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Do you drink raw milk?

by Jennifer Muirhead (follow)
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dairy cow
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It's illegal to sell raw milk for human consumption in Australia, but many people drink it all the same. Are you one of those people? If so, why do you drink it? Is it for the taste or the supposed health benefits?

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Top Answers
The health claims have been debunked, but taste is subjective so if you like the taste and are willing to risk it I suppose that's cool. Personally I wouldn't. There's a big difference between drinking milk straight from your own cows and unpasteurised milk that has been transported long distances across the country and possibly improperly stored, allowing the bacteria in it to mutiply, before it gets to you, and there have been deaths associated with it. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-12-11/raw-milk-company-defends-product-after-3yos-death/5959246
No I don't, there is a reason why milk is pasteurised, many people contracted TB from unpasteurised milk and many died and suffered terribly due to drinking it.
I love raw milk. Its so creamy and natural. I dont drink it now as its too hard to get.All we have left is milk genetically modified. No wonder we have hyper active kids
My sister lives in New Zealand and she has access to fresh from the dairy milk . . . you can even see the cows with their calves in the field right next to the milk booth. When we visit I am in heaven drinking the fresh milk. Mmmmm.
by Rice
I'm not sure about the legality of it here in England, though I do know people drink it. I don't myself, as I'm lactose intolerant but I can see the attractions of it. If I could drink milk and had a dairy farm near me that I trusted, then yes I think I would drink it in preference to pasteurised.
Why would you prefer it? What advantages do you think it would have?
Pasteurisation leaves a slight taste behind, I imagine that raw milk would taste better. Plus for me, anything direct from the source with minimal tinkering is better than processed. I'm not making any scientific claims just that's my preference. I can see with milk if it's being shipped from a farm to a huge tank where it all gets mixed up then bottled in vast quantities and sent out to supermarkets and it all takes a long time, then pasteurisation is a good idea but if I was buying direct from a small farm that I trusted, then raw would be best for me.
Fair enough.
No I dont
I would like to. Don't tell the government, lol.
by Vee
I have never had raw milk but I would like to try it.
by Gia
YES! I absolutely love it! It's fantastic and hasn't been pumped with unnatural hormones for the poor cows to get pregnant and produce what comes natural. The taste and health benefits are superior too - it is naturally much creamier, and depending on the batch can be more tangy, or more sweet, and I like both. It has been proven to clear eczema as well as health benefits that I won't bang on about. I love it.
"Tangy" is not a word I'd like to associate with milk. But hey, taste is subjective.

I'm curious how things work in smaller scale farming operations. How do cows produce milk in commercial quantities if they aren't pregnant on a regular basis? Are there fewer calves produced? I hate the fact that so many calves are killed in large scale commercial dairy farming.
It's illegal to drink for many reasons'.

If you want to be stupid, & flout the law, that's your concern.
You may pay a very high price for doing so.
It's not as if there're NO alternatives!

Full Cream Milk is MY choice, as I DO NOT wish to break ANY law & certainly DO NOT have a 'death wish'!
Yes I have tried it however would not drink it regularly due to what I have read about it.
by Finy
Ive drank raw milk and it is beautiful and creamy. A lot like milk was once delivered in glass bottles
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