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Do you enjoy watching soap operas?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you enjoy watching any soap operas on television?

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Top Answers
No I have a dysfunctional family of my own that is my real life Soap Opera..

There are a few I really enjoy and these are mostly Australian ones -do not generally watch the American ones as do not enjoy most of them.

I loved A Place to Call Home, I watched (due to lack of anything else) 800 words, and I watch Love Child which is not as good as the original series.

soap operas seem to be good at first and when they keep bringing more and more series of them out, they tend to get boring.

However, generally, a well written one that is not like say Home and Away, I enjoy watching.
by Finy
I had not really considered these shows which you have mentioned,to actually be Soap Operas! To me they are more like a well-crafted Mini Series! This is of course,just MY opinion. It is the predictable shows with so many plots like Home and Away,Neighbours,DOOL,General Hospital, Bold and the Beautiful,Coronation Street,and those types of programs which to me fit the category of Soap!!Many good shows start out with marvellous episodes and THEN take a path to Soapdom as I call it!!! i.e.Grey's Anatomy. The Bill lost me when it stopped being a superb interpretation of crime-fighting in London, and became a real bubble bath!!!! I used to really love the Aussie cop show Stingers,until IT too became way to sudsy for me and I got totally bored with the later episodes which concerned the cast's characters and THEIR relationships,rather than the previously great storylines!! All of these were really LONG RUNNING programs rather than just having one or two series. THAT,to me, is what makes them become characterised as a Soap.
I am so relieved that you do not like H&A and its relations!!! Hee Hee!!!
by Jules
I couldn't be bothered with them. Better things to do.
Yes! I love watching B&B and Neighbours. Nothing irritates me more, but I love it.
by Vee
P.S. They are the only shows I watch nowadays.
by Vee
oh dear Vee!!!
by Finy
When I was younger I used to love watching them. However, since I became a family man, I began to really notice some themes that weren't family friendly so I stopped watching them.
NO!! Never. I have always called them the coffee and valium hour. Oh dear.
by Rice
Oh that's funny
by nat_c
When I was at school I used to arrive home and mother would have a coffee table all set with tea and cakes and bikkies and I was obliged to sit and watch General Hospital and Days of Our Lives . . . . . . . . . . hence my dislike of them.
by Rice
Nope. Boring as bats@&$!

Closest I ever came to watching a 'soap', was 'The Colbys'.
And I only watched that because my favourite movie star, Mr Charlton Heston was in it! RIP.
Once in awhile, I will watch Y/R. Not a habit for me though. I have better, interesting things to do.

I'd rather watch something interesting, like lost worlds and anything to do with ancient history. Maybe considered boring but one can only marvel at how intelligent ancient builders were and how they managed to perform building masterpieces.
I used to watch the ones Diana Nairn mentioned, 38-45 years ago, while my preschoolers were having an afternoon sleep, or playing outside, but I wouldn't have the tv on while they were inside the house. I must have also been watching these soaps also after they started school, because they wouldn't have 3-4 hour sleeps during the afternoons! We also only have B&B now, which I haven't watched for about 35 years, but my mother-in-law watches that 1, every single day they stay home. I read somewhere the blond in it, has been married about 9 times, & a few of her husbands have come back to life after passing away!!! Eh? Did they all just 'go missing? didn't really die?
by Miro
LOL miro -Vee would know answer as she also watches....
by Finy
I love to watch lovechild offspring a place to call home. Call the midwife. It's mainly true to life soapies. I use to watch the bold and beautiful but they kept on marrying each other and it got unreal like home and away did.
It depends what you consider to be Soap Operas! I HATE with a passion,Home and Away,Neighbours,Days of our Lives ,etc...and other shows of this same melodramatic ilk!!! I can honestly say that I NEVER watch them!! But things like A Place to Call Home,and The Midwives,though they do have a continuity,I would NOT consider as Soaps! I am more into documentaries about ancient civilisations, Nature and even many of the recent science programs which are really interesting. Otherwise I enjoy good (mainly British)crime shows and comedy! I see so much sadness on the news and in other programs,that I do love to be able to have a laugh,or at least be able to smile! I am more into reading my beloved old and antique books,than staring at TV!
To each their own and what makes you happy, me, no soap opera thanks, Many years ago there was a funny one called "Soap" that was a really good laugh! They sent up everything, LOL!
I don't have to....I go to work...same thing

That answer could apply to many a workplace!
by donjo
Not lately. I have done in the past though. I watched Neighbours and Home and Away for a while when I was younger, and went through a phase of watching Passions and All Saints During the Day. Also at other times Eastenders and Waterloo Road. Some of the drama shows I have watched had a soapy feel to them too like The Bill and The L Word.
No, they are boring and offer little mental stimulation. There is an entire world with real problems to be solved each and every day, which can be change to help all mankind. Soap Operas have good looking people, not real life- unhelpful
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