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Do you drink Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you drink Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi?

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Top Answers
I would possibly have one can of Coke a year - I like it however it is so full of sugar that it is something I would not drink.

Also they say a penny would dissolve in it if left long enough -not that I quite believe that, but the DIET version of these drinks is supposed to be even worse for you than the ordinary sugar ones - or so I have read!

I occasionally buy fish and chips and I really like a Coke with this however, this being already the most unhealthy meal, I have stopped having a Coke with it many years ago....just plain water for me!
by Finy
NO to Diet Coke or Pepsi!!
It's bad for you big time, they tell us.
Anyway I hear the taste is not all that great too.

I have a real Coke once or twice a year, just to keep things real.
I abhor diet soft drinks. If you're going to drink the stuff, you may as well do it right. Not that I drink it a lot, but if I do, I prefer Coke. Good ol' sugerful Coke.
by Vee
Neither. I don't like cola or diet drinks. If I have soft drink at all usually it's lemonade or something fruit flavoured.
I have never, ever been a Coca Cola drinker. I loathe it. I would drink Pepsi, as I preferred the flavour, but I have never really been into soft drinks. I am a tea drinker in all weather and that is better for my diabetes as I don't take sugar.
by Rice
Dang . . pressed the wrong thing. I simply hate the Diet soft drinks, the aftertaste is yuk. I had a sip of the Coca Cola "Life" with Stevia and it was not much better.
by Rice
I think there is a fair amount of 'cons' too for the 'Stevia', not being good for people too :(
by jonaja
Yes . . best to have nothing, really. If only we could go back in time and remove all the nasties. Imagine eating real food 100% of the time. *bliss*
by Rice
Can't believe you like Pepsi?
Well there's about the only thing we don't agree on...lol :)
by jonaja
Whoa there . . ! LIKE is a strong word . . . . more like I would drink Pepsi with a gun to my head if nobody was making tea. Hahahaha. I have never been fond of the "cola" taste, I find it a peculiar flavour. I never actually heard of Coca Cola until coming to Australia . . . we had Lemonade or Dandelion and Burdock or Orangeade. Bet you remember those, jonaj? ^_^
by Rice
I don't like soft drinks so I don't drink either
I do not drink or eat ANYthing which is artificially sweetened. Apart from hating the aftertaste,I simply believe that these products are responsible for many of the dreadful ailments which are suffered by many people these days,And already being very unwell,I refuse to risk making things even worse for myself.
I never drink normal Coke or Pepsi either...I clean blackboards with them!!! Have done ever since beginning my sign writing apprenticeship back in the late 70's when I was doing up a blackboard menu for a restaurant and the owner brought me a coke to clean the old work off his board!!! Wow!!! I had never seen such a new-looking blackboard in my life!! It put me off drinking the stuff ever again!!!
I don't like any of the colas. I agree the artifically sweetened ones taste foul and leave an after taste in my mouth. Bring on the wine🍸
NO! I think diet Coke/Pepsi is worse 4 u that the normal Coke/Pepsi! I don’t drink neither.
Yes I do, I like to think that when I'm doing it I'm drinking less sugar and doing good for my body (well, that's what I tell myself anyway).
I don't lie the idea of diet anything! If I'm eating something or drinking something it's because I want that, not a chemical alternative.
I don't like the taste of any form of cola drink. I rarely have any fizzy drinks as I am not a fan. When I do have a soft drink it will probably be the full sugar variety.
I don't drink either of them ever. There is no nutritional value in them, and I could think of a hundred other things I would rather consume! A fresh fruit smoothie being one of them!
No. Poisonous stuff in my opinion.
Does Pimms go better with better Coke Cola or lemonade? I just saw 1/2 of bottle of Pimms in my kitchen the other day, so I thought I'd have some with ice with summer rolls around again, with a couple of mint leaves? Is that very '70's?
by Miro
Sorry, I forgot to answer the question! Both diet drinks are bad 4U! They have more sugar in them than the 'reel' thing! So no, I haven't ever bought them!
by Miro
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