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Do you ever buy frozen chips to cook?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you ever buy frozen chips to cook, and if so, how do you cook them?

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Top Answers
Some months I saw some beer battered frozen chips at Woolies online.

As I had had these while doing my voluntary work from a small shop nearby, and as they were delicious, I immediately ordered them.

Since then, I have had another two lots and I put them in the oven and heat them so that a lot of the fat comes out when I put them on paper towels when cooked.

They are a great standby, when I have a meal with nothing to go with it, and I don't feel like cooking vegetables/potatoes.

Not as nice as the original though as I guess they fry them again as against dry frying them.

Don't know why rubbish food always tastes so nice!
by Finy
Oh yes indeed Finy!! So-called 'rubbish' food, always DOES taste so darned yummy!!!!
by Jules
It's science, Finy. The inside of our mouths reacts favourably to the feel of fat and our brains need fat so we love fat . . . junk food has lots of fat and we can't resist. Damn it :(
by Rice
I actually never buy frozen chips. I do love chips but I will only get them if I eat out
by AJ
They are a frozen standby in our house. They are baked in the oven on baking paper on a pizza tray so the heat gets distributed evenly. It's not something we eat a lot of but handy to have. My preference is home made chips cooked in oil on the stove, drained well, salted and eaten as a chip sarnie with butter melting under the weight of the chips. The only healthy part of this meal (which I have when my husband goes away golfing) is the wholemeal bread.🍟
I have in the past. The ones I had were not that good. I will probably buy them again if I feel like it.
Yes, we have them occasionally. I put baking paper on a tray and heat them up. It keeps the tray clean, as all the oil collects on the paper and not on the tray, so the tray needs very little washing. My husband makes delicious homemade chips, so we prefer to eat those rather than the frozen kind. We only use frozen chips if we are short on time, and don't have time to make the homemade chips.
How long does it take to cook the homemade chips, Lluxi? Are they cooked on the stove, or in the oven? (My oven hasn't worked for years!)
by Miro
It takes about 30 minutes to cook them. It depends on how thinly you like your chips as to how long it will take. We cut them thin but not 'see through' thin. We line a tray with baking paper, put on the chips, spray with the olive oil spray, and cook until brown and crispy ( in the oven). I don't like deep frying things but you could do it that way too. My way is a lot healthier.
by Lluxi
No Hot Chips are totally banned....for us sadly.

I have bought a new product from Woollies a mashed potato, which I find ok.
No. Chips are a rare treat for me.
I have to admit that I love homemade chips the best of all, and I will happily make them. I did get some steak-house( I believe this means THICK!!!)style chips from the supermarket once, and they had a tasty coating which really crisped up nicely in the oven. These would be a great stand-by item if you wanted something which was no-fuss and tasty to go with a meal!Of course, the frozen chips are also no-waste and quite well priced when you get them on special! Home made is still my preference though!! Oh dear! Now I could happily snack on some1 Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!
I recently bought some shoestring fries and they were truly awful. I have no idea what fat/oil/medium they used in the precooking but it was nasty. Anyway, I have been spoiled by real chips and have never been keen on frozen. I no longer have a deep fryer and I don't buy potatoes, other than an odd one or two occasionally, due to the fact that I would make and eat chips all the time. Diabetes dictates that I can't do that any more. However, when I absolutely have to have a fix I will get a couple of potatoes, peel them, slice them thinly and shallow fry them in coconut oil . . . if you add a little chopped bacon it is to die for! Don't tell ^_^
by Rice
PS . . .I do the same with sweet potato . . . yummmmmmmm. (better for diabetes sufferers)
by Rice
Chips are one of my greatest unhealthy habits, I could eat them with anything. I don't really purchase frozen chips however I am more likely to buy them cooked in a moment of weakness when I am out.
Yes I do buy frozen chips, there always handy to have especially with a 16 year old teenager in the house.
I used to deep fry my own chips and they were delicious - but so unhealthy. I now do oven baked wedges with a variety of seasonings.

I do the same sometimes, grann, however they are not the same!
by Finy
Yes, Mccain Beer Batter Steak Cut Chips and I'm not ashamed of it either - lol. I bung 'em in the oven.
by Vee
I buy them all the time, I think they are great and often similar prices to buying potatoes and making the chips yourself (but without the hassle).
We throw them in the deep fryer for about 5 minutes and haven't found any we don't like yet.
We also make our own chips and sometimes scallops as well if we have a lot of potatoes
Yes frozen chips are yum and now I cook them in the philips airfryer and they taste great. Good for real chips too as they cook in half the time in the airfryer and "healthier" too as only use one spoon of olive oil!
Is that: 1t, 1D or 1Tablespoon of oil, Brigi?
by Miro
Yes! It's just so convenient! You can just pop it in the oven to crisp up without having to deep fry it in oil!
I've never bought frozen chips in my life.
by Miro
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