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Do you empty your inside rubbish every day?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you empty your inside rubbish bin, to the larger outside one, every day?

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Top Answers
No I don't.

It is not full every day unless I do a lot of cooking or clean out the pantry or the fridge.

I have a double one for re-cycling, however my council does not do re-cycling, so I can use both.

Often I empty it purely because it smells and not because it is anywhere near full.
by Finy
Yes, sometimes even twice a day. I cook all three meals at home everyday and so it gets pretty full.
by BK
No, just when it's full, which for the kitchen bin is every three days or so, longer for the bathroom one.
I was just thinking of the non-recycling one. We have one for recycling as well and a mini compost bin in the kitchen for food scraps, plus another scrap bucket for food for the chickens.
We just have a plastic bag on the bench which goes out every evening. Up here in far north Qld it's too hot to leave kitchen rubbish inside for long. The bathroom bin just gets emptied when either full or smelly.
Yes I generally do, have a fairly small bin and especially in this weather with cat food tins I like to take it out every day
by fran
We dont have a rubbish bin inside, so it goes straight outside
LOVE your thinking, we put ours out 3-4 times a day! The thought of rubbish in the house makes me shudder :)
by jonaja
Yes I do, because i cook every day so i have to.
I do it 3-4 times a day, I have a little one....so it doesn't pile up.
The concern for ants or the like, just makes me on top of it, as I cook every day.Can't risk a smell coming from it....It is always empty on going to bed.
We only empty ours when it is full unless there's meat or fish or something else that could on an odour, then it would go out straight away. We do have a recycle bin as well.
Every two days normally.
No I don't, we have a large bin and it only gets emptied when it's full! Having said that, anything smelly goes straight into the wheelie bin outside and anything compostable goes into the compost bin..... so the kitchen bin really only has stuff that doesn't matter how long it sits there. Other bins around the house get emptied once a week by my cleaner.
No, not everyday. Probably every second or third depending on how rubbish we have
by AJ
No, like Finy, if it smells, which is often due to food items/packages.
I have two smaller rubbish bins for cat litter/food packs and put them inside the larger one before disposing of the lot. I do this at least twice a week, one on the night bins go out.
No, every 2-4 days depending on smell, s it is smelly before it is full. We don't generate much waste even though we cook every day. We take out the compost every day and the recycling once a week.
No, I don't have an inside one which means I make about 8 trips to the rubbish bins every day. Too risky to have one, I'm revolted by cockroaches. But, my bins are a good walk away from the kitchen (deliberately) but it does drive me nuts having to make the trips.
Cockroaches. *scream* Exactly the reason mine goes out too - can't stand the thought of rubbish in the house overnight. Meat trays, tuna cans, cooked bone scraps and dog food bags (they have raw diet) go in the freezer until bin morning. I also sprinkle borax in my kitchen bin just in case of 6 legged visitors. I wish I had a flying fox from my kitchen window to the bin . . *whoosh* all rubbish straight in! LOL
by Rice
No I don't. I always put meat and meat packaging waste in the freezer until rubbish day
We dont have a rubbish bin inside, so it goes straight outside
depends on what is in it, usually only empty it when full or nearly full
No. But somehow it happens. Must have a bin fairy in my house
Not every day. I freeze any kitchen scraps which might create a smell so just empty the inside bin when it's fairly full.
We have chickens to eat scraps, not that we have many. Vege scraps they don't eat are composted. Any rubbish that is wet like a tray from under chicken, goes into the freezer to go out on bin day. I avoid buying plastic and consequently it takes several days for our bin to get full. Nothing smelly in it so it goes out when full. It is not unusual for our garbage bin to only have one or two bags of rubbish when the truck comes.
No, that would be a waste a plastic bags. We only have I bag of rubbish a week, & all the food scrapes go into the compost bin, which gets emptied when it's full.
by Miro
We only empty our bin when it needs to be emptied, which is usually twice a week. My recycling bin is a different story, and it gets emptied at least daily. We try to recycle wherever possible.
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