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Do you eat as much red meat as you did in the past?

by Finy (follow)
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We used to eat red meat often and think nothing of it.

Now we have comments that it is unhealthy, and various other health warnings.

Do you still eat as much red meat as you used to years ago, or have you cut down the amount you eat?


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Top Answers
I have been vegetarian now until recently when I decided to go back to eating poultry.

I usually buy organic red meat once every few months as somehow I think that will help iron levels! I still enjoy it but only occasionally.

I actually found I put on weight when I stopped eating meat as went to a lot of pasta, and pie type things with pastry bases.

I really don't know as some days red meat is good and others it is not -according to what I have read.

I stopped because at the time animals were mostly being fed hormones and I had had cancer and did not want these hormones.
by Finy
I've also thought that added hormones to meat leads to cancer as it in balances your whole system with some thing that we don't need. Hope you are better now
by nat_c
I would say yes. However, with the price of food increasing it does call for a little creativity with the menu! :(
I only eat organic meat now, as once I had switched to organic and then back again I couldn't stand the taste. We eat red meat 2-3 times a week, preferring chicken or vegetable based dishes the rest of the time.
Definitely not, two years ago I became a vegetarian and do not eat red meat, fish or chicken. It was something that I had considered for a long time and then it just seemed the right time to do it. Ideally I would like to give up cheese but that might take another life time!
Shelley -totally agree -I could not give up cheese---and forgot to mention, I cannot give up bacon either!
by Finy
No. I used to love it when I was in my teens but I haven't eaten it in about twelve years. Can't say I even miss it.
I don't eat red meat. I stopped eating it when I was a teenager
by AJ
I have been keeping a balanced and unbiased diet, not going to consume large amount of a specific food. Trying to have different fresh meat, veggies and fruits on each day during a week. For example, beef on Monday, fish on Tuesday, chicken on Wednesday, pork on Thursday, be vegetarian on Friday, and seafood at weekend. I have kept my weight around 46-48kg since 20 years ago.
Happy Man -I hope you are a female at that weight???
by Finy
Haha...yes, I am. I call myself Happy Man because my first name is Man, not because I am a man. Cheers and Regards.
We were never huge consumers of red meat so my answer is that we have neither reduced nor increased the amount of red meat from our diets. Having said that, as we are aging, we are having to make admustments to what we eat and how much of it we eat because of health concerns and also because the body's metabolism is slowing down.
I don't eat red meat. Have tasted lamb before but find it chewy and my husband hates it.
I've never been a big eater of red meat, so I eat as much red meat as I used to.
by Vee
Although I grew up eating meat I became a vegetarian almost thirty years ago.
Although I grew up eating meat I became a vegetarian almost thirty years ago.
Definitely not. I can often go completely without meat of any kind! I do enjoy a nice piece of fresh fish though,mas my friend who goes out Reef Fishing often shares the catch with many others! I also eat organic chicken now and then. I am not a vegetarian,and never could be,as I adore cheese far too much!!
Yes. Red meat is delicious! I've never been a massive eater anyway.
No, and make a deliberate effort not to eat too much red meet. A more raw and lighter diet is really fantastic and brings lots of energy. having said that when the weather gets colder and you really feel like snuggling up there is nothing like some red meat and warm roasted vegetables to take you to heaven.....
No but that is primarily because it is too expensive.
by Gia
I'm not as keen to eat meat these days. The more I read about superfoods and supergreens etc, they seem to put the desire for heavy red meat to the side. I'm more conscious of eating foods in a more natural state and I don't mean NSW!
I eat more red meat since learning of the importance of protein to overall health and vitality. Learning that saturated fats are not really the cholesterol "bogey man" that the health authorities and big pharma would have us believe also helped me feel better about my body's need for quality animal protein.
I hardly eat any red meat anymore but it's not for any specific dietary or philosophical reason. I just prefer chicken and seafood.
No mostly chicken and fish.
I actually eat more red meat than I used to. I rarely ate red meat at all until a few years ago. Now I eat red meat about once maybe twice a month. About once a year - usually when we have family out to visit - I'll eat it three times in a month but really more than once is pretty rare.
We are actually in the process of cutting down our meat consumption overall as a family, because we (western society) eat far too much. We are aiming for a couple of meals of good quality red meat and a couple fish, the rest veggie. It's the diet we're designed for and it'll be much better for our budget too!
I don't eat red meat at all.
Eat much less than years' ago. Tend to have more grilled fish fillets & chicken portions various, these days. These suit my current lifestyle.
No just before my 17th birthday I became vegetarian, I'm 20 now and I've never looked back.
No, and yesterday as we drove down the freeway into Adelaide we passed 2 truckloads of pigs on their way to slaughter. I saw their eyes.
I realise it makes little difference that neither my daughter and my 2 close friends are vegetarians, and not liking fish (except with chips by the sea), I am hypocritical in that I do eat chicken sometimes.

We don't eat as much meat now but do have the odd barbie and enjoy beef done in the slow cooker. It doesn't seem to taste the way it used to. We eat a lot more chicken and fish but sometimes we dont feel like anything so just have a bit of toast and jam instead.
I don't eat as much red meat. When I was a child and lived with mum and dad , we would eat red meat most nights. Now we have it every 1-2 weeks. I have to eat some to ensure there are adequate amounts of iron in my diet. Red meat is the best dietary source, and is preferable to taking tablets IMHO.
used to, too expensive now to buy and I must say I do miss it.
Red meat is very expensive now. I usually eat what my body is craving for and that's mainly fish and vegetables but I can't say no to pork and my favorite cracking
Years ago I would eat more meat but now, we rarely eat meat, like twice a month. I think that if you know the source of your meat is better for you. We will not stop eating meat, we eat whenever we want to eat.
My intake has been the same. Hasnt changed drastically.
I don't eat red meat at all. I only eat skinless chicken breast if I eat meat at all. I could survive quite easily as a vegetarian I think as I am not really a big meat lover.
I don't eat red meat at all. I only eat skinless chicken breast if I eat meat at all. I could survive quite easily as a vegetarian I think as I am not really a big meat lover.
No idea why this was posted twice - computer gremlins?
by norma
No, neither of us do. When I buy 500gms of mince for instance, I freeze it in 3 lots, after I've weight it out, so it makes 6 meals! And I don't like eating pork or beef steaks now.
by Miro
Haven't eaten red meat in years
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