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Do you eat a proper breakfast every morning?

by VerityG (follow)
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"Full English Breakfast". Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

There is an old English saying:
"Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper."
So do you breakfast like a king, with all the trimmings, or can you barely stomach a coffee first thing?

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Top Answers
I love a full English breakfast but find it really difficult to eat it at breakfast time! When I was younger I used to leave the house for work having only had several mugs of tea.... nowadays I have to keep my blood sugar levels steady so I have to eat something first thing but it is a chore.....
The only time I don't eat breakfast is if I have to have a blood test which requires fasting. I can't function without breakfast. It is usually porridge with dried fruit added and perhaps a slice of multi grain toast with vegemite. Sometimes I have a boiled egg with toast. Occasionally I have a full cooked breakfast. I sit outside and watch birds in the garden while I have my coffee.
yes I eat breakfast would not start the day without it
egg toast and a cup of tea every day you may ask about cereal often have this later in day as a snack,
Yes, otherwise I can't think straight. Most morning's it's just muesli with nuts and fruit though. If I have a bit more time I have scrambled eggs.
Way too early for heavy food.
I do believe in the saying 100%, but I just can't eat a lot in the morning.
Lunch is my ideal time to eat, a larger meal.
I usually don't feel like eating much in the mornings but lately have been forcing myself to eat breakfast so I don't get hungry mid morning and eat the wrong types of food!
I eat a proper breakfast most mornings apart from the one morning a week that is my "diet" day.

I LOVE breakfast and have varied breakfasts though try not to have too many eggs as have a cholestorol problem.

Probably my favourite is well done bacon with eggs., and I do not have coffee first thing unless I am having breakfast out.
by Finy
I try to, although if I'm in a hurry I'll sometimes skip it. I usually prefer a light breakfast of fruit or museli, though. If I eat too much heavy food first thing in the morning I tend to get drowsy.
I sure do. I make sure to get plenty of protein in the morning so I don't get overly hungry and crave carbs during the day.
I only eat breakfast like a king once or twice a week -i love bacon and eggs but usually have it when I go out for breakfast, like this morning.

I was always taught not to miss breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day.

I have read recently, however that this is not the case.

I can stomach food at any time of the day.
by Finy
We are busy getting kids to school during the week, so a simple cereal/porridge, but on weekends we do the full cooked breakfast. The kids love French Toast on Sundays!
by Lucy
Mmmmmmmmmmmm French toast yummy :) Might have to make that for my breakfast now!
I tend to skip breakfast more often than I eat it.
YES! 3 crushed up Wheat-Bix, with a 1T of rolled oats, lots of diced dried fruit, & chopped nuts, On top of that: 1/2 a banana, strawberries,
& paw-paw. as well a 6 blueberries, if their in season, home made Greek style yogurt, Chai seeds, ,& truit juice on top of all that!. This is later followed by real coffee, & Vegemite on toast.
I do not know what everything is on that plate, I do like fried green tomatoes with my eggs and bacon and toast. To me that is a complete breakfast with coffee on a Sunday morning late so that it is a brunch. Other wise a good bowl of rolled oats with sunflower seeds, almonds, apples. cinnamon, nutmeg,and what ever else you can throw into the bowl does great for those cold morning with the snow up to our ears and it being -25 or -30 burrrrrr
No, I have to confess I don't and never have done. I am just not ready to eat first thing in the morning, although I do have liquids (water, coffee, fruit juice etc.) I am just not ready for a snack until about 1.p.m. I know they say breakfast sets you up for the day but it has never been on my horizon, and never seems to have done me any harm.
Some mornings I feel that I've eaten enough the night before so don't feel as though I want to eat. Some mornings it's cereal with fresh fruit and yoghurt, or fresh fruit shake, or 2 soft boiled eggs with toast, but usually Sundays it's bacon, eggs, hash brown and toast with champagne and orange juice eaten under the gazebo as the Sunday paper is read cover to cover.
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