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Do you enjoy reading?

by Vee (follow)
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I have always enjoyed reading, so you can imagine my horror when a friend told me she doesn’t read. At all.

Do you enjoy reading?

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Top Answers
YES! In the wise profanities of John Waters: “If you go home with somebody, and they don't have books, don't f^ck 'em!”
Nothing expands the mind and soul like reading!
I love reading. Even I cannot understand people who do not read.
Yes. Not necessarily books, but I also enjoy reading magazines, newspapers, internet, etc.
I no longer have time to read as work almost full time in voluntary work.

I used to lie down for an hour many afternoons to read, however cannot read at night as fall asleep almost instantly!
by Finy
I do - and I find it weird when people say they don't read. My friend was teaching 2nd year literature at Uni and he asked the new class what they liked to read, and the majority said they didn't read or magazines...?????Studying literature at UNI??
Good luck to them!
by Vee
A really HUGE yes to this question! I read every single day,and when I still worked,I even used to read as I walked to and from Work!!! I have done this allo my life...read as I walked to school or anywhere else really!! I collect old and antique illustrated books,and I do read these delightfully special books.Many of them are so hilarious as well as being really well written!!! I truly cannot imagine anyone not liking to read! I have shelves and huge piles of wonderful,gorgeous,entertaining and educational books as well in EVERY single room in my house except the laundry and the loo!!!! The first thing I take note of when visiting,is whether there are books in a home! Aaaaah!!! Bless ALL of my Beautiful Beneficial Books which I could never survive a day without!!
I do very much. It is one of the greatest gifts, being able to read.
I read a lot of e-books, but these are all freebies that I don't actually enjoy, and just skim read them to get through as quickly as possible. I am very picky when it comes to actually buying books, and very rarely buy new books. This is mainly because, while I do read every day, it is in very small, often interrupted bouts. I don't particularly like reading for long periods of time.

There are books that I do really enjoy reading, and while I enjoy the process of reading and finding out what happens, I do not like the time it takes to read. I would rather spend my time doing something else.

In short, I enjoy reading, but I don't like putting aside the time to do it. I find it more of a 'something-to-do-while-waiting' activity.
That's fine, most of my reading is actually done on the almost daily train trips I do. I get through a book a week that way.
by amanda
I read online articles. But I don't like reading novels.
I read daily.. and when I am not reading I am listening to audio books.
ooooh it is a good strategy . i should try that !
by mitra
Yes, yes yes!
I do!

Just wish I had the time to do more of it....That is my problem, I am time poor.
Sadly I think now a lot of people have fallen victim to this problem.
I go through fits and spurts when it comes to reading. I read about 25 books a year but usually I'll read three or four books a month, then take a moth long break before stating the cycle over again. My wife and I listen to audiobooks constantly though. It's our relaxation time before going to sleep. We do one to two audiobooks a month.
Wow, that's a lot of reading. Good on you. Although I love reading, I find myself procrastinating a lot in that area.
by Vee
Absolutely reading to me is as essential to me quality of life as is breathing. If I had to lose a sense I would not want it to be eye sight.
I enjoy reading Harry Potter and some other books.
i really love read books but i don't like read a long story or novel or poem .especially the books that have a long and extended description it's so boring !
i am a huge fan of reading historical story .
P.S. Of course, I also read contemporary books too!! Fiction,non-fiction,all manner of books about all sorts of stuff!!! I think right now in the fiction dept I am loving many of the older treasures more than the recently written. But it is a fine line really as they are like chalk and cheese!! And I love drawing as well eating so the comparison is hard to really get my head around!
Wow Jules, I can really sense the passion you have for books and reading. I can't help but smile.
by Vee
Passion? Yes,I feel that this is EXACTLY what my love for the written page is,Though many see it as an obsession!!! Especially the collecting of the old treasures!!!Thank you for seeing right into my words!!! By the way,I love writing as well as reading,due to my fascination with,and love of,the English language!!!hence my lengthy ,overblown,passionate replies!! Hee Hee!!!
by Jules
LOL! Good on you Jules. I love it!
by Vee
I find that reading is the greatest escape form a distasteful reality. Just because your body is somewhere you don't want to be is no reason to place your mind with the same cage. Reading is freedom. A man who reads "rubbish" is all the more smarter that he who reads nothing at all.
Yes, love it
Yes, it is necessary for survival. It's like breathing for the brain.
Nicely put!
by Vee
Thanks Vee.
by kirk3
Yes, love it!
Constantly read, be it Newspapers' or books. Don't read Magazines! Waste of money!

Always have a book with me going to Appointments. Also take my portable Audio-Cassette or CD player, to listen to MY music. Have good quality B & O headset, NC, to not hear others' inane talking, or TV blaring! Works well!
Good idea, donjo.
by Vee
Hi Vee, thank you! As long as have above items' with me, I can wait, even if Appt time runs late!
Used to have 'my music' with me always for train commute, to/from work.
'Noise Cancelling' headsets are THE best invention since sliced bread! Used them when was aircraft 'commuting' as well! Bliss & peace! Cheers!
by donjo
Love it - have done since I was tiny. Have been a prolific reader all my life. My late husband was also a reader and was a great fan of his kindle. Personally I can't go past holding a book in my hand, feeling the texture and the smell - nothing compares! My son has been a reader since childhood and has put himself through two degrees and is considering a third, which I think is all down to reading and a thirst for knowledge.

Can't understand people who say they don't read - they are missing so much!
I totally agree with you, norma. Read on. :)
by Vee
I will Vee - thanks.
by norma
I enjoy reading but the paper kind of books, not e-books. When I'm on holiday I love to sit outside on the balcony in the early mornings with a cup of coffee. At home I try to set aside some time to catch up with many of my unread books.
I would consider myself addicted to reading, mainly factual books although enjoy sci-fi - the ultimate in fiction.
I also like reading old atlas's and seeing how borders have evolved through history.
Then of course book of facts (all categories).
Finally going the full circle and reading electronic generated books via my "Kindle".
Occasionally buying the odd classic book that I may see in a second hand book shop.
Classics such as Frankenstein, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Jekyll and Hyde etc.
Nothing can be finer than reading a book.

Yes, I do enjoy reading. I used to read James Patterson books I’d pick them up 2nd hand, or borrow from the library. While visiting Melbourne recently, I picked up a 2nd hand copy of The Slap, because I’d only seen 1//2 of episode of the tv series. I bought the book to read on our next cruise, but on 11 other cruises I never read anything.The Slap has about 500 pages. I now can’t remember where I’ve put the book so I may have to take a James Patterson book instead This cruise has 19 of the 35 days, are ‘at sea’ days, so I should be able to find some time to read, surely.
yes, I love to read and I have passed down this love to my daughter. I want to have a book in my hands though, I prefer that to devices.

It enriches my life and expands my mind.

I read for pleasure, for work, for research and for personal interest.


I don't usually like reading for long periods of time. I like short bursts, and I can go days without reading much at all, but then have a day of on and off marathon of reading!

When I'm reading a topic which really interests me, I make my reading a top priority. And of course, for school work, which can be boring at times and feel as though you just have to get it done.
Oh pippa, re: schoolwork, I know what you mean! I find that unless I enjoy what it is I'm reading, the process is so tedious!
by Vee
YES. I Iove reading, it's my favorite thing to do. I've read a lot of books until now and I always have one or two books that I currently read.
silvi, are you reading anything interesting at the moment?
by Vee
Yes. I just finished Demons by Dostoievski and I currently read Gone with the wind.
by silvi
I do, very much so. It's my favorite thing to do.
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