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Do you enjoy driving a car?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you like driving, or do you do it only as a means of getting somewhere?

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Top Answers
I really do not like driving!

I have no idea why but I will go out of my way to avoid it and am so happy when someone else drives me.

I really do not understand this as I have a lovely, comfortable car but perhaps it is to do with enjoying staying home -I really cannot explain it as traffic is not bad in Perth even though there are a lot of bad drivers.

I grew up in Sydney and am a good driver.
by Finy
Oh You mean do I enjoy risking my life every time I get in the car, and have to face the task of driving with idiots all around me?
They drive like hell is chasing them, and heavens knows 'who' is on drugs and who isn't.
Well after 41 years now, and never having caused one accident....No I'm over driving.

The sad thing is, I have to stay on the road with all these insane people.
I have no other way to get to point B and C.
I do not drive at all!! I never have done,so I am the world's very best passenger, because I never tell whoever is driving what they should be doing!!!
By the way,The dog in the picture is adorable and would be a far better driver than me! Ha ha ha!!!
I used to really love driving, but now not so much. After being in a crash a number of years ago, I now find my shoulders and neck get really sore if I spend too much time in the driver's seat. It's too bad really. I used to really relish the idea of a road trip. I still get excited but my enjoyment dies soon after getting behind the wheel.
I don't drive and don't want to. I don't see it as fun, but terrifying and stressful.
Aaaaah!!! I am with yolu all the way on this one!!! I have never ever driven,and have no desire to do so! I get very weary of people telling me I should have a licence!! I believe that I would be a real danger to others if I drove a car!
by Jules
I hate it when people pressure you to do things just because they can't grasp that you might not want to follow the mainstream.
i don't drive either Bryony. I did get my licence after 30 lessons, 5 driving instructors & 3 driving schools. (My aunt paid for my lessons, which were $4.50 an hr, way back then!) 1 week later, I was bringing the car into my parents driveway, about to park in front of the garage, I put my foot on the execrator instead of the break! My dad didn't mind about the damaged garage doors, but my husband wasn't happy because he needed the car for work (The car was ok though!) So i didn't bother ever driving again after that. That was back in 1968/69
by Miro
That reminds me of a story my mum told me. She had just passed her drivers' test and was reversing her father's car into the drive. She was doing fine until her terrified dad came running out and telling her to mind the wall. She had been minding the wall, but he distracted her and made her nervous, and thus caused the very scrape he was trying to avoid!
by Miro
No I don't particularly enjoy driving,....but it is a necessity in my life..
by fran
I'm a little here and there on this one. Sometimes I love driving, but, at other times, I just want to doze off in the passenger seat.
by Vee
I don't mind driving but I don't particularly enjoy it.
by AJ
Yes, I enjoy driving my car. Usually only do short trips nowadays.

Longest trip was from here to Maryborough to Warwick, then home. Have done a few trips to Palm Beach to visit my elderly father. Don't really like long drives anymore. Too tiring.

My car is very comfortable for me. It's long 'retired' as 'Mum's Taxi'. Keep it running ticketty-boo with regular mechanical check-up's. Every fortnight, I shout him a 'drink'(petrol!)

Best thing about being able to drive is independence. I feel for those really elderly folk who can no longer drive.

I did drive for about a week, after getting my license. (See below answer from me, under Bryony's reply if you wish too!)
by Miro
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