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Do you ever buy organic fruit?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you ever buy organic fruit?

If so, which ones, and why?

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Top Answers
I used to try and buy organic apples as I used to eat a lot of apples.
However I found them generally not as crisp as an ordinary apple, and therefore not as nice.

They were double the price also.
I bought supposedly organic apricots the other day however having had a friend who had a hundred apricot tree and from my own experience, I know that fruit fly in WA attacks them badly no matter where you are, so I do not believe these nice looking apricots WERE indeed organic.

I have now given up buying organic fruit as am sceptical about it being true, and do not want to spend double the price of already expensive fruit.
by Finy
They may have been organic. Organic doesn't mean no pesticides, just that only natural pesticides (as opposed to synthetic ones) can be used, so they could be sprayed against fruit fly but still be organic.

Also, I have a peachcot tree (apricot peach cross) that fruits early so the fruit fly don't attack it, so it could be something like that.

I try but sometimes it can be harder....so mainly stick to what the fruit shop has on offer at the time.
They are not always as nice as the other,but you can tel difference...I Love Organic tomatoes! Just wonderful :)
Not very often, with no particular reason. I think I am probably a wee bit cynical as well :(
by Rice
Sometimes, but generally not because they are more expensive and there's a lot of hype and misinformation about organic food.
I sometimes buy organic fruit. I don't buy it often because I wonder whether it actually is better
by AJ
I have no convictions either way so it doesnt really matter if its organic or not.
No. Its usually a lot more expensive for something with the same nutritional content as regular apples. Its a no -brainer. Why on earth would I pay more? Cant think of one good reason to do so.
Doubt Woolies F&V section stocks them!

I just love Truss Tomatoes, as they have the smell about them which I remember as a kid!
Ah yes, Donjo, those TRESS tomatoes are beautiful aren't they? I always smell them 1st when I'm picking up a bunch of 4/5. I don't mind spending my money on those tomatoes! In my opinion the ordinary tomatoes just don't cut it for me!
by Miro
Definitely wouldn't buy as there have been occasions where it has been proved that some fruit being sold isn't organic and at the price asked for it, I prefer to buy from my fruit shop instead
I eat a lot of organic tropical fruit ,but do not actually BUY it!! I have friends with various trees who share!The small bananas leave the Cavendish ones in the shops for dead!!! In fact they are the only bananas I eat! I have passionfruit vines and tomatoes here at home so I do very well with these too! I just cannot justify the extra dollars when buying my fruit and vegies when I can often get them for free from friends or my own garden! In summer the mangoes are so plentiful than people have often came to buy what's on the tree! No,I don't go out of my way to buy Organic,I just buy what I like the look of,and this is NOT super shiny waxed fruit!!!
No we don't buy organic fruit. The quality, generally, is not as good as it should be and prices are high. We do however grow our own organic fruit in our garden eg young-berries, raspberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants, figs, persimmons (Fuyu variety), loquats, lemons, cumquats, grapefruit and mandarins. Ken Groves
No - have tried it but it is more expensive to buy and the quality never seems to be high. I think there is so much hype about so-called "organic" some people just get sucked into it.
Very rarely as it is far too expensive for oensioners to afford.
Very rarely, as it is far too expensive for pensioners to afford, and it does not always taste very nice. The apples seem to lack the freshness and crispness I want in my fruit/veg.

Can anyone tell me Whatever happened to Snow Apples? Just thought I'd ask!
No, I can not prove nor justify the expense of grown naturally. But I can grow my own, and I have a small successful patch of vege only, all not only organic, but without any bug control sprays at all. My poor sacrificial plant does all that for me. The bugs eat it, destroy it sometimes, and it just refuses to die.
No, except for the lovely TRESS tomatoes! The smell is heavenly & I don't mind paying extra for the much nicer taste of them, but they're the only organic f/v we buy.
by Miro
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