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Do you eat plain yoghurt, flavoured yoghurt, or no yoghurt?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you eat and like yoghurt?

Do you like it plain or flavoured?

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Top Answers
I used to eat flavoured yoghurts but discovered there is an awful lot of added sugar in these, so stopped.

I quite like plain yoghurt however, and after getting used to it, I no longer even buy the sweeter one.

It is not something I buy every week however - i sometimes use it in salads and cooking, however do not regularly eat yoghurt.
by Finy
I agree with you, Finy, I don't eat yoghurt due to the sugar content and I also have become used to plain yoghurt. I don't have it in the house on a regular basis either.
by Rice
I don't eat dairy, and soy yoghurt doesn't appeal to me. I hear you can get coconut yoghurt now, which I'm keen to try if I can find some.
I tried some soy yoghurt but it had a "feel" that I didn't like. I might give the coconut one a go.
by Rice
Yeah, I didn't like the texture of the soy stuff.
I have yogurt a few times a year. I like the flavoured ones but they can be quite sweet and not as healthy as they make them out to be.
Yes, that is why I buy plain yoghurt. I find the others are way too sweet.
by Vee
I have plain yoghurt and top it with either fruit or muesli.
by Vee
Yum!!! I love fruit salad with plain yoghurt. If you had told me 30 years ago I would love it I would have laughed. How we change. (or maybe we start to listen to our bodies.)
by Rice
I wish my body would listen to me! (>ლ)
by Vee
ROFL! I have no idea why but that just set me off into gales of laughter :-)))
by Rice
I'm glad. :-D Always a pleasure to hear a friend laugh! (Though, technically, I didn't hear you).
by Vee
I have plain yoghurt that is unsweetened and I add berries and nuts to it.

by AJ
I love the stuff, but sadly can not ever eat it again...I get sick.
Happens as one gets older...with some foods.

I would never eat plain yoghurt.

Must have some amazing fruit in it also.!
i am the same with foods affecting me as I get older -my worst is probably garlic which I just rarely use or use only a tiny amount.
Also yoghurt upsets me too!
such fun getting older...
by Finy
I'm hearing ya... :)
by jonaja
Once in a blue moon, I'll buy a small yoghurt tub.
Can't eat Plain, but enjoy Passionfruit, as a Greek Style one.
Might get Strawberry infrequently, too.
I do not eat yoghurt at all.I have an allergy to many of the dairy foods which is a real nuisance for me,but I cope by enjoying other treats instead!! I am a real Fruit lover.Maybe this is where my late teens nickname of Possum came from!!!Thank heavens that I am no longer called this,as it would definitely not be suitable for someone of my age!!!! Ha ha ha ha plonk!!! (That was just me,laughing my silly head off!!!!)
I do eat plain yoghurt. I did have flavoured yoghurt but my dietitian told me about the sugar content so I definitely do not now. If you don't like the flavour of plain yoghurt, I put in fresh berries. Its great as a mid afternoon snack and is a great way to get your serves of dairy.
WE have all yoghurts in our fridge, mostly plain, but a treat of flavoured(small) is better than some other treats with too much sugar. We swap cream for yoghurt and vise versa pending what we are cooking, it goes on cereal for our fussy non milk drinker, and we add fruit to give a real texture and colour boost.

We have also started making our own, although we are still undecided on it being taste/convienence/flavour/texture worth the drama, or is it us or our machine/methods still needing fine tuning.

Which particular brand or flavour is purely dependent on sugar/fat content and price/on special on shopping day.
Either way, all of us eat all kinds of yoghurt.
Full cream Greek style plain yoghurt mixed with a small bowl of our own grown stewed fruit (figs, berries, rhubarb, purchased cherries) for breakfast every morning
I really like yoghurt, but don't eat it all the time.
I usually choose flavoured yoghurt.
Vaalia French Vanilla is my favourite at the moment.
I make my own yogurt which is mostly the plain verity, but if I can get the fruit ones on special as well for the same price, I’ll also buy those, but the plain one is more useful to use for the curries I make. i use spoonfuls of yoghurt on my cereal every day. I love it. My husband will only eat it with a curry though.
I often buy plain yoghurt which I find useful instead of cream. I eat it with stewed fruit or fruit crumble. I pop a bit on a baked potato instead of sour cream or mix it with french onion soup powder for a dip. I also like it mixed with a bit of mustard or sweet chilli sauce. It is so versatile

I love flavoured yoghurts but, as others have said, usually abstain due to the sugar content. Occasionally I have some that is sweetened with something other than sugar.
Thanks Marie, Now with your other yogurt suggestions, I won't bother buying sour cream anymore!
by Miro
I make my own Greek yoghurt and love it
I used to eat flavoured Yoghurt often, then stopped - think I over-yoghurted myself.
recently, as a start to trying to be a bit more healthy, I bought my previous favourite yoghurts, only to find them SO SWEET that I cannot stand them! Very surprised at that. WHY do Yoghurt companies (eg: Vaalia) find it necessary to use so much sugar, when it is not needed and most people are trying to lower, if not quit, their sugar intake? It cannot be doing their Sales figures much good.
Sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine. They are laughing all the way to the bank :(((
by Rice
You don't TOTALLY quit salt, or sugar, otherwise you'd be in deep s@&) health wise!
by donjo
So true, donjo, but being diabetic makes you so aware of the immense amounts of sugar in things. I have such a sweet tooth, it is a battle.
by Rice
I love it and like it plain or flavored. Flavored to eat and I use plain in smoothies or baking.
I try to always have unflavoured Balkan youghurt on hand - the kind with active culture and no gelatin. It is a live food that I use at the table the way some use sour cream - on baked potatoes or in soup, stew or curry - or milk - on hot cereal or in mac and cheese.
Sometimes I just eat it from a spoon as a treat.
I really like reduced fat Greek yogurt, but only have it sometimes. I use it on muesli or porridge, or in borscht.
I've never been keen on yoghurt. Many years ago I worked for a dairy company in Scotland and the lab technicians used to make yoghurt in their centrifuge and have it for lunch. I would be invited to join them, but couldn't stand the taste of it then and still can't now. Only use plain yoghurt in a curry or casserole occasionally.
any yogurt, but less sugar
very rarely eat yoghurt, maybe once a year
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