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Do you ever calorie count your food, or do you just eat what you want?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you ever calorie count your food, or do you just eat what you want, or feel like?

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Top Answers
I used to calorie count twice a week when on the 5/2 diet.
I lost too much weight and didnt go on the diet to lose weight but for other benefits which worked!
So i cut it down to once a week for about 2 or 3 years.
I used to religiously count and weigh everything, but have now stopped this.
One day a week I eat less than normal and just have a salad for dinner and a small piece of fruit for breakfast but I do not actually count the calories any more, as I used to hate this one day a week I was so restricted!
by Finy
Hand on heart, I have never counted a calorie. I have simply had to learn that healthy bodies need healthy foods and I eat "for my diabetes" . . . and it's working well. I now need new clothes . . mine are falling off! LOL . . . . wish I'd saved my size 10's and 12's (ಥ_ಥ)
by Rice
I used to count calories but I no longer do. I now just eat good food.
by AJ
I firmly believe if you eat healthy and cleanly (and by this I mean unprocessed foods) you never need to calorie count and can eat what you want and when you want. The key is portion control and healthy.

I pretty much eat what I want and feel that eating healthy and unprocessed feels me up without needing to count KJ's, but there are times where I'll splurge and entertain myself on some chocolates, ice-cream or chips (but this may be once a month if that). Once I've had my splurge it's out of my system. I listen to my body and eat when I'm hungry but usually I tend to graze throughout the day.
Hey! Great to see you . . . you've been missed. :-)
by Rice
Thank you ... work commitments have been huge the last year. !!
Goodness girl, slow down!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
by Rice
No. I don't, nor have I ever counted calories. If you have a healthy diet with healthy food, you shouldn't need to. The one thing that you should do is watch portion size. It is no good eating healthy food, if you are going to fill your plate with food. None of those steaks or chicken parmas that take up the entire plate. There is a healthy portion plate that my dietitian has shown me that demonstrates the correct portions of food we should eat, for weight loss and/or healthy living. Everybody should be aiming for these portion sizes. I refuse to count calories and measure foods. It would take all the joy out of eating for me.
Totally agree . . . . and those chicken parmas look vile . . . to me, anyway.
by Rice
but who wants to eat healthy and miss out! I have to unfortunately
by Finy
Yes. It's a matter of having to rather than wanting to. It is working for me though. I have just come from the doctor and my diabetes has been totally reversed !!! Winning !! Diet and exercise.
by Lluxi
I am very much aware now what has how many calories....One thing I will not miss when I depart this world is that word!~!!
LOL jonaj - no more worrying then!
by Finy
You'll be lighter than air . . . .! :-)))
by Rice
you girls make me smile :)
by jonaja
I eat what I want, when I want, and how much I want, like I want...for now. Thank God I can!
by Vee
Sorry, once a again, I've left the question behind! I just eat what I want to, & weigh myself every few weeks & I usually walk 3ks most days with a friend, but I won't go on my own, as I'm to lazy, & I haven't charged up my iPods yet. Some of them still need music put onto them somehow.
by Miro
I did attend an (unheard of) weight watchers group. I got down to the weight I wanted to be, won an award & 3 of 'us attended a presentation evening, which was fun, & haven't put the weight back on again. That was many years ago! I still walk 3ks around where I live. All is good. I'm a size 10 now, instead of a 14.
by Miro
Only on my 2 fasting days (I'm on the 5:2 plan). On the other days I more or less eat what I want (without going too over the top).
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