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Do you eat blueberries or mulberries?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you eat blueberries or mulberries?

#Summer fruit
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Top Answers
Mulberries are one of my favourite summer fruits however they are very hard to find in Perth. I used to have a tree of them growing in one of my paddocks when I was in the country, and my llamas used to love them also, as well as the leaves, so I could only eat those that were high up!
The white ones are even nicer however I have only ever had them once on a friend's farm.

I buy blueberries regularly as they are supposed to be very healthy, however they are not really my favourite - I would far prefer to get purple all over me and have mulberries! Have only found them once this year, and within a day they were rotten!
by Finy
Finy, I live in the Sutherland Shire. 45 mins by train from the CBD. I live around the corner from the house my parents bought in 1945. There used to be heaps more blackberries around where we now live, before the other houses were built here!
by Miro
Just an update on 1 of the mulberry trees. It has been cut down..for good, to make way for an extra car parking space for the parents! I look at it, every time I go past it on the bus, cursing to my self...& them!! Now I'm just left with the 2 that are closest to our house, & each other.
by Miro
I love blueberries and I eat those mostly. I have never tried mulberries due to the fact that I have never seen them at the shops. I should have a look at the berry farms that are everywhere around here, and they may stock them, but I can't remember ever having seen them there either.
they should have them Lluxi as when you have a tree, you get thousands of them! And very easy to grow also - I never watered mine.
by Finy
I have only had blueberries in baked items
Violet Beauregarde and I don't like blueberries. I don't like the leathery skins. I would eat mulberries anywhere, anytime.
by Rice
where's me pic!!!

by jonaja
Mine too :((((
by Rice
I like blueberries on my cereal, or in a smoothie.
I used to eat mulberries as a child raiding the neighbours tree. We don't have a tree now, but I am thinking I should plant one..
I eat blueberries frequently because I can buy them.
Love both of these,but definitely prefer mulberries! I now have a WHITE mulberry tree which is incredible!!! The fruits are exactly the same in all ways except colour! Being white,they do not stain at all!!
I have blueberries everyday with my breakfast. I don't think I have ever tasted mulberries
by AJ
If I can buy blueberries for $4 & under, we'll have them every day on our cereal. The mulberries I find when I do my 3k walk, most mornings. I used to take a snack pack & pick them from a tree I found while walking, but this year the tree was cut down accidentally by the male owner of the yard it was in because it didn't have any fruit on it, he didn't know it was their mulberry tree! My friend & I were talking to the house owner 1 morning when we passed the wife getting out of her car. She said her son loved the mulberries! So I hope it grows back very quickly! Their is another mulberry tree on my walk, if I walk a different way, but it was pruned recently, so their weren't nearly as many mulberries on it this year. About a week ago, I found a 3rd mulberry tree, on the opposite side of the road, & about 3 houses down from the 2nd tree. Just down from there is some wild blackberries, so I'm always going to them, every 3 or 4 days with a snack pack inside a small non see through plastic bag! They stalks are in flower now. I take a large non plastic bag, & cut of the long dead stalks from the previous year! There's also a much smaller place I can find blackberries on my walk. (I know Finy wasn't asking about blackberries, but I thought I'd tell you all anyway)
by Miro
wow, miro, you lucky thing! in all my walking with dogs, have not found a mulberry or any other tree apart from limes! do you live rural or city?
by Finy
I enjoy blueberries and mulberries.
Blueberries', nope, don't like them!

Mulberries'......had a tree in back paddock which all us neighbourhood kids' stood around eating the unwashed fruit!
No airborne chemicals' in the

Messy? You bet, but that was part of the fun!
My Mother never scolded me if I got food stains on my clothes, I always wore 'play-suits' anyway, 'cos she was just pleased I was eating good food!

It was a very popular tree, especially when Silkworms' became the rage at School!
My grey pony used to stand under one and become a pink pony!! Hahahahaha
by Rice
Oh! Rice, just take him down to Pullen-Pullen Creek for a swim would be fun! Yay!
by donjo
I have eaten blueberry yoghurt. It was wonderful.
Yes I do eat blueberries mostly. They are a delicious fruit to have with ice cream or yoghurt. They are full of nutrients. They are very healthy. I like mulberries but are not so readily available...Jen.......🍒🍇🍓🍉
I haven't eaten raw blueberries except those used as toppings for desserts. I did try eating mulberries when I was in Thailand where they were sold for 20 baht. They were delicious. There's a bit of an aftertaste. It's not that strong but it makes you feel, though, like there's another layer placed over your tongue. Still, I won't hesitate to eat mulberries again. Blueberries too if the opportunity presents itself.
xTinx, I don't know what country you live in, but in Au, Aldi sells 125g of blueberries for only $3 sometimes. In Coles yesterday, I bought 2 pullets for
$5. We eat them on our cereal every day.
by Miro
xTinx, What country do you live in? Here in Sydney NSW Au, blueberries are now $2 a container in both Aldi & Coles. I wish they'd stay that price all year!
by Miro
I prefer blueberries.
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