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Do you eat only healthy food?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Maxi pexels

Do you only eat healthy food, or do you also eat scrumptious food?

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Top Answers
I eat a lot of "healthy" food and a bit of not so healthy food.
I eat quite a lot of fried food which I guess is not healthy however as I have said many times now, I have cut out refined sugar and indeed a lot of things that have sugar added in them.
I now make bliss balls and sweet things like that as they do not have added sugar though they still have sugar in the figs or whatever I put in.
I no longer eat ice cream and have take away perhaps once a month.
So I would say I eat relatively healthy foods with not a lot of vegetables but a lot of fruit.
by Finy
Of course not!! I do eat a great deal of 'healthy' food, as I enjoy so many items which are good for me; but I would be a total liar if I said that I ONLY eat it!! One of life's joys is food, and often a real treat can be a small something which is not considered healthy! Having said this, there are so many foods which are utterly scrumptious that also come under the healthy umbrella! I think if we eat in moderation we can enjoy many different food items, unless they are a major health problem for us.(i.e. allergy, diabetes, coeliac, etc...) I would never eat something which I know will make me ill! However I WILL have something simply for the sheer enjoyment of the item!! For example: Fresh healthy strawberries dipped in not-so-healthy Nutella!!! Or a deliciously( but excessive in fats!) pan-fried sandwich filled with chicken, tomato and lots of gooey melted cheese!!!Yum!!! Moderation is the key, and I tend to eat a little of whatever I feel like at the time.
Jules your answer is pretty much what I was going to say. Haha.
by annfi
What is healthy? Depends on the latest medical and not so medical news.

grann - you are quite right there! good point!
by Finy
I try to eat healthy about 98% of the time. I will have the occasional soda or donut. Cakes and such are mostly on celebratory occasions. I want to have good habits as it relates to food so that when I get older I do not have bad habits that I am forced to change.
Well, I think most people would be lying if they said that they didn't occasionally eat food that is not so good for you. Even my dietitian eats things that are not so good on occasion. You would have to be Peter Perfect if you didn't. It is okay and reasonable to have chocolate, dessert and take away on occasion, just not all the time. Everything in moderation is a good rule of thumb to live by.
by Jules

I eat what I like at most times.....lol
by jonaja
Finy, I am almost afraid to ask if anybody knows what the food in the photo is . . . . eeeek. I do try to eat healthy foods but I don't always succeed. I do love veges and I don't eat a lot of meat. I am not much for ice cream, luckily . . and I am going off chocolate . . . . I want it less and less. I try to tell myself to eat green, green, green . . .but not jelly babies.
by Rice
I think it looks like Funnel Cake ?

Life would be so boring if we did not eat a delicious so-called non-healthy treat at some time or other!!! Just do not live on these things, is what I usually advise others when they ask me what I think is the best thing to do! Balance and moderation in all things!! Fortunately, I do enjoy the foods which are said to be healthy! Oh!! and those GREEN and red frog lollies! hee hee hee!!!!!
by Jules
Hahaha . . . looks more like a funnel monster :-)))))))))))
by Rice
Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! So.... THAT is what a funnel monster looks like!!! Just what I had been wanting to know, too!!!
by Jules
It looks scary!
by Naomi
I eat some healthy food.. but I should eat more.

I have a super sweet tooth.. I love my scrumptious food #onlyliveonce #everythinginmoderation
I try to eat healthy. Sometimes, though, I will have what I call NO! NO! food. Other than that I
try to be careful.
I'm 80/20 I think. I eat healthy food most of the time but I definitely indulge my unhealthy appetite at times.
by AJ
I try to make healthy, but not boring food, although I have a weakness for chocolate!!

I have been experimenting with different healthier cakes, cookies and bliss balls for the kids who have intolerances so they don't miss out at parties and school events etc. I try to balance healthy with non-healthy so the kids learn that in moderation everything is ok.
I'm not sure how you'd define "healthy food". I guess some of what I eat could be described as both "healthy" and "scrumptious". I don't eat a lot of fat because I can't digest it very well, but I love dark, vegan chocolate (Pana chocolate is my favourite, especially the kind with whole dried sour cherries in it)- you could argue that was healthy because it's raw chocolate, with less sugar, but that's not what I like about it, I eat it for its velvety texture. I love minestrone soup, and that's full of veggies. I love avocados, which are rich and high fat but also good for you in some ways.

When I eat takeaways I love Thai food, especially anything with coconut cream, even though I can't really handle much of it, and I love fried rice. I love vegan macaroni and cheese (made with cashews and miso), but only have that every so often, not so much because it's "bad" for me at all but because it's more of a treat if I don't have it all the time. The same goes for things like nachos, I love them but I appreciate them more if I don't have them every day.
I normally eat what I like and I got used in eating healthier. I eat fried food very rarely.
We mostly eat healthy food. Fish 'n chips: if we arrive home late from a flight, on a Thur, Fri or Saturday, & we share 1 helping, as we find 1 helping each, is to much to eat. Our local takeaway isn't open late on Sundays!) My husband actually bought a frozen pizza the other night, so I wouldn't have to cook, & I added all sorts of extra things to it. We'll share a small cake from a cake shop, about once every 2nd month, & we eat a square of chocolate each night. We only have ice-cream on special occasions.
by Miro
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