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Do you dream most nights?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you dream most nights?

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Top Answers
Yes, I seem to dream at least one dream per night.

I think they are usually in the early morning -i don't think they are ever in the first 4 hours of sleeping.

Sometimes I can remember them, and sometimes not.

Sometimes they are related to something I was thinking about, and often they are random and I wonder how on earth I could have such a dream - or WHY!
by Finy
The first four hours , that you describe here are like me too - it's your deep sleep, that you need to function the next day. Most of my dreams occur from anywhere between 3-8am.
by amanda
Yes I do dream most nights...or should I say I remember.

The trouble with dreams is that they are most times quite bizarre.

Last night I had a dream my son ran off to marry...but it was all a joke? and he was hiding in a movie theatre.

I am always one happy girl to wake up and say 'Thank God! that was just a dream' or in some cases Nightmare.

Some can and do spin me off balance for a few hours, just from the sheer craziness inside the dream.

I am still trying to work out 'why' on earth our minds go to some disturbing places.

I think everyone does, only we forget most of our dreams on waking.

I usually can't remember mine unless I bother to write them down when I wake up, and they are hard to write about since they often don't make much sense.
Probably I do but I rarely remember what I dream.
by Gia
I do. Sometimes I have very vivid dreams and sometimes they are quite disturbing. Sometimes they relate to whatever I've been thinking about. I do find that I tend to have the most dreams and the most vivid dreams when I am most stressed.
Apparently we all dream every night (providing we fall into a deep enough sleep) but I rarely remember my dreams. I think I only remember my dreams once or twice a week.
by Kyra
I do, with most occurring between 3-7 or 8am, depending on how early I have to get up. Some are just plain bizarre, but others mix and match events from a few days into one.

However I've gotten a few story writing ideas from dreams so should't really complain.
No, I rarely dream. Generally, I sleep well. Occasionally, when I dream I forget what I dreamt about, so... there you go. Sometimes, when I have very good dreams they stick in my mind and I haven't forgotten them as they mean a lot to me. I think dreams have to do with a person's wellbeing and state of mind etc. I am not free of worries but generally I am quite contended and quite spiritual.
Some times I wake up to find angles standing by my bed as if they are protecting me.
This may be a dream but it seems real at the time.
Other times I have dreams that eventually occur in real life.
Oh! kstew........maybe you'd be happier with 'angELS' guarding you at night; they're not so sharp! Lol!
by donjo
I do dream fairly often, and always in full colour! I generally have some recollection of what the dream has been about,but I only make the effort to hold the memory if it seems important, otherwise the images fade by afternoon.
Sometimes, if remembered, I dream very complicated, & 'plot twisting' dreams. Have no idea why. My brain must be 'throwing out' some guff from years' gone past!

It's rare for me to have a nightmare, but if I do, it's usually really horrendous, involving my family, or my previous work!
Whatever goes through my brain at night, I rarely remember when I wake up, & that, probably is a good thing.

We humans are of a pretty intricate make up, aren't we!
Yes, I dream every night.. sometimes I recall them and sometimes not.
I do dream most nights. And I remember a few nights a week.
My dreams are often lucid, where I know its a dream, and I have complete control of everything! I love lucid dreaming.
Yes I remember my dreams most nights and I have lots of dreams. My dreams are usually quite vivid
by AJ
Yes I do, sometimes very stupid and i keep trying to find the meaning behind it..

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