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Do you eat bacon?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you eat bacon?

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Top Answers
Bacon is one of my favourite foods!
I do not generally eat red meat however when I stopped eating it (after having cancer) I decided I did not want to stop my bacon -silly, I know, as it is one of the most unhealthy foods!

I like mine very crisp/crunchy and do not like it at a buffet as it is not done well enough and has fat.

I always use short cut bacon which has, at least, little fat on it.

However I would not even have it once a week and have not had any for about 3 or even 4 weeks.
by Finy
Try slightly covering your bacon with water in the frypan and then cooking as normal. This renders the fat so you do not have to burn it of making your baon crisp and tender rather than dry and crumbly
No! I challenge any bacon eater to watch a video about how pigs are farmed and killed and to continue eating bacon. Pigs are treated in an inhumane manner.pigs are as intelligent as a dog. Yet we would be outraged if dogs were treated like that, so why do we let pigs get tortured for our pleasure. Considering they are as intelligent as a dog, we should be ashamed. If you read this and think- if I watch those videos- I wont eat bacon, so I don't want to watch them. . . Consider that you are paying people to commit these injustices and by ignoring them, you are still guilty. If you love bacon why not eat free range bacon only or try to lobby for pigs to be treated more kindly?
www.aussiepigs.com õ facts

perhaps because free range bacon is like 4 times the cost and out of reach for most people -also not easy to find where I live
by Finy
Hi Finy. Maybe it is not that free range bacon is so expensive, but that cruel farmed bacon is so cheap.
I do understand that when a cheaper prduct is available, and our budgets are tight, that it is a tempting option. We have to do what is right by pur own consciences and I was hoping maybe one person, might reconsider the choices they make.
No hard feelings.
by annfi
Yes bacon tastes good in various ways, however, I too make sure it is local and properly farmed, and as I don't eat bacon regularly I don't care about the price.I would rather do without than buy imported etc.
by brigi
Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, I do, I eat bacon, yes I do! Mmmmmm. Crispy.
by Rice
by Finy
Well, finy, yet again you stole my answer. Short cut, crispy bacon, probably not very week . . . Hahahahahahaha.
by Rice
Rice you are sooo funny :)
by jonaja
Nope. Even if I wanted to I think it would make me sick to eat it.
Once a month Only with an egg on bread.
No butter on the bread,
just tomato sauce.
Oh. No butter. Well then . . . I'll be sitting in the corner. That poor unlubricated egg. *sob*
by Rice
what happened to tomato sauce...hummm?
by jonaja
Ohhhh. I got so fixated on the (lack of) butter . . . . . Hahahahahaha!
by Rice
Me too, Rice, me too! I can't abide 'dry' bread or toast! Even have a scraping of Butter, & I do mean BUTTER, not these mixed oil & butter products, so they
can be spread straight out of fridge, with American Peanut Paste!
'Devondale' have a pure Butter tub, which has to be taken ex fridge in advance, as no oil. I think I'll stick with NZ's 'Mainland' Butter, which is THRICE churned, & spreadable immediately ex fridge!
Why can't an Aussie Dairy do the same, instead of adding oil, which makes me nauseous?
by donjo
Yes! I know I shouldn't but I love love love crispy bacon. Especially with brunch on a saturday mkrning or a lazy sunday afternoon snack (great in a sandwich)
Oh yes. I love bacon. I don't seem to eat it very often. Sometimes I add it to pasta sauces, but that's about it.
Oh yes. I love bacon. I don't seem to eat it very often. Sometimes I add it to pasta sauces, but that's about it.
I do, and I love it
I have not eaten bacon for ages,though when I have had it,I have absolutely LOVED it!! I like it fairly crunchy,but not well-well-done.
I used to chop it with onions and fry till 'golden-scrumpshallumptious' ,and then add this to my very,until that moment!!,healthy Fried Rice!!
Food of the Gods. Love it on a burger or with eggs or really any 'ol how! And potato & bacon soup is my favourite. And I do a fantastic warm bacon & mushroom dip - it is divine. Mmmm bacon...
My favourite is mashed avocado, cooked bacon but not crunchy, on toast with BBQ sauce, or diced with shallot in scrambled eggs on toast
Have really gone off bacon over the past few years'. The taste is a bit 'weird'. Must be all these different ways of pig farming.
I'll try, & find some 'free range', give it a go, blow the cost.
If I've a 'craving' for it, I'll get 'streaky' bacon rashers, but only 'once in a blue moon' these days...............
Then you can have a lovely bacon butty with REAL butter!!! Woohoooooo!!!! (and I totally agree with you about the taste of some bacon . . .very odd.)
by Rice
Oh! Rice is a 'butty' a 'bacon sandwich'?
Is it toasted, or plain bread? Cheers!
by donjo
Yep but I remove the fat before cooking it on low. I love a good bacon sandwich with a slight amount of tomato sauce. Oh yes.... also on a rare occasion, bacon and eggs on toast (slight amount of butter and scrambled egg using 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites). I can have my bacon, eat it too (and keep the fat content down).
by Vee
Yep, every given opportunity
I love bacon. When it's not holy week (since I'm Catholic and practice abstinence), I eat as much as I could. I try to avoid the fatty part, though, because besides my fear of high cholesterol, it's sometimes difficult to chew and digest.

I prefer real bacon over bacon flavours.
I donít have bacon very often, but I do love it in an egg/bacon & sweet chilli sauce toasted (or not) sandwich! I also love eating it with homemake pancakes & maple syrup! YUM!
I actually cooked some bacon last night for a spaghetti, tomato, bacon & rocket meal I was cooking. I didn't have any rocket, so we had a green salad with it instead!
by Miro
Occasionally, preferably streaky and grilled.
I regard it as a treat due to the suggestion it is not a healthy food to eat on a frequent basis.
It is delicious though!
I had some today. I love it crunchy and also in salads. I also like bacon and cheese muffins.
Life without bacon is not life

I find a little bacon goes a long way in adding flavour to a meal. Yes it's high fat and high salt but very enjoyable.
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