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Do you eat lamb, and do you cook it often?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you like lamb, and do you cook it often?

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Top Answers
Before I had breast cancer, I ate all meats and quite liked lamb. I did not cook it often as I found it rather "fatty".

Now that I eat little red meat lamb is one I have not eaten since I stopped meat and one that I just do not miss for some reason.
by Finy
I grew up on lamb. Chicken was for celebrations.
Now, because of prices, that is reversed
I LOVE Lamb.

But it is far far toooooo expensive for me to ever buy!
Sadly, I've only tasted lamb once. It wasn't bad at all.
where do you live?
by Finy
Ooooooh! Lamb, love it!
Buy it sparingly now as soooo exxy!

LL Chops, French style long bone, untrimmed Cutlets, & best of all, a small Chump end of Leg.
Have the latter as a Roast, with all the traditional Veggies, & lashings of pan gravy!
Yep, me too Donjo. Love my cutlets untrimmed. Leg of lamb on Sunday, mint sauce and plenty of gravy. A proper shepherds pie from minced cooked leg of lamp (not that we had any leftovers after Sunday lunch). Love a chump chop or four. Little polished bone in the middle when I have finished. Love a lamp shank (not any more because of the price). Or lamb shank soup in the winter. I really, really, love my lamb. O 3 lamb loin chops with the tails all nice and crisp and a tiny sprinkle of salt. Oh my goodness the flavour.
Where did our lamb go. Why is it so expensive.
by fran.
Dunno fran, but it's a damn shame it's so exxy, because it's a beautiful meat, any which way!
I put 'Lamb Seasoning' on my LL chops, egg wash & crumb myself the French Cutlets, going like a 'typewriter' along the crispy edge of the bone till I hit 'ding'! Lol!
Love cold lamb sandwich, with freshest of bread, the next day, from Leg, with a hot cuppa! Just bliss!
Funnily, I just can't take to Shanks, don't know why.
Cheers to you!
by donjo
Isn't it funny donjo, my family who are all in Sydney (I'm in Melbourne) whenever we all go out for dinner ANYWHERE all seek out their preferences for dinner and all say in harmony "Oh we know what you'll want….lamb cutlets" and I always say yes and they always end up coming my way and say that they will order cutlets as well…like I am making them order. But I feel sorry now that when we were all young, we used to complain that my mother was serving up lamb "again". My how times have changed.
by fran.
Lol! fran, what you say reminds me of a group of ladies' with whom I'd been dining-out every 3 or 4 months', since 1972, & whenever we met, if there was 'Brains' on the menu, all the others' used to say, 'well, we know what you & Pammie (RIP) are going to have!', & we did, every time, as it was just SO rare to see them on a Menu, & we both loved them!
There was one French Restaurant in town, long gone now, unfortunately, whose Owner/Chef used to poach them in Lemon juice! They were just beautiful, oh! my mouth's watering as I type!
Aren't we 'particular' about our favourite foods! Cheers!
by donjo
We eat lamb grilling chops or short loin lamb chops, once a week. Once every 2/3 months we may have lamb sausages, but that's only if we arrive home late from somewhere, & I don't have time to cook a proper meal.
by Miro
I used to love cooking/eating lamb cutlets, but there so expensive to buy now, I don't buy them anymore. And we don't have lamb roast, because our oven is out of order.
by Miro
Yes I enjoy lamb.
Often cooking lamb chops or a nice leg of lamb.
Quite often boning it out and cooking until the outer skin is crisp, beautiful with mint sauce or a nice white onion sauce.
Some do not like the smell of lamb, but if they cooked it until it had a crisp outer skin I am sure they would enjoy it.
It is also great cubed and skewered like a kebab with sweet potato slices Red Onion, Yellow peppers and soy sauce marinade.
Please try - don't miss out because of old pet hates.
As mum was a widow we were brought up on lamb which was a pretty cheap meat in those days. You could buy a lovely lean shoulder for 7.6pence. Nowadays it's so fatty and expensive and I'm sick of it having so much as a child. I occasionally buy lean cutlets and crumb them myself so I know I'm getting lamb and not hogget. Every 4-6 months I might roast a leg after cutting the fat off.
Oh I love lamb.!!! I love a good lamb roast and we have that when the family come over. I love lamb chops as well and we have those every few weeks or monthly. We don't have a lot of meat, but when we do, its always lamb.
I would have to say that Lamb is my favourite Red Meat of all! Roast lamb shanks are my all time favourite with home made Mint Sauce and roast Vegies!!! Roasting a Lamb Leg and vegies in a Weber BBQ is just about unbeatable and so easy!!! I love lamb chops,Leg of lamb,and in fact,just about all cuts I can think of. Lamb Koma curry and Rogan Josh are also favourites with lovely fluffy rice! YUM!!!!! I was raised on lamb in Victoria when growing up through the 60's and 70's as it was extremely cheap.In fact the butchers would GIVE AWAY the lamb shanks as they were considered ghood only for soup.Oh! don't let me start about home made lamb and barley Scotch Broth!!! To die for!!!! My mum made wonderful dishes from those shanks,especially the way she roasted them just for me,when we had roast leg of Lamb!!!
Lovely memories have been brought back by this question Finy,so I thank you!!!
No. I dont eat meat if I cannot kill the animal. Couldn't kill most animals.
I love lamb but can never cook it cleanly or right, so I always make it a first choice when we eat out, especially in winter
Oh! Steve, it's the easiest meat to cook, & the best!
If you own a 'slow cooker', just buy a small leg o' lamb, that will fit into its' base.
Just put about half an inch of vegetable stock in firstly, then meat, with lamb seasoning sprinkled on top, then desired vegetables around the side. Just cook on High for about 2&half hours, & you'll have a lovely meal, & you can make the gravy from the liquid. Don't lift lid whilst it's cooking!

There'd be many recipes on line from which to choose.
BTW, a whole chook in a crockpot with just soy sauce sprinkled, & chook seasoning atop, is easy & very tasty.
by donjo
Everything marked lamb is often mutton. All the real lamb is exported.
No! Where did you hear that? You know, now that you've said it, it wouldn't surprise me if it was true. :-|
by Vee
Crumbed lamb cutlets are my favourite but my husband is the cook in our house and as he favours big hearty meals when we do have lamb it is more often a almb roast.
Yep, not an Australian celebration if you don't have lamb.
by fran.
I really like lamb, but as others have said it is expensive. When we have lamb, I buy chops and my husband cooks them on the BBQ. They're so good. I try not to think about the animals that have been slaughtered and say a big thanks for their sacrifice...annfi, I'm afraid I couldn't give it up, not unless I had to.
by Vee
Crispy grilled lamb loin chops or little cutlets. Yum. However, I simply cannot eat it cold and neither can my brother or sister.
by Rice
Too bad for you, your bother and your sister. Cooked lamb sliced thinly on a sandwich with either a little mint jelly or thinly spread leftover gravy and the mint jelly.
Ooooooooh. Just lubberly
by fran.
With you on that, fran! Lol!
by donjo
My dad used to eat cold leftover roast lamb with tomato sauce.
by Miro
I don't like the idea of eating any babies and real lamb is still too young to be slaughtered to eat, hence I may eat older lamb occasionally. I think lamb is labeled on many meats and it may not be young lamb anyway, if it was labelled sheep or ram that may put consumers off. It does seem to be very expensive and yet Australia has a lot of sheep farming, the best going overseas of course.
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