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Do you ever buy things because they are cheap, and not because you need them?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you ever buy things in a sale because they are cheap, and not because you really need them?

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Top Answers
Guilty, guilty, guilty

I am hopeless and buy clothes that I really do not need - I get "my wants and my needs mixed up" as someone once said to me!

Am an impulse buyer and currently Myer is a real problem as the entrance near where I park, keeps having these rack of "take a further 30% off sale price" -who could resist this!
Great bargains and luckily yesterday they all made me look fat, so didnt buy any!
by Finy
Your honesty is so refreshing! I can certainly understand the temptation when things are SO cheap and if you have the money to spend!What a great thing that nothing suited you the other day!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!
by Jules
If I have the money....and I need the item...then yes.
It has to be really something that I do need or could really enjoy in it's use.
Also it needs to be a REAL Bargain, otherwise I will not enjoy it at all.
No . . but the hoarding creature that lives here does. *curses under her breath*
by Rice
Ha ha aha ha ha ha!!! Usually the men are the ones who are good at saying 'NO! we really don't need this even if it IS so cheap!!
by Jules
Yes, well, mine is a "case" in his own little box .. . . and the big lummox can CARRY so danged much too!
by Rice
I have done. These days I try not to do that unless it's something I actually need. Sometimes I will buy things on sale that might do as presents, especially for the kids, in the future, or clothes that they will grow into.
Only on the rare occasion. I cant stand clutter so I will have to think of a future use or if I can give it as a gift.
In the past,when I was far more financially situated to do so,I would definitely buy things because they were so cheap,even when the use for such items may not be immediate! But after becoming extremely ill in 1997(even more so than all through my life!),I started to take heed of my wise father's words.....'It is only a bargain if you can use it!' and I will get huge pleasure from finding super-dooper bargains which will see me through lots of 'future' situations,such as special gift giving,or food items with a very long use-by date still on them,and which I know I can store in the correct conditions.About 15 yewars ago,Target had all of their excess Christmas stock going out at 5 cents and 0 cents,even for $15 packs of exquisite cards !! I stocked up very much more than I usually would as I knew that none of the items would 'go off',and I would always sometime in the future be able to use them,or share them with others who didn't have such items at the ready when they needed them!I still am using these fabulous,and very high quality goods,and it is wonderful to not have the same stuff as everyone else each year! My friends and neighbours always benefit from any bargains I am able to find,or I simply do not purchase the reduced items! When I see grocery items at a ludicrously low price,I always consider if it is something my very helpful neighbours could also use,and they do likewise! It is a great way to save! As for clothes...I don't buy these unless I do need them! Linen never goes astray, and the same goes for most household items which come on sale for really low prices.I have certainly still lived very well since I stopped impulse buying!
Oh! This is a good one! What does it matter who buys them, because it all comes into the house! Yes, someone in my house brings things in simply because it is cheap. Yes, lot of unnecessary accumulation. I try getting rid of them but I am a long way off!
Oh, yes I am guilty too! Clothes! Just love them. Got a lot to get rid off.
I can't say that I do this very often. I might have done it once or twice. Occasionally I buy cheap cosmetics and donate them at Christmas time. I do buy food if it is cheap and stock up the cupboard even though I don't really need it.
I often purchase items with a long shelf life that I regularly use but don't need at that momemt because of the large money saving. Sometimes they are also things my daughters use so give to them but lately having a little extra money tempted me to buy more tops and a couple of dresses that I normally wouldn't because of the huge discount. I have worn some of them but keeping a few for going out and I'm still buying for family as I know they can't afford some of the sale items.
Yep, all the time
No! Have enough space problems for stuff I actually DO want, & use!
Yes, i admit it - it is something I have done. I can't help but jump at a bargain. Then i realise I don't actually need it
Not really...if I am at the supermarket and find some food on special...or a toy/book on sale...and it is not on the list, I will often get it. But there is no way I would buy a big ticket item or electronic device if I don't need it just because it's on sale.
by Vee
Yes, my husband loves buying non food items on the Aldi 'special' days, of things we don't need, e.g. china, tools, etc. They're still sitting in their boxes from years ago, in our lounge room! I wish he'd just donate them to the op-shops!
by Miro
Most recently he bought 2 lovely big shower heads, that are unsuitable for our bathroom & en-suite walls! He's now lost the docket!
by Miro
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