be put down. There is a surgery I can do at home, but I don't think I can do it. >.< I don't want to put her down. FML.
by Vee
Aw< vee, that's sad. What about some good old fashioned advice from a chook farm? Vets only do six weeks on chooks and that covers all birds. If they want to go any further they have to specialise. Sometimes the old wisdom works well. I just wish I could remember more about the foot thing :((
by Rice
It's ok, Rice. I appreciate it. Unfortunately, I had to have her put down. The vet said she was in really bad condition. I feel like crap for not having her looked at earlier - poor girl. It looks like another one has copped it too. She is malting. >.< I just don't understand. We have done nothing different, and this is happening all of a sudden and just recently.
by Vee
Awww, Vee, that's too bad. It may be nothing to do with you or anything you did. Sadly, sometimes things blow in or it could be in the feed. She's in chook heaven now.
by Rice
I wish I could believe that, Rice. :-( I checked the other one I was suspicious of, and she is losing weight. So I think her days are numbered. We are buying "quality" feed. Hmmm. I wonder.
by Vee
Have they been wormed . . ? Maybe they need a second dose . . . . . or a warm bran mash . . . poor chookies. Poor Vee :((
by Rice
To be honest with you, Rice. I don't think they've been wormed. I didn't even know that was a thing...my husband says that his grandfather - whose hens these were - never did that and the hens were always fine. I'll take this one to the vet and ask him for his opinion...?
by Vee
Piperazine in the water. I would be very surprised if you husband's grandfather didn't do this, it is the age old way of worming chooks.
by Rice
For worms you can buy worming stuff that goes in their water once a month (I got it from a chicken rescue place). It's heaps easier than getting them to swallow tablets. Feeding them raw garlic and onion can help too, but can give the eggs a sulpher smell.
Also the breed they are can be a factor. ISA Browns (the brown ones they have in battery farms) have a lot of problems with their reproductive system because they're bred to lay too many eggs. They don't live long and there's not really much you can do about it (unless you can get hold of/want to shell out for a hormonal implant from the vet that can stop them from laying so their bodies can repair themselves).
Also don't beat yourself up about it Vee. It's so hard to work out what's wrong with them sometimes, and nobody's fault.
I go through all the cartons to get the one with the furthest use by date. I also break them before consuming them or adding them to a recipe. I am awful with eggs . . . if I even think there is doubt, I just can't eat it. I should go back to having my own chooks.
by Rice
I really want chooks but the risk of snakes where I live is too high!
by Naomi
A bad egg reeks to high heaven the moment you crack the shell. That's the only test I need.
by Naomi
No, I don't check them before I use them, I break the shell in a separate bowl then I check it.
I have only ever had one rotten egg in my life! And that was from our own chickens.
Wow. I though home grown eggs would be the safest. You poor thing. That would have been a shock!
by Naomi
I'm lucky enough to have never come across a rotten egg - we go through them quite quickly at my place so it's never been an issue.
We have hens, and usually we collect the eggs every day, check them against the light for cracks, write the date on them and refrigerate them. If I miss a day or so, or find some that weren't in the nesting box or something I do the floating thing to see how fresh they are, and always crack them into a cup instead of straight into the pan or mixing bowl so if there is a gross one it doesn't ruin the whole dish.
Jennifer, thanks for the handy tips. I tried some worming liquid. Unfortunately, it smelt funny and they didn't drink much. The one I thought was on her way out, is still ok. I will try the garlic idea for sure. Thanks again. :-)
by Vee
No worries. I hope it helps.
No I don't check but I often break them separately as I have had to throw about 5 eggs out once as the sixth WAS rotten.
by Finy
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