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Do you eat exactly what you want, or do you only eat healthy foods?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you eat exactly what you want, or are you conscious of eating only healthy foods?

#Healthy food
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Top Answers
Unfortunately, I now do not eat exactly what I want as I have recently cut out cakes and biscuits etc to a huge extent.
Being a sweet tooth, this was extremely difficult for me but I needed to do it as was baking a cake almost every week and eating it!
Also buying take away cakes etc.

Now I eat a better diet which does not include a lot of added sugar in things and when I do add sugar, I make sure it is not a lot.

Occasionally I still make dessert but these are now usually fruit based and not sugar based.
AND the worst is that my VERY most favourite food is Nestles sweetened condensed milk -eating it out of the tin on a spoon......
by Finy
I have never heard of that. Condensed milk is incredibly sweet
by Lluxi
Like you Finy, I ADORE condensed milk straight from the can or tube!!! I think you are amazing to have cut so many of your favourite(sweet) items from your diet so seamlessly!! Well Done!!!!
by Jules
My ex used to eat it in sandwiches. To heck with the bread, I say, just suck it out of the tube!! (cans are so messy) Mmmmmmmmmm.
by Rice
Cans hold much more than tubes! not messy as i would not waste one drop!
by Finy
Now Finy, you know we shouldn't be talking dirty like this . . . . we might fall off the wagon ^_^
by Rice
I try to eat healthy. I hardly buy any processed food; very little red meat and I rarely eat fried foods. I use mostly whole wheat flour, brown rice, fruits and veggies every day and such. I'll have a few homemade sweets such a cookie now and then
now u have given away that you do not live in Australia!
by Finy
by dwatk
I know! I know!! I have a good memory. (and I really have always wanted to visit . . . . . . . . that place)
by Rice
I eat to live.
On occasion I DO eat things that are yummie..But now even more careful of the calories.

I have stuck to my New Years res...and have dropped a few kilos in the last 3 weeks.

I think with sugar in just about every darn thing today, we must be very careful.

My dear Grandmother use to say ''a minute in your mouth.....a lifetime on your hips''.

So now 2017 I like so many others my age, and even younger Have to be conscious eaters.

I have always been a conscious eater. I eat only what I like. If I don't like something then I usually don't eat it (except when I'm at someone else' dinner table). I don't have a sweet tooth and like spicy foods, so that helps. I have recently gotten a taste for bread and I'm at war with myself whenever it is breakfast time and I inevitably reach for the rye bread that I've grown to love.
I usually eat our staple wheat flatbread, which is considered healthy. But I have known to get bored eating same stuff every day and cook up a pasta or pizza once a week. And since it is home made I control what goes in it.
I try to eat healthy most of the time, so I am able to have the occasional treat now and again. As long as you eat well most of the time, that is okay. Everything in moderation is okay according to my dietitian. She says that any 'diet ' or eating regime that makes you feel restricted or deprived is not a good thing. It would be impossible to maintain such a way of life. The way you eat has to be a way of life that you have chosen and are able to maintain for the rest of your life. It will be forever. That is why allowing yourself the occasional piece of cake or packet of chips is more realistic and achievable. It is not saying never ever again, just very rarely, or in moderation. You wouldn't feel like a failure, if you allow yourself to have a treat.
Most of the foods I really enjoy are considered to be healthy so I tend to be able to generally eat what I like. I have suffered with allergies for all of my life, but the food ones were only diagnosed when in my early 20's.I had to eliminate so very many things,the really difficult one being EGGS!!! I grew up eating such delicious things made from eggs,all the time, and with them being in so many items, I had to put a drastic stop to many much-enjoyed foods. To not have pavlova was very difficult all those years ago, but I don't even miss it anymore!! Oh!!! How much better I felt within a super-short time!!! Knowing what I am allergic to, and even sensitive to, has helped me to live far more safely as well as comfortably, and fortunately I can still eat fruit and even chocolate!!! So I do eat what I want,which is always what I like.
I eat what I like except I can no longer tolerate hot or spicey foods due to dry mouth syndrome. My middle daughter eats a very healthy diet yet remains overweight even though she exercises daily, does uni full time, holds down a part time job and has a husband and 2 young boys to look after.
I stood in Woolies yesterday staring at a packet of Mr Kiplings Cherry Bakewells for almost ten minutes. I did not buy them. I could have cried but the diabetes says NO. I can no longer eat what I want :(
by Rice
Rice - Mr. Kipling - love them! Have you tried their Christmas Cake slices - they are really scrumptious and even have the layer of marzipan we from the UK are used to on Christmas Cakes.
by norma
I haven't seen those norma . . . . . I shall have to have a fossick around . . . sounds divine :-)))
by Rice
I pretty much eat what I want but I am conscious of what I eat and try to eat healthy foods.
by AJ
60 per cent of the time, I just eat what I want. I'm not so health conscious mainly because fast metabolism has always been in my favour since childhood. However, at my age, I've noticed how I'm no longer as energetic or as lively as I used to be. This realisation snapped me back to earth. I'm becoming more and more attentive to my health, trying to minimise my intake of sugary, oily, excessively salty and preserved foods. I sacrifice healthy foods though whenever there are grand occasions that require me to eat a lot, and then I make up for it through regular intake of health supplements.
Not mutually exclusive, I am lucky in that what I choose to eat is healthy. My only downfall are lollies! But only occasionally😈
I eat more or less what I want. I am not a lover of fatty or greasy foods so don't eat them. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables as I am not a big meat eater so I guess I eat pretty healthily. Having said that these gorgeous marzipan petit fours look amazing and, as I like marzipan, would have no trouble eating one (or maybe two) of them!
I think, personally, that life is too short to only eat healthy foods, so we do have takeaway fish 'n chips if we're coming home late from somewhere, & our takeaway is still open. We will eat 1 small square of chocolate per night, but if it's a larger Lindt square, we'll share it. For afternoon tea we'll either have a biscuit or share a thick slice of raisin toast. We may also share a little cake about once a month, so yes, we do usually eat healthy foods!
by Miro
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