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Do you ever buy a pie with sauce?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you ever buy a pie with sauce?

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Top Answers
I used to buy them often but that was like, 30 years ago - I used to even enjoy them.
Nowadays it is not something I would buy as I rarely eat read meat, and I don't like the thought of what has been put in them.
The meat is often grissly, or it used to be, and there is heaps of salt, and I guess sugar in something like this.
The tomato sauce, also full of sugar, helped make them taste nice!
Not any more.......as am too health conscious to eat take away often.
by Finy
No. I have never learned how the Aussies manage to hold a pie and eat it!! I am useless. Also, I would prefer a pie with peas and . . . .a knife and fork. LOL
by Rice
We go to Adranio Zumbo's for our pies here in Sydney, same price as a good cake shop.Love his pies, and a treat once in a while.
Oh. So. . . . they are Yumbo Zumbo's huh?? Heeheeheehee
by Rice
by jonaja
I hope the man has now paid his staff, all the $1,000's he owes them!
by Miro
He has :)
by jonaja
I do like pies... but only if they come from a nice bakery..

Not a fan of the processed rubbish that are sold at petrol stations/sporting events! Don't want to even think about what they are made from...
by jonaja
Love pies but buy them seldom. I do make my own with only pastry on the top.
Occasionally. We have a lovely bakery here in town and there are a couple of lovely pie shops nearby, that have the award winning pies, apparently, the best in Australia. I do love a nice pie, but I am trying to watch my waist line, so pies are off the menu.
We have a bakery near me that also has supposedly the best pies in Australia. Fernvale bakery? Maybe more than one place make that claim?
by annfi
Annfi, there are probably many many different competitions the bakeries can enter, possibly 100s. One of ours has the best Pie Floater, beating SA.
by Lluxi
I love pies, but I would never ruin one with sauce.
Of course you have to buy real pies with real chunks of meat in them.
Lets leave sauce for sausage rolls that need the extra flavouring and eat pies how they were meant to be
I agree. I don't like tomato sauce
by Lluxi
An unusually short answer from me - ABSOLUTELY NEVER. The word disgust springs to mind including putting ketchup sauce on any food.
It all depends on who has made the Pie, my mother use to make them back in England and they were wonderful.Now we only buy from a true pasty chef :)
by jonaja
by AJ
Haven't eaten a pie for years but I love them. When I was young the whole family preferred Sargeants pies in Sydney. They were the size of an old fashioned soup bowl, full of black pepper, not very deep but oh the flavour. I can still taste them. Not a rich, gravy- thick pie, but the flavour was lovely. I could still manage 2 of them. But NO tomato sauce.
Fran, we too atd them along with McKay & Boys which was a fairly local pie maker. I remember seeing a lot of Big Ben pies at the footie.
by helga
Yes Helga, I remember Big Ben Pies…..wonder if they are still around. I know that the Sargents Pie seemed to disappear years ago (I know there are pies with the same name and Logo in freezers in supermarkets…..but just not the same).
I guess with all things we remember from childhood, some company takes over the pie making, tweeks the recipe and that is the end of the taste/flavour we love so much. But I often think about those flattish, lovely, black peppery Sargents Pies and cold winter days in Sydney.
by fran.
I rarely eat a pie. I don't eat red meat, but have occasionally had a chicken pie. I would not order one with sauce. Like Luxi said - we have a Bakery nearby with award winning pies so I have bought one there when I am in the area.
I'm actually not than keen on pies, if I do buy a pastry it would be something vegetarian or a sausage roll, but I don't buy sauce with it as I might make a mess.
Yes I do but only very occasionally
I haven't bought a pie for a few years now, & I won't pay extra for the tomato sauce. Those tiny plastic sauce packets are now between 20-50 cents! I would buy the pie if the sauce was included though...IF I needed a pie, but out of the 2, I'd rather have a very unhealthy sausage roll, except that wasn't the question!
by Miro
I love a good meat pie and nowadays there is rarely any gristle in them. However, having said that, I don't buy commercial pies or frozen ones because the pastry is hard so if not having my home made ones, I buy from a couple of bakeries that make them nice and flaky with puff pastry tops and shortcrust bottoms and you can eat every bit of them, without tomato sauce. My favourite from my local bakery is a curry pie WITHOUT peas as I cannot eat peas.
No because they seem to be filled with too many preservatives and don't taste good.
I have been known to buy the four or two pack of pies with slow cooked meat. My husband calls them rats' coffins, but the good quality ones are quite nice - particularly with a good quality BBQ or tomato sauce.
by Vee
many many years ago about 30 years - we would buy pies at Bargo NSW when passing through this town, they were the best pies ever.

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